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Challenge #394, Abnormal Challenge

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--- Quote from: Hurz on April 24, 2014, 02:31 AM ---gold for stupidity. dont say its just languages' fault.

--- End quote ---
why this attack? can u speak normal? not abnormal. just normal. normal speaking.

well ok you have been absent and might not have witnessed the 28 other challies. still its just 2 clicks away.


--- Quote from: Asbest on April 24, 2014, 02:04 AM ---idk what system u having here. but i did 7.56 min

--- End quote ---

It is turn based, the amount of turns counts.


* After the game, find your replay under \User\Games.
* Right-click on it > Export Log.
* Open the Exported Log.
* Scroll to the team totals sections, and add up the "turn count" numbers each team has; that sum is your score.
* Upload your record in here.Edit: Since I realize those 5 steps may sound like rocket science at first (hence your confusion), I decided to calculate your score this time. Your first score for this challenge is 16 turns.

Use 4 teams all the same colour, asbest.

Turns count in this challenge, the amount of time doesn't matter.


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