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Allround #26, Default #27
September 19, 2023, 08:33 PM
United Kingdom dF ZaR rrX
Below Average 1402 in BnG before the game. Gained 35|19 points more
Finland ICB
Absolute Beginner 907 in BnG before the game. Lost 22|19 points more

Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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18 by Sensei
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Game Chat(s)
[ICB`beerbelly] hf
[stf`blitzed`zar] hf
[stf`blitzed`zar] damn the alcohol is making me feel numb and tired
[ICB`beerbelly] man I love alcohol
[stf`blitzed`zar] I like but i got a bit of a problem with it
[stf`blitzed`zar] always too much to fast
[stf`blitzed`zar] just slightly worried about my over weight health
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah same here with too much too fast
[stf`blitzed`zar] take sips not gulps
[stf`blitzed`zar] or do whatever
[stf`blitzed`zar] xd
[ICB`beerbelly] almost like AA meeting we have here xd
[stf`blitzed`zar] xDD
[stf`blitzed`zar] u have beer belly like me?
[stf`blitzed`zar] 16 stone
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah I have little beerbelly yes
[stf`blitzed`zar] 100kg
[stf`blitzed`zar] xD
[stf`blitzed`zar] smashed a bacon sandiwch too as alco
[stf`blitzed`zar] low dmg
[ICB`beerbelly] not quite 100kg yet I dont think xd
[ICB`beerbelly] getting there XD
[stf`blitzed`zar] :D
[ICB`beerbelly] at this rate
[stf`blitzed`zar] are u tall?
[stf`blitzed`zar] 6 foot?
[ICB`beerbelly] I don't know the american mesures xD
[stf`blitzed`zar] what im not american
[stf`blitzed`zar] u is? finland?
[ICB`beerbelly] well where else you use foot for mesure?
[stf`blitzed`zar] England.
[ICB`beerbelly] oh
[ICB`beerbelly] I see
[ICB`beerbelly] I'm 1.8meters not sure whats that in feet
[ICB`beerbelly] foot
[stf`blitzed`zar] 1.80?
[stf`blitzed`zar] i will check
[stf`blitzed`zar] i think im 182
[ICB`beerbelly] 1.78m was last exact
[stf`blitzed`zar] ah
[stf`blitzed`zar] im 1.85
[ICB`beerbelly] ah so you have nothing to worry about :D
[stf`blitzed`zar] i do bro
[stf`blitzed`zar] i need to lose 7kg
[stf`blitzed`zar] or i get heard attach stroke etc
[stf`blitzed`zar] heart
[stf`blitzed`zar] i smoke too
[stf`blitzed`zar] do u ?
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah but compared to hight we both have same problem
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah I smoke
[stf`blitzed`zar] weed?
[stf`blitzed`zar] me not
[ICB`beerbelly] I might weight less but Im shorter so that balances
[ICB`beerbelly] not weed
[stf`blitzed`zar] kinda
[ICB`beerbelly] cigarettes
[stf`blitzed`zar] yah tobacco
[ICB`beerbelly] yeh
[ICB`beerbelly] not sure if this game should be published to tus with this much information if someone wants to check it out xD
[ICB`beerbelly] but whatever I guess xd
[stf`blitzed`zar] :D
[stf`blitzed`zar] they should like ask the players..
[stf`blitzed`zar] if ok
[stf`blitzed`zar] permission
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah its ok I was joking xd
[stf`blitzed`zar] nah
[stf`blitzed`zar] u were serious xd
[stf`blitzed`zar] wrong hole.
[ICB`beerbelly] nah always 55% sarcasm
[ICB`beerbelly] xd
[ICB`beerbelly] I'm getting my ass beaten again
[ICB`beerbelly] at least I have beer so that is good
[stf`blitzed`zar] so i never try that
[stf`blitzed`zar] yes
[stf`blitzed`zar] i bought 15 kronenbourg
[stf`blitzed`zar] hoping to drink only 8
[stf`blitzed`zar] had 5
[ICB`beerbelly] I bought 24 pack
[stf`blitzed`zar] 440ml?
[ICB`beerbelly] drank like 13 now
[ICB`beerbelly] 330ml
[stf`blitzed`zar] gg bro
[stf`blitzed`zar] more or
[ICB`beerbelly] gg

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