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Allround #18, Rope #19
June 30, 2022, 07:40 PM
Hungary STF
Average 1489 in Big RR/Tower before the game. Gained 36|18 points more
Finland TdC bf dS
Absolute Beginner 960 in Big RR/Tower before the game. Lost 19|18 points more

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Information Game scheme: Big RR/Tower
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Lupastic] enjoyz ^^
[HuskyTdC] u2 m8
[Lupastic] omg
[HuskyTdC] oh xD
[HuskyTdC] haha
[Lupastic] o: xd
[HuskyTdC] oh and no retreat time.. so I wuda been screwed either way xD
[HuskyTdC] good save
[Lupastic] P: ty
[Lupastic] well yeah thats what I meant with "careful" x$
[Lupastic] big rr maps have no plops but towers are crazy
[Lupastic] to play with
[HuskyTdC] whew xD
[Lupastic] ur playing very good btw
[Lupastic] after big break
[HuskyTdC] thanks m8 xD
[HuskyTdC] I played someone named helloworld, he was very good in the supermarket shopper scheme
[HuskyTdC] nt ae xD
[Lupastic] ah almost got it xd
[HuskyTdC] xD
[HuskyTdC] lol
[HuskyTdC] hi xD
[Lupastic] ae :c
[HuskyTdC] good job
[Lupastic] c: holy shit, this map is going to be hardcore
[Lupastic] if you look ahead.. there is a part
[HuskyTdC] yeah xD
[HuskyTdC] aeee
[HuskyTdC] very nice m8
[Lupastic] omg
[Lupastic] cant believe o:
[Lupastic] oh u wanted to inflex it xD how cute
[HuskyTdC] awww xD
[HuskyTdC] whew, water please
[HuskyTdC] noooo xD
[Lupastic] omg :c xD
[HuskyTdC] hahahhaha
[Lupastic] wait I might fall down too
[HuskyTdC] hmmm I'll be back :;D
[Lupastic] come come its not over yet Mr Anderson
[HuskyTdC] lol :D
[HuskyTdC] from matrix huh? :D
[HuskyTdC] aww
[Lupastic] omg no
[Lupastic] this is gg for me
[Lupastic] xD
[HuskyTdC] bl m8 xD
[Lupastic] hehe yep btw : >
[Lupastic] we gotta climb that part again
[HuskyTdC] oh yeah lol xD
[HuskyTdC] maybe I wont try inflex if I get there :D
[Lupastic] yeah the trick itself is very risky
[Lupastic] not alone on a tower race map xd
[Lupastic] btw u need to try TTL too : >
[Lupastic] team17 is nice on islands
[HuskyTdC] xD
[HuskyTdC] yeah m8 :D I'm getting there, let's just try finish this for now xD
[Lupastic] omg..
[Lupastic] huh ok
[Lupastic] luck :R
[HuskyTdC] whew xD
[HuskyTdC] haha
[HuskyTdC] nt
[Lupastic] this part is a nightmare
[HuskyTdC] whew
[HuskyTdC] no water here xD
[Lupastic] maybe thats what cheetah meant by " insane" difficulty
[Lupastic] xd
[HuskyTdC] only lava :D
[Lupastic] huh ok :c
[HuskyTdC] u know that wmdb map "Funhouse" ? it's very difficult rr map
[Lupastic] hmm nope never heard of it
[Lupastic] we can play too later on ^^
[Lupastic] is it suitable for TUS big rr match? xd
[HuskyTdC] whew
[Lupastic] huh ;o
[HuskyTdC] haha maybe if u want to pull ur hair out :D
[HuskyTdC] I'll link it to u later ae
[Lupastic] okie c:
[Lupastic] if its a really hardcore map, we need to do it for tus then
[Lupastic] spend 1-2 hours to complete it? xd
[HuskyTdC] eeek xD
[HuskyTdC] wheeeew
[HuskyTdC] hahahahahaha I need to be careful there... don't wanna start back there again lol
[HuskyTdC] it's not a big map :D only the default size... 1920x696... but it was made for the sake of being too difficult xD
[Lupastic] ok i gotta be extra f@#!ing careful now x_x
[Lupastic] ok now im interested : ]
[Lupastic] it has lots of plops, big rr?
[HuskyTdC] looool
[Lupastic] we'll do it for tus ;P we will be the only ones
[HuskyTdC] nooooo
[Lupastic] dont give up yet, I might fall down again -.- xd
[HuskyTdC] it has alot of plops yes xD
[HuskyTdC] lol
[Lupastic] technically it shouldnt be big rr then ;o
[Lupastic] it should be tower race :R
[HuskyTdC] whew xD
[HuskyTdC] ok I need the whole turn for this... need to have better setup :D
[HuskyTdC] ahhhh...
[HuskyTdC] gg m8
[Lupastic] oh wrong way
[Lupastic] xd
[Lupastic] yep gg ^^ lets hope I wont fall down from here xD
[HuskyTdC] from here :D
[HuskyTdC] omg m8 xD
[HuskyTdC] haha
[HuskyTdC] nice chute usage :D
[Lupastic] omg xDD
[HuskyTdC] lol xD
[Lupastic] I never make stupid endround fails like these xd same in ttrr..
[Lupastic] maybe its cuz im excited cuz of Husky : >
[HuskyTdC] atleast with inflex I wont accidently fall on the cannonball :D
[HuskyTdC] glad u r excited haha... but if it was the year 2016-2017 u'd be intimitated instead ;)
[Lupastic] I think you're playing much better now than in 2017 x$ hehe
[HuskyTdC] ok lol
[HuskyTdC] hahahaiujasujik sfbjnsdjkbgnvssedgbnsdkng'
[HuskyTdC] this part :D
[HuskyTdC] rotfl.... well... wa was 100% of my life back then... no other games... no other hobbies, occupationts etc. :D
[Lupastic] oh : ] cute
[Lupastic] I saw some of your older games, and as I see u now, u rly havent lost your skills at all (:
[Lupastic] it seems to me
[HuskyTdC] wow :D
[Lupastic] hehe nice :P
[Lupastic] last pixel :q
[HuskyTdC] ok I surprised even myself there :D thanks
[HuskyTdC] yeah lol
[HuskyTdC] hehe yeah roping is difficult to lose skill I guess... but like ground schemes... weapon usage :D
[Lupastic] thats right probably ^^
[Lupastic] gg
[HuskyTdC] gg m8
[HuskyTdC] lol
[HuskyTdC] no roof ):
[HuskyTdC] gg xD

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