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HAL #2
December 29, 2012, 01:34 AM
Germany TdC od bui
Absolute Beginner 812 in HAL Hysteria before the game. Gained 47|53 points
Switzerland CF ea
Beginner 1106 in HAL Hysteria before the game. Lost 48|53 points

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1 - 2
6 - 12
1 - 2
6 - 12
Information Game scheme: HAL Hysteria
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] hf
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] jetzt ahste michgepusht
[CF-SPW`ea] hf
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] lolo
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] ey push
[CF-SPW`ea] jetzt mach ich nur noch scheiss
[CF-SPW`ea] :)
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] lolo
[CF-SPW`ea] war knapp
[CF-SPW`ea] hui
[CF-SPW`ea] XD
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] zumidnest beide tot xd
[CF-SPW`ea] sah aus xD
[CF-SPW`ea] huere am lachen xd
[CF-SPW`ea] ouch
[CF-SPW`ea] hrhr
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] yar har
[CF-SPW`ea] XD
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] höher
[CF-SPW`ea] huere
[CF-SPW`ea] son
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] xd
[CF-SPW`ea] xd
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] bahaha
[CF-SPW`ea] auch zu dumm
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] no no
[CF-SPW`ea] hm
[CF-SPW`ea] olo xd
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] ae
[CF-SPW`ea] 0,1 sec zu lang gewartet
[CF-SPW`ea] hätt schon lang gereicht die höhe xd
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] damm
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] wo sind meine bounce nades
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] der 61 plopt
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] g1
[CF-SPW`ea] :D
[CF-SPW`ea] ty
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] ae
[CF-SPW`ea] gj
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] t
[CF-SPW`ea] hui
[CF-SPW`ea] schlecht
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] da
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] musst mich aber auch an rand pushen
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] bah ich hasse es
[CF-SPW`ea] xD
[CF-SPW`ea] ack
[CF-SPW`ea] ich tubel
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] bah
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] da bereue ich jetzt
[CF-SPW`ea] hm
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] woot?
[CF-SPW`ea] kack feuer
[CF-SPW`ea] wieder zu stark
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] wind her fix f@#!n
[CF-SPW`ea] hm
[CF-SPW`ea] nene
[CF-SPW`ea] muss nich sein
[CF-SPW`ea] ja da is gut
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] ich geh dann mal
[CF-SPW`ea] :D
[CF-SPW`ea] ui meine maus is so schnell
[CF-SPW`ea] oder mein brain slow
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] haha
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] hab doch gar keine kuh mehr
[CF-SPW`ea] greif mal an
[CF-SPW`ea] versteck dich nich immer
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] lolo
[CF-SPW`ea] :D
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] so gefaällt mir das
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] guter wind
[CF-SPW`ea] hm
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] zefix
[CF-SPW`ea] wind D:
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] xd
[CF-SPW`ea] olo
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] lmfao
[CF-SPW`ea] luckre xd
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] styler
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] bah
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] du vodoo mann du
[CF-SPW`ea] grrr
[CF-SPW`ea] fkln windddddz
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] huere du
[CF-SPW`ea] son
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] trololo
[CF-SPW`ea] hui
[CF-SPW`ea] lol
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] lmao
[TdC`Pej`Buiiiii] gg
[CF-SPW`ea] was n backfire

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