May 12, 2021, 06:46 PM

Game #227002, reported by KartoFan_, Viewed 78 Time(s)

Mole Cup 2018 with Group Stage BO3
Group 8
April 23, 2021, 11:56 PM
Gained 5 points
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
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Players history
1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1064: Mole Cup 2018
Cup scheme(s):
MOLE Shopper by Mycy

Game Result: 2:1
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Disney-Mario1 by Ty3
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Game Chat(s)
[Seven] Gl
[Seven] HF
[Mai] go Kartowka !))
[Seven] gg
[Mai] dont hurry and influence Kartowka ))
[Mai] move like Jagger ))
[Seven] ?
[Mai] song) never heard ?)
[Seven] i dont think what you say it
[Mai] maroon 5 i guess
[Seven] i know the song
[Seven] i dont get the point
[Mai] nice moves) thats it )
[Seven] im dead anyways
[Mai] sure ) but maybe not today )
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] noob scheme girder 3
[Seven] what means gt500
[Seven] i remember only kartowka
[Mai] second name )
[Seven] end this so i can sleep and forget about this cup xD
[Mai] very hard group) agree)
[Seven] ok.. one more and the sleep

[KAPTOWKA-GT500] a чeм oн зaвaлил мeня?
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] клacтepoм:?
[Mai] шoтгaнoм
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] я нe видeл oтxoдил
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] a пoнял
[Seven] what?
[Seven] lol?
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] cool
[Mai] нaжил пpoблeмy
[Mai] oчeнь кpyтo ecли пpoкaтит
[Mai] пpoкaтилo )
[Seven] ha ha ha
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] heh
[Mai] xyя a бeз бaнaнa нe лeз?)
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] last game dont today
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] later
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] ok?
[Seven] ok
[KAPTOWKA-GT500] cщщд

[Seven] Let's rock!
[Seven] i never play mole
[danie] hf and gl for both
[MOLE] gl
[Seven] xD
[Seven] gl!
[Seven] x2?
[Seven] just joking
[Seven] cow
[Seven] omg
[Seven] hate this
[Seven] OMFG
[Seven] nice one
[MOLE] t
[Seven] mtf!
[Seven] GL in the cup karto
[MOLE] ty bro)
[Seven] gg
[Seven] fucking cup.. finally is over xD
[MOLE] 99
[danie] gg
[MOLE] )
[Seven] bb!

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9:40 time, 3rd Round <-- Kaptowka becoming a monster.