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Classic #51
Clanners, Playoffs
October 09, 2016, 10:30 PM
Beginner 1131 in BnG before the game. Gained 0|0 points
Absolute Beginner 923 in BnG before the game. Lost 0|0 points

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2 - 0
6 - 1
11 - 4
56 - 32
Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[daiNa`boo] hf
[dt-Instantly] hf
[Nonentity] Hf
[dt-Mablak] hoof
[dt-Instantly] es la nueva moda del worm?
[dt-Instantly] zD
[dt`wreckz] how did you guys travel?
[dt-Mablak] Renting a van for way too much
[dt`wreckz] lol
[dt-Mablak] But it was pretty nice, has a PS2 in it :O
[dt-Instantly] masta
[dt-Instantly] Link for stream?
[Nonentity] please share on tus/ag
[dt-Mablak] nt @ underground tele
[dt`wreckz] gj mab
[dt-Mablak] thx
[dt`wreckz] good open
[dt`wreckz] nt
[dt-Mablak] ooh nt
[dt`wreckz] whew
[dt`wreckz] nt indeed
[dt-Mablak] I be whittlin'
[dt-Instantly] aff
[dt-Mablak] n
[dt`wreckz] gj ren gogogo
[dt-Instantly] ty
[dt`wreckz] lalo, are you still dating my gf?
[dt-Mablak] hm yeh shoulda known
[dt-Mablak] gj
[dt`wreckz] damn, ns
[dt`wreckz] lalo?
[lalo-boo] yeah
[dt`wreckz] good.
[lalo-boo] we have been together quite a long time
[lalo-boo] taking care of her for you
[dt-Instantly] :c
[dt-Instantly] lalo
[dt-Instantly] lol*
[dt-Instantly] conchesumadre
[tit4] CTM
[tit4] CSM
[dt-Instantly] mira
[lalo-boo] xd
[dt-Mablak] n bank kill
[dt-Instantly] ok
[dt-Instantly] worked
[dt-Mablak] gj
[dt-Mablak] gj
[daiNa`boo] t
[dt-Instantly] jesus
[lalo-boo] two can dance tango
[dt-Mablak] gj
[daiNa`boo] t
[dt-Mablak] my bad
[dt-Instantly] vn
[tit4] ae
[tit4] ns
[lalo-boo] lol
[dt-Mablak] wasn't aiming for you
[dt-Instantly] damn luck
[dt-Instantly] zD
[daiNa`boo] lucker xD
[tit4] all good player need a bit of lucky
[tit4] so. np
[dt-Instantly] zd
[dt-Mablak] Don't hate me x0
[dt-Instantly] its ok
[tit4] can u do it again?
[tit4] pls?
[tit4] aw
[lalo-boo] lol
[tit4] vns
[dt-Instantly] sal de ahi o vienen mas
[tit4] Sai dai ou virá mais
[dt-Instantly] n push
[dt-Mablak] thx
[tit4] wild
[dt-Instantly] move
[tit4] ren, fudeste o lugar de mablak teleportando para l�� <<<
[dt-Instantly] damn pwer
[dt-Mablak] gj
[dt-Instantly] n push
[dt-Instantly] zD
[dt-Instantly] ns
[dt-Mablak] thx
[dt-Mablak] gj
[dt-Instantly] ah la wea
[dt-Instantly] merda mesma
[dt-Instantly] gg
[dt-Mablak] gg
[dt-Mablak] gg
[dt-Instantly] gg
[dt-Mablak] had to do a tad less than full
[dt-Mablak] hm nvm
[dt-Instantly] lol
[dt-Instantly] culiao
[dt-Instantly] haha
[dt-Instantly] tita
[lalo-boo] oye si han jugado terrible cheap no weis xD
[dt-Instantly] tu te escondiste todo el rato
[dt-Instantly] yo nunca me encondi daina me dejo ahi
[dt-Mablak] :D
[dt-Instantly] ns
[dt-Mablak] thanks
[tit4] wena cabron
[tit4] uhh
[dt-Instantly] aws
[tit4] wawws
[dt-Instantly] meu dio
[tit4] porco
[dt-Instantly] zD
[dt-Mablak] uff
[dt-Mablak] harder to release when I want
[lalo-boo] gg
[tit4] gg
[dt-Mablak] gg
[daiNa`boo] gg

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