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wkTerrainSync v1.1.0a - wkTerrain with automatic data synchronization and extras

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--- Quote from: Magma-1337 on April 26, 2021, 02:16 AM ---I have found a bug where the game crashes when you minimize, then maximize the game while the map editor is open with a custom terrain selected.
If you need, I can send the errorlog.txt so you can figure out what made it crash.

--- End quote ---
I am aware of the bug and I can replicate it - no need for errorlog. This crash also happens with the original wkTerrain. I will try to fix this bug, but at the moment I can't guarantee anything until I analyze what causes the game to crash.
BTW. I'm currently working on version 1.1 of the module that brings new feature and fixes other bugs.

edit: fixed in v.1.1.0

Version 1.1.0a has been released!

What's new:
Version 1.1.0 introduces support for custom-sized random maps generated with built-in map generator. The maps can be scaled with 0.1x scale increments in both width and height dimensions up to 5.0x scale max.
The module modifies frontend code to add two dropdown menus under map preview with selectable width and height scale. The scale is applicable only to .LEV maps - i.e. the maps that were generated with map generator and not altered since their generation. Drawing anything on the map preview will cause the map to be immediately converted to .BIT format and its scale reset to default.
Online play on custom sized maps is supported, but all players need to have wkTerrainSync v.1.1.0 (or newer) installed.
The generated maps must be converted to PNG format to be played online with people without wkTerrainSync or previous versions of it installed.

Important notes:
The official WA maintainers have stated that this module WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED in upcoming versions (3.9.x and newer) of Worms Armageddon.
Replays created with wkTerrainSync maps WILL NOT BE COMPATIBLE with WA 3.9.x+ out of the box, however it might be possible to convert the replays to a newer format or create a compatibility layer wormkit module.
If you care about future preservation of your replay files, convert your maps into PNG format in map editor before playing on them.

Source code is available at:
Binary DLL is attached to the first post and also available at:

By mistake version 1.1.0 embedded its metadata in every replay, even if custom terrain/scale wasn't used. Although this shouldn't break replays, the metadata in such cases shouldn't be embedded at all.
I've released version 1.1.0a to amend this bug. Those who've installed v.1.1.0 are requested to update to 1.1.0a. Version 1.0.2 is unaffected.
I'm sorry for inconvenience I've caused.

Awesome job! It would be appreciated if you could explain every line in the ini file


--- Quote from: Korydex on May 03, 2021, 12:08 PM ---Awesome job! It would be appreciated if you could explain every line in the ini file

--- End quote ---

Here are all currently available .ini parameters, with their default values and brief explanation:

EnableModule = 1                  # enables the module
AllowTerrainDownload = 1          # enables downloading missing terrains from other players
AllowTerrainUpload = 1            # enables sending missing terrain files to other players
IgnoreVersionCheck = 0            # if enabled, the module will attempt to run with non-supported WA versions instead of displaying an error message (for example 3.8.2 if it ever comes out)
EnableLobbyGreentext = 1          # enables module status messages in lobby chat ("downloading terrain ...", "sending file ...")
UseFrontendMessageBox = 1         # enables frontend popup messages on certain errors
UseExperimentalMapTypeCheck = 1   # enables clearing terrain metadata on game start in certain circumstances to prevent polluting .wagame replay files with unnecessary metadata. disable it if you experience desynch on game start and the game loads "-Beach" terrain instead of custom terrain
SendNagMessage = 1                # enables sending warning messages to players without wkTerrainSync installed
ShowInstalledTerrainsInChat = 0   # since v.1.1.0 the module only prints its version/build number after typing "/terrains" in lobby chat. if enabled, the module will also list all installed terrains in chat. you can use "/terrains list" to achieve the same effect
MapThumbnailColor = 191           # specifies the color ID of map thumbnails for custom-sized maps. valid range: 1-255
PrintMapScaleInChat = 1           # enables printing current map scale in lobby chat after the host changes it. requires EnableLobbyGreentext=1

parallaxBackA = 9011200           # specifies parallax parameter of back2.spr
parallaxBackB = 42172416          # specifies parallax parameter of back2.spr
parallaxFrontA = 65536            # specifies parallax parameter of front.spr
parallaxFrontB = 48003809         # specifies parallax parameter of front.spr
HideOnBigMaps = 1                 # back2.spr / front.spr parallax parameters are incorrect for maps with custom vertical scale and are hidden by default. disable this to display them anyway

EnableDevConsole = 1              # enables debug console with logs
HexDumpPackets = 0                # prints hex dumps of lobby packets in dev console. slows down frontend during network activity

SuperFrontendFixMapThumbnail = 1  # enables a potentially buggy fix for map thumbnails when the module is used with wkSuperFrontendHD

ExtendedBackSprLoader = e27d433fcd8ac2e696f01437525f34c5,    # since v.1.0.2 back.spr is no longer loaded with extended sprite loader to fix compatibility with some terrains. to use the extended sprite loader, rename back.spr as _back.spr. this parameter specifies a comma separated list of md5 hashes of terrains that should use extended sprite loader with back.spr

Electric Grenade:
Sweet! Can't wait to try out all sorts of new terrains.


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