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TRL #24
June 13, 2015, 12:17 AM
United Kingdom ICB a2a TUTE
Inexperienced 1184 in TRL: Darts before the game. Gained 34|34 points
Absolute Beginner 1057 in TRL: Darts before the game. Lost 34|34 points

Information Game scheme: TRL: Darts
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2560 x 920, PNG, 346.02 KB, Downloaded 77 time(s)

Weedcat Darts by tita, Hurz
3000 x 1000, PNG, 164.71 KB, Downloaded 726 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[cfc`Komito`dS] Hf
[cfc`Komito`dS] CUz there is no one else on
[bfw`hollow] ahh, i see
[bfw`hollow] bo5 sets
[bfw`hollow] hf
[cfc`Komito`dS] No
[cfc`Komito`dS] 5 games
[cfc`Komito`dS] Not sets lol
[bfw`hollow] same thing
cfc`Komito`dS 90
[cfc`Komito`dS] Well no lol
[cfc`Komito`dS] Bo5 sets would mean 3 sets of games max
[cfc`Komito`dS] I mean 5 TRLs xD
bfw`hollow 70
cfc`Komito`dS 180
[cfc`Komito`dS] Well
[cfc`Komito`dS] 1st to win 3 at least
[cfc`Komito`dS] My brain xD
[bfw`hollow] my nomenclature is mutable :D
[bfw`hollow] no worries dude, i know what you mean
cfc`Komito`dS 270
bfw`hollow 230
cfc`Komito`dS 360
bfw`hollow 300
[bfw`hollow] you can go for only 90 and get it
cfc`Komito`dS 430
[cfc`Komito`dS] If you hadn't said that I would have xD
bfw`hollow 360
cfc`Komito`dS 520
[cfc`Komito`dS] Did you play the original of this?
[bfw`hollow] nope
[bfw`hollow] was probably as good as kirby
cfc`Komito`dS 610
[cfc`Komito`dS] Lool
[cfc`Komito`dS] Well basically the points were only in the spike parts
[cfc`Komito`dS] Was such an annoying map
[cfc`Komito`dS] Was like bullseye
[cfc`Komito`dS] Vn
bfw`hollow 460
[bfw`hollow] i see
cfc`Komito`dS 690 gg
[bfw`hollow] gg
[cfc`Komito`dS] Loool

[cfc`Komito`dS] Hf
[bfw`hollow] i dislike it a lot
[bfw`hollow] my opinion doesn't matter tho
[cfc`Komito`dS] Lool
[bfw`hollow] hf
cfc`Komito`dS 70
[cfc`Komito`dS] It matters, it's just not gonna happen xD
bfw`hollow 50
[bfw`hollow] it's cuz the target board is still fuct :D
cfc`Komito`dS 140
[bfw`hollow] rolls all day
[cfc`Komito`dS] It rolls when people throw sorta low and hard
bfw`hollow 120
[cfc`Komito`dS] If you throw at high angle it doesn't
cfc`Komito`dS 220
[cfc`Komito`dS] That's why I throw the way I do, so it lands in 90 almost everytime
bfw`hollow 200
cfc`Komito`dS 320
bfw`hollow 260
cfc`Komito`dS 400
[cfc`Komito`dS] Wtf
cfc`Komito`dS 480
bfw`hollow 320
[bfw`hollow] haha
cfc`Komito`dS 560
[bfw`hollow] was doing a pump
[bfw`hollow] because i'm not going to win
[cfc`Komito`dS] I'll try one with last worm seeing as I can't lose now
cfc`Komito`dS 630 FS gg
[bfw`hollow] n1 gg
[cfc`Komito`dS] gg, thanks

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