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Default #4, Allround #3
October 05, 2017, 07:31 PM
Absolute Beginner 881 in Team17 before the game. Gained 38|43 points more
Absolute Beginner 967 in Team17 before the game. Lost 45|43 points more

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2 - 1
3 - 2
7 - 12
Information Game scheme: Team17
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[dPxKorydex] hf
[cfc`kaleu`ea] hf
dPxChelsea has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm ( <Version for>.
[dPxChelsea] hf
cfc`kaleu`ea has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm ( <Version for>.
[dPxChelsea] :/
[dPxKorydex] damn
[cfc`kaleu`ea] nt
dPxKorydex..dPxChelsea: :)
[dPxChelsea] omg
[dPxKorydex] ew
[daiNa`cfc] gs
[cfc`kaleu`ea] ty
dPxKorydex..dPxChelsea: zook?
[dPxKorydex] cool
[cfc`kaleu`ea] plop
[dPxChelsea] :/
[daiNa`cfc] ..
[cfc`kaleu`ea] ??
[dPxKorydex] :o
[cfc`kaleu`ea] why so near
[cfc`kaleu`ea] and why not faster
[cfc`kaleu`ea] xD
[daiNa`cfc] bah
dPxKorydex..dPxChelsea: woman or cow
[dPxKorydex] damn
[dPxKorydex] :/
[dPxChelsea] seriusly? lol
[cfc`kaleu`ea] ?
[dPxChelsea] gg
[cfc`kaleu`ea] gg
[cfc`kaleu`ea] noo
[cfc`kaleu`ea] should collect
[dPxKorydex] eheh
[daiNa`cfc] was normal sheep?
[cfc`kaleu`ea] aqua
[daiNa`cfc] np
dPxKorydex..dPxChelsea: nuke next turn?
dPxKorydex..dPxChelsea: i guess
[cfc`kaleu`ea] wtf is this
[dPxKorydex] just nuke
[dPxKorydex] u had a quake or smth?
[daiNa`cfc] :O
[cfc`kaleu`ea] ground there pls
[dPxKorydex] gg
[daiNa`cfc] gg
[cfc`kaleu`ea] gg

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