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Wanna join UC?
« on: April 22, 2013, 07:06 PM »
Do you want to join our family? If yes first of all thank you for your interest. :) In this topic i explained what do you need to join our clan.

First of all be nice to people. Don't insult, don't curse, don't provocate. If you think you are not treating people well, then start treat people well. Its never late. If you don't want to change your personality and still looking for a clan, here a better one. :D

You must have some good skills in several schemes.

You must have an average English at least. You know cmmunication is important.

Also UC not really focused on TUS Leagues. Its a clan for make cool friends and have fun mostly.

Well if you think you can join UC then create a new topic here and answer  questions below. And we will try to play some games with you as soon as we can. So we will have better opinions about you and your skills. You can pm me in AnythingGoes to my snooper (`UC-Triad-dS')

[1] What's your nick?
[2] How old are you?
[3] Which country are you living now?
[4] Have you been in another clans?
Can you list them all?
[5] What are your favorite schemes?
[6] How often do you play worms usually?
[7] Why do you want to join UC? Why did you choose us?

WARNING: Offical site of UC not %100 English right now. Because UC was Turkish Clan at first. But since ZexorZ joined us, we started to recruit member from diffrent countries. We are tranlating site and adding translates to posts but it wont be done soon. :/ But dont worry, it will be %100 English in the future :)
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