December 06, 2021, 09:33 PM

Game #229716, reported by ArtecTheFox, Viewed 69 Time(s)

Banana Show Cup 2021
Group 2
November 24, 2021, 09:10 PM
Poland Fox DOS dS
Gained 5 points
Hungary ZaR
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1142: Banana Show Cup 2021
Cup scheme(s):
Banana Show by Gelio Cup Scheme

Game Result: 3:1
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Game Map(s)

Banana Show TUBE by Gelio
2496 x 968, PNG, 34.67 KB, Downloaded 442 time(s)

Banana Show LINE by Gelio
1920 x 696, PNG, 72.06 KB, Downloaded 421 time(s)

Banana Show GRAPE&CARROT by Gelio
1920 x 696, BIT, 2.79 KB, Downloaded 405 time(s)

ban4 by Echiko
3200 x 1160, PNG, 611.31 KB, Downloaded 24 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Lupastic] enjoy
[Lupastic] hajrá
Irtis`ZaR has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm (
[Irtis`ZaR] hf
[Fox`Artec`DOS] lol
[Irtis`ZaR] wweeeeeeee
[Fox`Artec`DOS] yeah
[Fox`Artec`DOS] whew
[Fox`Artec`DOS] heh
[Fox`Artec`DOS] bl
[Lupastic] weeee
[Irtis`ZaR] lol
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[Lupastic] gg
[Irtis`ZaR] gg

[Lupastic] joy
[Fox`Artec`DOS] sok sikert
Irtis`ZaR has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm (
[Irtis`ZaR] hf
[Irtis`ZaR] ambitious
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ye
[Fox`Artec`DOS] yay
[Irtis`ZaR] wow
[Lupastic] woah
[Lupastic] xd
[Fox`Artec`DOS] game changer
[Fox`Artec`DOS] lol
[Lupastic] ah Artec, I just realised btw, why aren't you playing with your "go go Orbán" team :(
[Irtis`ZaR] gj
[Lupastic] :D
[Fox`Artec`DOS] thx
[Fox`Artec`DOS] oh man, I forgot I still have that team haha
[Lupastic] xD van egy fideszes csapata a srácnak
[Irtis`ZaR] I want to see that team
[Lupastic] XD its amazing
[Fox`Artec`DOS] yeah but after this match maybe
[Fox`Artec`DOS] vbl
[Irtis`ZaR] too good
[Fox`Artec`DOS] maybe not so good ;p
[Lupastic] LMAO
[Fox`Artec`DOS] lol
[Lupastic] xddd
[Irtis`ZaR] omg
[Fox`Artec`DOS] now that's a vbl
[Lupastic] air strike of 2021
[Lupastic] :DDD
[Irtis`ZaR] xD
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[Lupastic] gg ^^

[Fox`Artec`DOS] sok sikert
[Lupastic] enjoy
[Lupastic] xD
[Lupastic] "gj orbán"
[Lupastic] T_T
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ))
[Lupastic] millions of hungarian hearts are bleeding and crying out
[Lupastic] XD
[Fox`Artec`DOS] haha
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I am so sorry tho
[Fox`Artec`DOS] like seriously
[Lupastic] I fap to orbán :o
[Lupastic] xd
[Fox`Artec`DOS] crap
[Lupastic] itt meg tudod fordítani
[Fox`Artec`DOS] heh
[Fox`Artec`DOS] I'll create Chad Orbán next time tho
[Lupastic] Viktor Orbán Strong
[Lupastic] this too : ]
[Lupastic] instead of !!!!!!!!!
[Fox`Artec`DOS] cau, pieer
[Lupastic] I think he realised only now that he is not playing and he doesnt have a team :dd
[Fox`Artec`DOS] that was bad
[Fox`Artec`DOS] bl
[Lupastic] lel
[Fox`Artec`DOS] or not bl
[Lupastic] wowww
[Fox`Artec`DOS] yeah
[Lupastic] !
[Irtis`ZaR] xD
[Fox`Artec`DOS] vgj
[Lupastic] OMG
[Lupastic] xD!
[Lupastic] ez mekkora makk volt bazdmeg
[Lupastic] :D
[Irtis`ZaR] it won the match for me
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[Lupastic] ah .( gg
[Irtis`ZaR] gg

[Fox`Artec`DOS] sok sikert
[Lupastic] hajrá (:
[Lupastic] xD
[Lupastic] I was wondering why arent u teleporting
[Lupastic] so u had 2x damage after all :P
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ye lol
[Fox`Artec`DOS] just had to use it ;p
[Fox`Artec`DOS] bl
[Fox`Artec`DOS] chad orban
[Lupastic] sus Orbán
[Lupastic] je(sus)
[Irtis`ZaR] cmon
[Fox`Artec`DOS] je suis
[Irtis`ZaR] n map
[Lupastic] this is a block madness map, u played 2 big islands so
[Lupastic] its time to play on this P:
[Fox`Artec`DOS] sure thing
[Lupastic] so its balanced
[Fox`Artec`DOS] nt
[Lupastic] nice
[Fox`Artec`DOS] whew, great c:
[Lupastic] orbán survives
[Fox`Artec`DOS] thx
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ummm
[Lupastic] : ]
[Fox`Artec`DOS] lol
[Lupastic] no surrendering to orbán
[Lupastic] !!
[Lupastic] NEVER
[Lupastic] ah okey
[Lupastic] xd
[Lupastic] you submitted to fidesz
[Lupastic] amùgy még simán kinyirhattad volna
[Lupastic] lehet elbassza az utsolsó körét
[Lupastic] pl igy
[Fox`Artec`DOS] still got the chance!
[Lupastic] tak thats what im saying to him in hungarian
[Lupastic] xd
[Lupastic] xDD
[Irtis`ZaR] cmon
[Fox`Artec`DOS] ;o
[Lupastic] gg ^^
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gg
[Lupastic] 3-1
[Fox`Artec`DOS] thx for the game
[Irtis`ZaR] g
[Irtis`ZaR] ty
[Fox`Artec`DOS] and rip orbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan btw
[Lupastic] at least 1 of the orbán clone dies too
[Lupastic] :P
[Irtis`ZaR] xD
[Fox`Artec`DOS] gl in other games tho
[Lupastic] we are not leaving sad :P
[Fox`Artec`DOS] yeah
[Fox`Artec`DOS] well said

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Game #229716, reported by ArtecTheFox
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2nd replay - 9:48 gametime

precise air strike by Irtis 8)