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Kahoka Me Your Moves II - Singles Grand Finals Hylian versus MJG 2nd round

Kahoka Me Your Moves II - Singles Grand Finals Hylian versus MJG 10th round

I just posted these because Hylian and MJG are my favourite players

A little more extensive review wouldn't hurt Husk  ;)

I've played ssbb as well and I also like the game. It's not too pulvering at first (not like in street fighter or mortal kombat), but it's a game with a lot of depth and with a fun to play campaign as well (a campaign that is like regular Mario.. fighting your way through 2d platform levels).
One of my fav WII games indeed  :)

Did you play it online Husk? That sounds like a really cool thing to do.

I tried it online, but it was too laggy X:

Hi Tech Entertainment's Barbie Vacation Adventure for SNES (1994)

story: this is the sequel to Barbie Super Model. but enough modeling for now, after lots of hard work barbie finally got some vacation, yay! and you are the (un)lucky one to spend that time with her.

gameplay: it's all about minigames. you travel with barbie across the US. in every state you go to, you can play another minigame. after deciding, what barbie should wear, you can do horseriding in texas or collect underwater diamonds in california, for example. the awful thing is: the bitch can't die. no matter what you do, there is no way of loosing a game.

graphics: it's so damn colorful, you feel like turning down the color intensity of your monitor to a minimum. besides that the graphics look more like NES than SNES.

sound: they can't be serious... I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!

SCORE: 1/10

it might be labeled as an "educational game", but the only thing you learn from it is how shitty a game can be. i even can't imagine little girls, who play with real barbies having much fun with this.
it nevertheless scores 1 point, cause the game gets it's 15 mins of fame when you got a bunch of drunken friends hanging around in your appartment.


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