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Newbie guide book
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Newbie guide book
Version 1

  • 0. Introduction
    • Welcome to Worms: Armageddon! You have managed to join the online part of this old game, but you have got stucked now? Don't worry, that's normal. Right now you can't imagine how much this game have been developed through the years. With the help of this guide book we would like to introduce you to the "worms world" as fast as possible. This guide book contains the most important things you should know about. We tried to keep it as simple and understandable as possible. It is highly recommended to read this book, it is not that long. ;)

    • 0.1 How to use this guide book?
      • All the parts of this book are separated in chapters. The text of the chapters are hidden to make the contents of the book more easier to see. Just click on the link "Show" under a chapter after the word "Spoiler!" to make the text of the chapter visible.
  • 1. Technical information
    • 1.1 Updating the game
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        You can check the version of your game in the main menu of the game if you move your mouse over the label "Worms Armageddon" (version number will be shown in the bottom).

        You can check the latest Worms: Armageddon version here. If that version is newer than the version of your game then download and install the update. (The newest version is (07-08-2015))
    • 1.2 Game lags
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        If your game lags then go into Settings and click the button "Advanced". Then on the left side in the Graphics section from the dropdown list choose "Direct3D 9 (CPU)" or "Direct3D 9 (shader)". Restart the game!
  • 2. WormNet
    • 2.1 About WormNet
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        The server, Worms: Armageddon is using for online games, is called WormNet. When you join there you have to choose a channel where you would like to play at.

        #PartyTime and #RopersHeave are rarely used, you can find all the people in #AnythingGoes. Double click on it to join there. When you joined the channel you can find the players on the right side and the games on top left of the screen.

        We know that playing online like this is not so convenient. There is no buddy list, hard to chat in private and the game must be opened all the time. The solution is using a little software, called Snooper. You can read about snoopers in the next section.
    • 2.2 Snoopers
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        Snoopers are little, easy-to-use applications written by wormers to make WormNet more convenient. First of all you don't need to open the game to be online in #AnythingGoes. You can chat, host and join games, have buddy list, set notifications and many other things that makes your life easier. In short, a snooper is a must-have for a wormer. Furthermore these applications are open source, so you can fully trust in them, they don't have any harmful things.

        The most used snoopers are Great Snooper and The Wheat Snooper, but ProSnooper is also still in use. Use which you like the most. ;)

        Great SnooperInfo   Download
        The Wheat Snooper   InfoDownload
    • 2.3 Game names
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        Game names are usually scheme, clan or player names. Schemes are game modes. If a host name is a scheme, then that game mode will be played there. If the game name is a clan name then a clan vs clan league game (clanner) will be there, if a game name is player name then an 1v1 league will be there. This is a habit, we use password for a game very rare.
  • 3. User files
    • 3.1 Maps
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        There are two types of map files: PNG and BIT maps. Both are widely used. BIT maps will get a generated texture in the game (Forest, Desert, Hostpital, etc). PNG maps are PNG pictures. These maps/pictures must have at most 112 colors. The height and the width of a map must by divisible by 8 otherwise the game cannot load it. The maps are stored in <GameDirectory>\User\SavedLevels directory. You can use subdirectories for the maps within this directory.

        There are two big websites where you can download maps for every scheme. These are TUS Maps and Worms Map Database. To load a map, right click on the map picture in your host at the top right corner, then the map editor will be opened. There, under the map there is a dropdown list from which you can choose your saved maps.
    • 3.2 Scheme files
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        Scheme files are files with .wsc extension. These files must be copied to <GameDirectory>\User\Schemes directory. You can use subdirectories for schemes within this directory. You can download all the popular schemes from TUS Schemes. It is recommended to click on the "League" button at the right side to get the schemes that are accepted in league, because there can be several versions of a choosen scheme. There are also a lot of schemes with description at

        To load a scheme file in your host choose it from the dropdown list in the top right side under the map.
    • 3.3 Scheme editor
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        Unfortunately, with the scheme editor of the game you cannot access all the options that can be edited of a scheme and thus you cannot really fine-tune it. But there are good scheme editor tools with which you can create cool fine-tuned schemes. The most used is SchemeEddy that you can find here.
    • 3.4 Replay files
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        The game creates a replay from every game you play, it doesn't matter if you are the hoster or not. You can find these replay files in the <GameDirectory>\User\Games directory. You can open them by double clicking on it. While watching the replay you can change the speed using keys 1-9, you can stop it with key 'S' and you can restart it with key 'R'. If you would like to start the replay from a specified time right click on the replay file and choose "Playback at...". Finally you can also export the map/scheme that was played from the replay file by right clicking on it and choosing "Extract Map"/"Extract Scheme". The extracted map/scheme will be put into <GameDirectory>\User\Savedlevels or <GameDirectory>\User\Schemes directory regarding if  you extracted a map or a scheme.

        When you play a league game you always have to attach the replay file of the game when you are reporting. Attention! If you installed the game into "Program Files" directory on a newer version of Windows than Windows XP and you don't have admin rights, then the game cannot write into the Games folder, so the replay files won't be generated.
  • 4. Schemes
    • 4.1 About Schemes
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        Game modes are called schemes. They can be grouped by ground schemes, rope based schemes, race schemes and other schemes. There are a lot of them, here we would like to present you the most known ones.
    • 4.2 Ground schemes
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        The most known ground schemes are Intermediate/Normal, Team 17, Elite, Hysteria and BnG. The goal of these schemes is to kill the opponent team(s).

        Intermediate (or normal) is the traditional default game mode. It is played with 8 worms per player in 1v1 mode, and 4 worms per player in case of 2v2. In the league scheme there are no crates falling. More info and replay

        In Team 17 (T17) in the beginning of the game you will have very weak weapons only. But in every turn a weapon crate (cr8) falls, from which you can get stronger weapons. T17 is played with 4 worms per player in 1v1 mode and 2 worms per player in case of 2v2. You must use map type dual-layer cave.

        Rope and bungee knocking are not allowed. More info and replay

        Elite is a scheme similar to Intermediate, but with only 20 seconds turn time, fewer weapons and instant mines. It is played 4 worms per player in 1v1 mode and 2 worms per player in case of 2v2. Rope and bungee knocking are not allowed. Only opened maps are allowed. More info and replay

        Hysteria is a special scheme where quick thinking and reflexes are vital. Each turn only lasts for a meagre one second, in which the player must select and fire a weapon. This may sound crazy for the first time, but there are still a lot of possibilities to do. It is played 4 worms per player in 1v1 mode and 2 worms per player in case of 2v2. More info and replay

        BnG (Bazooka and Grenades) is a traditional scheme. In the beginning of the game you must teleport your worm one of the sides of the map and your opponent(s) must go to the other side. Worms can't walk and you must kill your opponent using bazooka and grenades only. There are several rules like: no darksiding (= you must not teleport where your worm can not be hit), grenade can't be stopped on the ground for more than one second before exploding and hitting a worm and straight shots of bazooka are not allowed. It is played with one worm per player both in 1v1 and 2v2 modes. More info and replay
    • 4.3 Rope based schemes
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        In these schemes you will need to use ninja rope a lot which is really fun. The most known rope based schemes are Shopper, WxW Shopper, and Roper. The goal of these schemes is to kill the opponent team(s). These schemes need special type of maps.

        Shopper is the easiest rope based scheme. There are 3 rules here: AFR = attack only from rope (except with ground weapons, ex. shotgun), CBA = take at least one create before attack, KTL = kill the leader (in fun games only). This scheme is like a rope based Team 17, you can get strong weapons from crates. In fun games the rules "AFR CBA KTL" should be sent to the hoster or you may be kicked out from the game. In league, Shopper is played with 4 worms per player in 1v1 mode and 2 worms per player in case of 2v2. More info and replay

        WxW Shopper (WxW in short) is a hardened shopper where you also have the rule WBA = touch all the marked walls before attack. This scheme is played usually on linear maps where you can rope very fast and a lot of roping tricks can be done, that's why ropers like it much. In fun games the rules "AFR CBA KTL WBA" should be sent to the hoster or you may be kicked out from the game. In league, WxW Shopper is played with 3 worms per player in 1v1 mode and 2 worms per player in case of 2v2. More info and replay

        Roper is the hardest rope based scheme. It is usually played on a special type of maps which look like 2 trees. The rules are the same as in shopper, but here health crates are falling. You have got bazooka, grenades and mines to attack. In the first turn only bazooka can be used. You must not block the worm of your opponent. After sudden death there are no more crates falling, you must touch the left and the right border of the map before attack. It is played with one worm per player both in 1v1 and 2v2 modes. More info and replay
    • 4.4 Race schemes
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        All the race schemes need special maps. Rules are usually start to finish (s/f). You must teleport your worm(s) to the "start" word and you must touch the "finish" word using the least turns or the least time (time trial races).

        Rope Race: (RR) race with ninja rope. There are two types: in Big Roper Race (Big RR) you must reach finish using the least turn count. Usually a turn lasts 30 seconds and by throwing a banana bomb this time can be exceeded with 10 seconds of retreat time. In Time Trial Rope Race (TTRR) you have to reach the finish in one turn as fast as you can. More info and replay

        Boom Race: you move your worms by exploding bombs. Obviously the god mode is on so the worms won't get damaged. You should enable boom race mode in the host by typing "/boom" and pressing enter to prevent the worms of other players to move when you explode a bomb. More info and replay

        Parachute Race: you have to reach the finish using jumps and with the help of the parachute and of course with the help of the wind. More info and replay

        Battle Race: you have to reach the finish only by various type of jumps. Some maps can be really tricky. More info and replay

        Jetpack Race (JPR): you have to reach the finish using the jetpack. This scheme is usually played in time trial mode, so you must finish in one turn. More info and replay

        Super Sheep Race: (SSR) you have to reach the finish or checkpoints with the Supersheep. This scheme needs a lot of patience. More info and replay

        Bungee Race: you have to reach the finish with bungee jumps. More info and replay
    • 4.5 Other schemes
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        Darts: is really popular nowadays. You have to fly with your worms to as close to a target as you can. The player who collected more points wins the game. Darts is played with 8 worms per player. Here you can find some darts replay files

        Plop war: on a special map you need to plop all your worms by exploding weapons using the least turns. It is played with 8 worms per player in 1v1 mode and 4 worms per player in case of 2v2. More info and replay

        Holy war: build your hides with girders, then destroy the enemy using holy hand grenades. It is played with 8 worms per player in 1v1 mode and 4 worms per player in case of 2v2. More info and replay

        Supersheeper: this scheme is quite popular nowadays. Destroy the enemy team using super sheep. More info and replay

        Abnormal: the base of this scheme is Intermediate (normal), but the goal here is to kill your team using the least turns. People can do this really creatively. ;) It is played with 8 worms per player in 1v1 mode and 4 worms per player in case of 2v2. More info and replay

        Surf Shopper / Surf WxW: these schemes have the same rules as shopper or wxw, but you have to surf on the water before attack (SBA). These schemes need special maps where you can do surfing. To be able to continue your turn after surfing you must enable TestStuff in the host by typing "/ts" and pressing enter.

        Fly shopper: is the same as shopper but you have to fly over a thing before attack. It is played on a fly shopper map.

        Bungee shopper: is a shopper with the rule AFB (attack from bungee) instead of AFR (attack from rope).
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Re: Newbie guide book
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  • 5. Hosting
    • 5.1 Why doesn't it work?
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        In Worms: Armageddon there is no dedicated server where the online games could be hosted and the players could join that server, but the game will be created on the hoster's computer and the players must join the hoster's computer directly. Why does usually this method fail? Because firewalls usually block incoming connections which are not set allowed. However more often the router is the problem. Routers also don't let your host working, because they don't know where (which LAN port) they should route the incoming connection. These things must be configured in order to make your host work. But thanks to the guys who maintain W:A nowadays there are also 2 other method which let you create working hosts without the need to configure router or firewall. These "methods" are the HostingBuddy and the WormNat. All of the previously mentioned methods are discussed in the following sections.
    • 5.2 How to configure your router
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        On this website you can read about how to configure your router to forward port 17011 to your computer. There are only 5 really easy steps with pictures to do. You will need to have access to your router.
    • 5.3 WormNat
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        WormNat is a really easy way to make your host work. This solution uses a server which will handle all the incoming connections and will route them to the hoster's computer, but not directly. The hoster's computer checks continuously in a specified time period if there is any data that the server received. This way your host will work for sure.

        How to enable this kind of hosting? The easiest way is to use Great Snooper which you can found here in the WormNet / Snoopers chapter. Then all you will need to do is to enable WormNat 2 with a checkbox in the hosting window when you are creating a game with the snooper.

        If you would like to use this feature with the game then you have to download WormNat files from here in a zip archive and extract them to the root directory of the game. Then open the game and go to options menu, click on the button "Advanced" and on the right side check in the "Load WormKit modules" option. Restart the game and your host should start working.
    • 5.4 HostingBuddy
      • Spoiler! View
        HostingBuddy is a robot that you can ask to be the hoster of your game. Then you can control it with some easy commands. How does it work? You have to type the command "!host <Scheme>" in the channel #AnythingGoes and HostingBuddy will create your game immediately. Then you must join the game which was created for you and in the game lobby you can write commands like: !close to close the host, !start to make HostingBuddy's lamp on, !worms <Number> to set number of worms, !map to change map, etc. HostingBuddy will set the scheme automatically and it will load maps that belong to the specified scheme. The complete list of commands and more detailed description can be found on this website.
  • 6. In-Game things
    • 6.1 Chat
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        You can open the chat in a game by pressing key 'Page Down' and you can close it with the key 'Page Up'.
    • 6.2 Shortcut keys
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        All the weapons have shortcut keys which you can find in the first column of the weapon list (F1 - F12). If you would like to select the 2nd/3rd/etc weapon from the row of F5, then press key 'F5' twice/3 times/etc. The shortkey of the first row (Util.) is key '0'.
    • 6.3 Minimizing the game
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        When you are in a game you can minimize it by pressing key 'Esc' and choosing 'Minimize the game'. In the lobby you can minimize the game by clicking on the bottom of the screen.
    • 6.4 Keylock
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        Keylock is when you are pressing two arrow keys and then the spacebar key doesn't react. This is a very annoying thing in roping schemes. It can happen to both the cheapest and the most expensive keyboards too. But usually not all the keys have this issue! All you need to do is to find a key (or two ;)) which doesn't have keylock when any combination of 2 arrow keys are pressed and you need to replace those keys to spacebar. Thanks to some wormers a good tool was developed which let's you change your spacebar to other key. That key can be even a character because remapping will take place only in the game and when the chat is not opened.

        To enable key remapping you must go to the Settings menu and click the button "Advanced". Then on the right side set "Load WormKit modules" enabled. After this, close the game and download the remapping tool in a zip file from here (on the right side there is the download link). Then extract the files from that archive to the game's root directory (where WA.exe is). After this open the file "RemapKeys.ini" with a text editor and you can modify your keys using the examples in that file. Save the modifications, start the game and enjoy roping. ;)
    • 6.5 How to close host
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        If you wouldn't like to allow more people to join your game then click on the bottom border of the player list in your host and drag it up.
  • 7. Leagues, Cups
    • 7.1 TUS - The Ultimate Site
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        This site is called The Ultimate Site. You can find here leagues, cups, maps, schemes, forum where you can ask for help or just have some fun.

        TUS Cups are contests that are played by players who signed up for it. There may be group stage and then knockout stage. You can find TUS cups here. More info here

        TUS Leagues are contests that last for a specified time (usually for 60 days). During that time you can play with anyone. Of course you cannot play only with 1 player, because there is a game limit that you can play with one player. Anyone can take part in these leagues who are registered on this site with his/her worms nickname. These leagues use elo point system that means that the better player you beat the more points you will get and the worse the player you lose against, the more points you will lose. At the end of the season the best players (who have enough games and points, usually 8 players) will get into playoffs where they have to play in knockout system and with that the absolute winner of the season will be decided.

        Classic league is played by the most players. If you want to play a league you have to search for an opponent in #AnythingGoes like "TUS anyone?". If you have found an opponent then you should play 2 games with him/her: one scheme that was picked by you and one scheme that was picked by your opponent. If both of you agree then only one game or also more than 2 games can be played. In Classic league there are 8 schemes that you can play: Elite, Team 17, BnG, Hysteria, Shopper, WxW, Roper and TTRR.

        Classic clanner league is the same as Classic league, but is played by clans. So the games are 2v2 or sometimes 3v3 team games.

        In TEL (TUS Elite League) only elite is played and in HAL (Hysteria and Aerial League) only hysteria and aerial schemes are played.

        TFL (Tus Free League) lasts longer and has a lot of schemes that you can play.

        More info about leagues | Active leagues and statistics
    • 7.2 Worm Olympics
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        Worm Olympics is usually organized in Summer and sometimes there is also Winter Worm Olympics. This tournament lasts about 2-6 weeks and anyone can take part in it. There are tournaments every day when Worm Olympics is on. In each tournament usually one scheme is played and a tournament lasts usually 2-4 hours. There may be group stage, but most often tournaments use knockout system. The hoster (anyone can host a tournament) will decide its rules. In Worm Olympics players collect points not only for themselves but for their clan and for their country. More info here
    • 7.3 ONL - Only Normal League
  • 8. Others
    • 8.1 Worms: Armageddon movies
      • Spoiler! View
        If you would like to see some Worms: Armageddon showoff check out the WormTube
    • 8.2 Questions
      • Spoiler! View
        If you still have any questions you can ask here.
    • 8.3 Suggestions
      • Spoiler! View
        If you have any suggestions related to this guide book, post here.
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