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TRL #24
June 13, 2015, 12:17 AM
Absolute Beginner 1007 in TRL: Darts before the game. Gained 50|50 points
United Kingdom ICB a2a TUTE
Rookie 1234 in TRL: Darts before the game. Lost 50|50 points

Information Game scheme: TRL: Darts
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Marble Zone by TheKomodo
4480 x 1624, PNG, 113.39 KB, Downloaded 1090 time(s)

Lemmings Darts by Kayz
2696 x 736, PNG, 59.62 KB, Downloaded 761 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[cfc`Komito`dS] Hf
[bfw`hollow] hf
[cfc`Komito`dS] I forgot I place on T here lol
[bfw`hollow] hehe
[bfw`hollow] it can't actually matter that much
[cfc`Komito`dS] It does to me :)
[bfw`hollow] unless you have memorized the whole feel of the throw
[cfc`Komito`dS] Although this time probably not cuz I don't remember throw here at all
[cfc`Komito`dS] But to stick to something makes u have better chance
[bfw`hollow] it's cool when maps are random
[cfc`Komito`dS] Oh it's way more than I thought
[bfw`hollow] it's a more true test
[cfc`Komito`dS] Yeah
[cfc`Komito`dS] This time 2-3 months ago I had all maps memorized lol
[cfc`Komito`dS] Now I barely rememver ay
[cfc`Komito`dS] any*
[cfc`Komito`dS] Ah lagge
[cfc`Komito`dS] d
[bfw`hollow] i can roughly gauge my throws
[bfw`hollow] or i try to
[bfw`hollow] bl
[cfc`Komito`dS] I hate that when you get lag and late release...
bfw`hollow 7
[cfc`Komito`dS] Gj
[bfw`hollow] i love doing sick flies in other schemes using darts skills :D
cfc`Komito`dS 3
[cfc`Komito`dS] That lag could cost game :o
[cfc`Komito`dS] EH lol, what u mean??
[cfc`Komito`dS] How can you do it in other scheme?>
[bfw`hollow] dang
[bfw`hollow] hmm
[bfw`hollow] like i kaos you can fling yourself to a specific spot on the map
[bfw`hollow] or in inter/elite fly across for a kill
[cfc`Komito`dS] f@#!
[bfw`hollow] :/
[cfc`Komito`dS] Yah but that isn't really a Dartz skill lol, or maybe you learned how to do it from darts
[cfc`Komito`dS] Omg this is pathetic
[cfc`Komito`dS] I wish we could start this map again lol
[bfw`hollow] it's a precise fly
[bfw`hollow] nope XD
cfc`Komito`dS 8
bfw`hollow 12
[cfc`Komito`dS] Yah I just mean cuz we both missed so many times it's noob lol
[bfw`hollow] doesn't matter at all
cfc`Komito`dS 15
[cfc`Komito`dS] I'd rather lose with a good score than win with a bad score xD
[bfw`hollow] no one's gonna like you if you do bad @ darts XD
[cfc`Komito`dS] Christ lol
[bfw`hollow] last worm
[bfw`hollow] 9
[cfc`Komito`dS] xD
[cfc`Komito`dS] Don't you dare
[cfc`Komito`dS] xD
bfw`hollow 21
[cfc`Komito`dS] Lmfao knew it
[cfc`Komito`dS] Bah
[cfc`Komito`dS] Horrible game lol
[bfw`hollow] gg XD
[bfw`hollow] down to the wire

[cfc`Komito`dS] Hf
[bfw`hollow] ok
cfc`Komito`dS [1 practise throw]
[bfw`hollow] i will take 0
[bfw`hollow] you must've played on this with us
[bfw`hollow] or did you watch
[cfc`Komito`dS] I've played it once
[cfc`Komito`dS] Like when it was made
[cfc`Komito`dS] 2-3 months ago
bfw`hollow 50
[cfc`Komito`dS] I'll just rethrow last one then lol
bfw`hollow 80
[bfw`hollow] ok man :D
cfc`Komito`dS 20
[cfc`Komito`dS] Bl mate
[bfw`hollow] what about the idea of a mulligan?
[bfw`hollow] 1 per game
cfc`Komito`dS 50
[bfw`hollow] might balance lag events, or practice
[cfc`Komito`dS] Lol
bfw`hollow 100
[bfw`hollow] just throwing it out there
[cfc`Komito`dS] Possibly
[bfw`hollow] across the board "1 mulligan"
cfc`Komito`dS 70
[cfc`Komito`dS] Tbh i don't like that idea lol
[cfc`Komito`dS] THat's why I say people can agree to a practise throw
bfw`hollow 150
[bfw`hollow] fair enough
cfc`Komito`dS 120
bfw`hollow 170
cfc`Komito`dS 140
bfw`hollow 190
[cfc`Komito`dS] f@#! sake
cfc`Komito`dS 150
bfw`hollow 195
[cfc`Komito`dS] Pfft
cfc`Komito`dS 170
[cfc`Komito`dS] I need 30 then
[bfw`hollow] yaa
[cfc`Komito`dS] pfft
[cfc`Komito`dS] gg
[bfw`hollow] gg
[bfw`hollow] mulligan

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