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Cup #1229, Academy of Artillery #2

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Haha yes, it is finally here! Though I don't expect the same amount of interest as the first with it being December and a few of the players from that event being inactive now.

Hoping to still get 12 players! Even 8 would be a good start, though I'll leave signups open for a while.

For those signing up, would you prefer starting before or after Christmas?


It's better to start AFTER Christmas for me

So thanks to a donation from TheWalrus and a donation from Korydex, the prize money has been raised and there are 2 special prizes now!

Check the description for more info! 8)

After Christmas for me, I'm moving house at the end of month

So far a few have said they would prefer to wait until after christmas.

I guess we can just leave the signups open until then if we end up waiting, more time to hype it up and make it epic!


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