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Challenge #767, TCB28: The Sheepland Stronghold

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what's the ranking exactly? how many super sheeps we have left? or how many we used? also are there crates with super sheep?


--- Quote ---Place your worm inside the box
--- End quote ---

First attempt failed.  >:(


What counts as hitting a numbered box with a supersheep? Does the sheep's collision mask have to touch the box (in which case, does hitting the platforms above the box count?), or just the sheep's explosion radius?

As for the scoring, since it's not specified in any way, I'm going to assume for now that it's 50 minus the number of sheep used. I wonder if this is the method ScaredEwo used to self-score with 10pts.

Edit: Apparently lower scores rank higher in this, so I'm guessing the score is the number of Super Sheep used. That's what I entered for my score (17 sheep used, 33 remaining).

Also, why are the replays hidden in this challenge? I downloaded ScaredEwo's replay after I got 17pts, because I wanted to know if they too submitted a score equal to the number of sheep used, and it turns out they did (how they knew this, I have no idea) which is a friggin' amazing score given that the minimum score is 7pts, so congratulations ScaredEwo! I didn't watch the replay (in case there's a legitimate reason replays were hidden), only looked at the Export Log output.

Thanks! GJ also, you improved your first score quite a bit. Grr, it's so hard to finish without stupid mistakes. And ye, this kind of scoring system seemed to make most sense to me, so I just went with it.

Wow, great job ScaredEwo.

I thought I wouldn't be able to get 9pts again let alone beat it, but finally managed to at least get it again. This time it doesn't depend on the answer to "does hitting the platforms above the box count?".


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