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Allround #26, Default #27
October 27, 2023, 02:50 AM

Average 1519 in BnG before the game. Gained 11|10 points more

Absolute Beginner 683 in BnG before the game. Lost 12|10 points more

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40 - 3
Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Mo0k] hf
[stf`blitzed`zar] hf
[Mo0k] I do love you liked Placebo.... thats my age,but i guess younger ppl gets it
[stf`blitzed`zar] aw
[Mo0k] and so many other bands.....Smiths,Cure,Stone roses etc
[Mo0k] vnt
[stf`blitzed`zar] t
Mo0k lights up one
[Mo0k] n
[stf`blitzed`zar] tx
[Mo0k] wtf bad luck me
[Mo0k] well not back luck...bad skill
[Mo0k] Im just f@#!ing up now
[Mo0k] vvvvn
[stf`blitzed`zar] thnx
[Mo0k] no way
[Mo0k] aww
[Mo0k] cloe
[Mo0k] close
[Mo0k] lol forgot the time
[stf`blitzed`zar] t17 nxt ;p final game
[stf`blitzed`zar] ive still some drink left little
[Mo0k] Ok
[Mo0k] i always got close
[stf`blitzed`zar] ffs
[stf`blitzed`zar] ah my skateboard is element independant trucks
[Mo0k] fgkfpokgopfkopf
[stf`blitzed`zar] and birdhouse skateboard too
[Mo0k] Nice
[stf`blitzed`zar] bones wheels spitfire wheels
[Mo0k] You still skate
[stf`blitzed`zar] Sometimes
[stf`blitzed`zar] Im bit out of shape though
[Mo0k] Cool :)
[stf`blitzed`zar] i used to skate everyday after school almost
[stf`blitzed`zar] we liked stairs/ledges in town centre
[Mo0k] I loved to skate in my 15/20 years
[stf`blitzed`zar] nice park too here
[stf`blitzed`zar] i started when i was about 12
[stf`blitzed`zar] 2000
[stf`blitzed`zar] year
[Mo0k] yeah me was 1997 too 2002
[Mo0k] I still got my Girl board,but its broked in half haha
[stf`blitzed`zar] take ya turn
[stf`blitzed`zar] tele?
[stf`blitzed`zar] cant risk plopz0r
[Mo0k] yeh
[Mo0k] !!
[Mo0k] n
[Mo0k] damn music
[Mo0k] i cant hear the beep beep
[stf`blitzed`zar] gg
[Mo0k] vn
[stf`blitzed`zar] t
[Mo0k] gg .=