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December 05, 2012, 03:34 AM
Below Average 1446 in BnG before the game. Gained 32|21 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in BnG before the game. Lost 21|21 points

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Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[cfcdaiNa] hf
[sK`TOMT`FAW] hfhf
[sK`iClown`FL] no 5 sec nades without lg i think also
[sK`iClown`FL] no straight zook
[sK`TOMT`FAW] clown tell me where to hide dude
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: pens q me haba quedado peor el mapa
[cfcdaiNa] right :p
[sK`iClown`FL] i dont f-ing know bro
[sK`TOMT`FAW] oh
[sK`TOMT`FAW] lol
[sK`iClown`FL] just... somewhere you wont plop easy
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: mas ke tu rostro?
[cfclalo] 5sec nades are allowed as long as they're set with max boing
[cfcdaiNa] or lg
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: siisisisisisisiisissisisisisisi lvarez
[sK`iClown`FL] wackawackawacka
[cfcdaiNa] xD
[cfclalo] is it the same wwp sk created by some frenchmen?
[sK`iClown`FL] ive been awake for like 15 maybe 20 minutes
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: si, siempre tengo razon lo se
[sK`iClown`FL] yeah, same sK as ever
[cfclalo] lol
[sK`iClown`FL] :o
[cfclalo] g1
[sK`iClown`FL] what do?
[cfcdaiNa] gs
[sK`TOMT`FAW] n1
[sK`iClown`FL] i hit him in the face?
[sK`iClown`FL] wat do?
[sK`TOMT`FAW] told you I had a good feeling
[sK`iClown`FL] call ambulance?
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: looooooooooool esa no te la cree ni tu papi
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: estoy mas lejos ke la chucha
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: la tens bien fcil
[sK`iClown`FL] you got yer hand in yer pants still?
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: mas facil ke vos diria
[sK`TOMT`FAW] was that a comment to what I said?
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: seguro vos sos re difcil
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ah no nada es mas fcil ke vos xD
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: s
[sK`iClown`FL] meh
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: vos
[sK`iClown`FL] you got good feelings- i just figured...
[cfcdaiNa] take that
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: suea
[sK`TOMT`FAW] no way
[sK`iClown`FL] +
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ya se ke si :)
[sK`TOMT`FAW] yea
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
[cfclalo] b00m
[sK`iClown`FL] ouch
[sK`TOMT`FAW] pro
[sK`iClown`FL] :S
[cfclalo] wasnt sitter don't worry
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: no me salen winds
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: yo s q no xD
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ke no ke
[sK`iClown`FL] libelula = super hide
[sK`iClown`FL] o_o
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: de q hablbamos?
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: lol
[sK`iClown`FL] :D
[sK`TOMT`FAW] niceeeeeee
[sK`iClown`FL] lucker
[cfcdaiNa] >:
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: est mi vieja ac y se acord de vos xd
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: dale saludos XDDDDDD
[sK`TOMT`FAW] man they go back out
[sK`iClown`FL] dat bounce
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: me dijo q fuesemos ahora all
[sK`iClown`FL] push the - key
[sK`TOMT`FAW] scared of sitters
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: dale saludos ami suegra ZHEEEEEEEEE
[sK`iClown`FL] perfect wind
[cfcdaiNa] lol gj
[sK`iClown`FL] baw
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: te gustara
[sK`TOMT`FAW] perfect shot
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: nica XD
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: dijo oye wn vamos a finales de diciembre xd
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: xD dile ke ella esta invitada solo con una condicion
[sK`TOMT`FAW] yes
[sK`iClown`FL] ns
[sK`iClown`FL] o_o
[sK`TOMT`FAW] thx
[sK`iClown`FL] dat wind again
[cfclalo] awwww
[sK`iClown`FL] phew
[sK`TOMT`FAW] phew
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: oe jdete al chipito xd
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ke venga con kien kiera pero ke no traiga al hijo
[sK`iClown`FL] :C
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: siiiiiiisisiisisisisi
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ese?
[sK`TOMT`FAW] aw
[sK`iClown`FL] n1
[cfcdaiNa] ty
[sK`TOMT`FAW] n1
[sK`iClown`FL] pushpush
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: muevete ql
[sK`TOMT`FAW] damn
[sK`iClown`FL] impossibru
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: zook
[sK`iClown`FL] dat winnndddd
[cfclalo] ack
[sK`iClown`FL] O_O
[sK`iClown`FL] nak
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: asike te vienes en dic?
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: como se rajan los wns
[sK`TOMT`FAW] pro
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: no s che no tengo muchas ganas ahora
[sK`iClown`FL] pure luck.
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: pods bajar 1 dos?
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: si
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: baja dos
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: voy por duck
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: anda por el otro wn
[sK`TOMT`FAW] whew
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: pa q? si tienes el tiro listo?
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: nel
[sK`iClown`FL] baw
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: tenas q bajar 1
[sK`iClown`FL] srs bsns
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: k
[sK`iClown`FL] :o
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: podes empezar a dar?
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: puta me haba olvidado del power
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: xke haces lo mismo lol
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: no fue la misma
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: baj 1 pero le rest 1 de power
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: fue la misma . no dio a nadie
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: bleh
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: q hora es?
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: me movere
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ^^
[sK`iClown`FL] dat throw O_O
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ouch n1
[sK`iClown`FL] n1
[cfclalo] t
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: repito o no?
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ta bien mi hide? xD
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: inenta a duck
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: si abre mejor
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: asi lo jodo
[sK`iClown`FL] wtf wind
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ^^
[sK`iClown`FL] wind is playing favorites
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: no abriste pero bue sirve supongo xd
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: xd
[sK`TOMT`FAW] n1
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: phew menos mal q no me movi
[sK`iClown`FL] + on that
[sK`iClown`FL] O_O
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: abre?
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: jodo 82
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: abre wn XD tenes wind
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: bah nunca logr pillar el aim q quera
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: si abres dps le meto zook facil...
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: sorry
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: ya pods meterle zook
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: no
[sK`iClown`FL] O_O
[sK`iClown`FL] wat?!
[sK`TOMT`FAW] :o
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: pods bajar 2?
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: qti
[sK`TOMT`FAW] hiding there is a mind trick
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
[sK`iClown`FL] xD
[cfclalo] f@#! sake )=
[cfclalo] oh oh
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: la otra semana empiezo a trabajar ;) mi lugar de visita de nubelis lol
[sK`iClown`FL] :o
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: me muevo?
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ^^
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: nah qudate
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: vuelves al kioskito? <333333
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: aver si sale
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: puta
[sK`TOMT`FAW] phew
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: era full xdddd
[sK`iClown`FL] scary
[cfcdaiNa] ya
[cfclalo] 0o
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: xke sigues inetntnaod esa kk?
[cfclalo] finally xd
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: el otro tiene mucho mas
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ^^
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: es q ya tena la wea
[sK`TOMT`FAW] good hide
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ke mierad xd
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: pero che si era obvio xD
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: abreme
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ctm
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: ya te abr y no le gust tanto
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: dale wn
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: hazme caso
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ZOOK
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: xke no aprendes esos winds? con notch
[cfclalo] oh man
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ^^
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: ese me lo s con lg no ms xD
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: asi das una devez en cuando :)
[sK`iClown`FL] pff
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: eoss vientos tienen ke ser tiros seguros w XD
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: a ver vos
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: decias?
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: dije q me caes RE
[sK`iClown`FL] wind <3's you guys
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: siempre te dejo calladito
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: te ves hasta lindo callado
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ;o
[cfclalo] dude xd
[sK`iClown`FL] o_o 5 sec = no do
[cfcdaiNa] careful lol xd
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ohoho
[cfclalo] afff
[sK`TOMT`FAW] 13 hp minus?
[cfcdaiNa] nah, lets play
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ^^
[cfcdaiNa] u hit lalo so who cares xD
[sK`iClown`FL] flocka!
[cfclalo] you do
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: uuuuu
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: nuuuuuuuub*
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: te la deje lista
[sK`iClown`FL] :S
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: feo ql
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: no la necesitaba pero ty
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: nui
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: sisisi terrible pusheado
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: nui
[sK`iClown`FL] ew
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: enamoradita
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: cacha
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: el fds cuando vea a mi novia
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ok
[sK`TOMT`FAW] here?
[sK`iClown`FL] xD
[sK`iClown`FL] whats legal?
[cfclalo] nope
[sK`TOMT`FAW] no idea
[sK`TOMT`FAW] lol
[cfcdaiNa] dunno xD i think gird for bounce only xdd
[cfclalo] exactly
[sK`TOMT`FAW] how do you remove it then xD
[cfclalo] they're meant to bounce granades
[cfclalo] just leave it
[cfcdaiNa] leave it lol.
[cfclalo] doesnt matter
[sK`iClown`FL] zomg
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ke wea?
[sK`iClown`FL] fml.
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: q wea tu carita?
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ke decias del finde con tu novia?
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: xq es tan nube? es igual q la de nubita
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: te iras a vivir con ella alfin?
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: siisisisisisi
[sK`TOMT`FAW] sometimes I get some bad ideas
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: no hara eso, te partira el corazn y te retiraras
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: try me
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: pa q si es tan obvio?
[sK`iClown`FL] they gonna kick us outta sK
[sK`TOMT`FAW] who
[sK`TOMT`FAW] thor?
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: entonces ke?
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
[sK`iClown`FL] all of the active leaders :d
[cfclalo] meh
[sK`TOMT`FAW] they are our best mates :D
[sK`iClown`FL] WOO
[sK`iClown`FL] fu fish
[sK`TOMT`FAW] hehe
[sK`TOMT`FAW] xd
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: te ests acercando
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ke haras el finde ? no terminaste tu oracion XDD
[sK`iClown`FL] f@#!ing wind >.<
[sK`TOMT`FAW] ;o
[cfclalo] ooh
[sK`iClown`FL] eeyyyy my tree man!
[sK`iClown`FL] baw
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: bah te hablo en shileno y te confundes entera xD
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: pro notcher
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: leete wn, no tienes ni un sentido
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: ke kisiste decir? lol
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: te dije algo con sentido pero vos no entendiste
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: aver ke
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: xq tens q ser shilena xd
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: repitelo
[sK`iClown`FL] lag?
[cfclalo] yep
[cfcdaiNa] yes
[sK`iClown`FL] :S
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: dijiste cacha y yo te dije q s, este fds
cfcdaiNa..cfclalo: lol
cfclalo..cfcdaiNa: y de ah en ms no entendiste ni mierda
[cfclalo] hopefully, he doesn't drop
[sK`iClown`FL] is it even a ? at this point?
[sK`iClown`FL] thats death lag if I ever saw death lag
[cfcdaiNa] i think he did
[sK`iClown`FL] we wait
[sK`iClown`FL] wat do?
[cfcdaiNa] we could rm with same hp..
[cfcdaiNa] or just leave it as gg for us lol
[cfclalo] well only him? xd
[sK`iClown`FL] -.-

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