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Game #223033, reported by Quai, Viewed 131 Time(s)

April Mole Cup Mole Shopper Cup 100% miu miu
Group 1
April 26, 2018, 10:42 AM
Gained 5 points
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
2.33 / 5
Total Members Voted: 3
Players history
1 - 1
Information Cup name: : #1057: April Mole Cup
Cup scheme(s):
MOLE Shopper by Mycy

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Chat(s)
[Quai] hf
[Godmax] Good luck and have fun! Tobi is in a very good condition today. Too good if you ask me...therefor we can't fucking lose. We never lose you fucking animals! So let the shit begin :)
[Godmax] I can smel victory, it smels very god and specific. Victory smells like: titmilk
[Godmax] the fucker
[Godmax] fuckiung them barrels
[Godmax] or 1
[Godmax] yes 1
[Quai] u got 2 wins already?
[Godmax] 1
[Quai] how much did u pay
[Godmax] apple and an egg
[Quai] )
[Godmax] fucker another barrel
[Quai] lol
[Quai] u can try too
[Quai] u got wrong team
[Godmax] i will get them fucking barrels yes
[Godmax] its never wrong
[Godmax] its a fashion statement
[Godmax] it changes
[Godmax] with time
[Godmax] oh oh
[Quai] noodle
[Godmax] ahhh
[Godmax] the fuckers
[Quai] range3
[Godmax] ggreat you got them crates
[Godmax] have fun
[Godmax] have fun
[Godmax] and range 3 doesnt tell me shit how far that is
[Godmax] probably as far as my thumb can reach
[Quai] meeh
[Godmax] better use ruler
[Quai] ranger 3 half of ur dong
[Godmax] damn pig
[Quai] lol u got team of dongs
[Quai] and im not girl
[Godmax] more or less
[Godmax] damn i gotta shit soon
[Godmax] gotta hold it in
[Godmax] for now
[Godmax] damn fucker is freeing his worms
[Quai] HEEEY
[Godmax] hehe
[Quai] stolen from africa
[Godmax] was a shit crate though
[Quai] how many mortars u got?
[Godmax] 0
[Godmax] how many skunks you got
[Quai] many
[Quai] open?
[Godmax] no
[Quai] too scared
[Godmax] 1 worm against 3
[Godmax] better not
[Godmax] but i gotta shit
[Godmax] damn damn
[Godmax] forgot to shit after meal
[Godmax] thats rule numero uno
[Godmax] first shit
[Godmax] then cup
[Quai] )
[Quai] lol
[Quai] why u forget
[Quai] now u will lose
[Godmax] not shitting yet
[Godmax] 3 crates haha
[Godmax] assnigger
[Godmax] ok no crates good
[Quai] )
[Quai] fuck me
[Quai] dam
[Godmax] that wasnt the plan?
[Quai] to kill U
[Quai] what else
[Godmax] pretty shitty match
[Godmax] cant win unless you got super shit weps
[Quai] i see
[Godmax] its a noobmatch
[Godmax] fuck this dildoshit
[Quai] damn
[Godmax] the fucker
[Quai] what
[Quai] )
[Godmax] asshole
[Quai] yes
[Godmax] oh nice
[Quai] ty
[Quai] now do soemthing
[Quai] wtf
[Godmax] vegan tactics
[Godmax] ah the fucker
[Quai] fuckin
[Quai] plop
[Quai] i think
[Quai] hahah
[Quai] dreaming a dream
[Godmax] bathe is dead
[Godmax] fuck this cuntmatch
[Quai] shit
[Quai] its not blocked))
[Quai] wtf i did
[Quai] lol
[Quai] should use short girder
[Quai] fu
[Godmax] didnt hurt that much did it
[Godmax] oh oh
[Godmax] fuck yourself come on
[Godmax] that would be nice
[Godmax] damn shit here
[Godmax] fuck off
[Godmax] niggernoobcluster
[Godmax] i hate clusternoobs
[Quai] yeye
[Quai] u cant
[Quai] too far
[Quai] )
[Quai] =)
[Quai] hell
[Quai] interesting
[Quai] irreversible
[Quai] what u get?
[Quai] f me
[Quai] haha
[Quai] =)
[Godmax] hehe
[Quai] =)
[Quai] lol
[Godmax] ojh wild
[Quai] fuck)
[Godmax] well
[Godmax] noobmatch
[Godmax] next one
[Quai] g9
[Quai] =)

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