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Tournament #1114, 80-normal

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Wow, today was one of the greatest days i've ever had in this game...

1st off, congratulations for Korydex for winning this week!

Korydex won the Tournament, but Dario won our hearts, what an incredible performance throughout the Tournament with some of the most impressive turns i've ever witnessed in Intermediate.

Everyone was super friendly and positive! The chat was booming today and had a lot of fun interacting with everyone.

Mablak coming back and commentating was an absolute delight, really enjoyed working together with him to present todays tournament!

Some of the greatest and most impressive turns i've ever seen in Intermediate, the mine plop from Senator, the shotgun kill from Yagelon-Krivoy and specifically that absolutely clutch JP Suicide from Dario to win the match against Senator!

My reaction seems a bit casual at first because I got myself confused what was going on but shortly realized how ridiculously impressive that turn really was!

Check this out though, just wow:

congrats to both Kory and Dar!

some of the moves we saw were top notch, and I think that's exactly what we wanted out of this scheme

Dario's jetpack was great, Kory also had a great torch at 4:38:15 (, and there was definitely a highlight reel's worth of good moves in the stream


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