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December 26, 2008, 05:15 AM
Absolute Beginner 1040 in Elite before the game. Gained 40|40 points
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Elite before the game. Lost 21|21 points

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2 - 1
2 - 1
2 - 1
3 - 1
Information Game scheme: Elite
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Game Chat(s)
[cfc-shui] hf
[sebi-tag] hF
[xPRxDjflow] hfs
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] ese hide seba wn
[xPRxDjflow] susurrenme el pito
[cfc-shui] :D
[cfc-shui] jhahja
[cfc-shui] asi ?
[sebi-tag] wena
[cfc-shui] xDDDDDDDDDDD
[xPRxDjflow] wena
[cfc-shui] el lag me kita fuerza :(
[cfc-shui] ponles el zorrillo
[cfc-shui] korrle
[cfc-shui] xDDD
[cfc-shui] nono
[cfc-shui] pegales
[cfc-shui] asles lo ke kieras
[cfc-shui] jajaja wen
[cfc-shui] korreeeeeeee
[cfc-shui] jhajhahja
[xPRxDjflow] no alcanse XD
[cfc-shui] wena*
[xPRxDjflow] jajaja
[xPRxDjflow] pa q me kitas vida culon
[xPRxDjflow] chui amor
[xPRxDjflow] wena.!
[cfc-shui] andele
[cfc-shui] xDD
[cfc-shui] t
[xPRxDjflow] ai?
[cfc-shui] ai
[xPRxDjflow] xD
[cfc-shui] simon
[cfc-shui] xD
[cfc-shui] mas arriba
[cfc-shui] aa weno
[xPRxDjflow] ai si cabes wei
[xPRxDjflow] no sea lloron
[cfc-shui] simon
[xPRxDjflow] wei miii worm :(
[xPRxDjflow] oh!
[xPRxDjflow] yo tmb te kiero :D
[sebi-tag] veo atrasado xD
[xPRxDjflow] wena
[cfc-shui] t
[xPRxDjflow] :D
[xPRxDjflow] eres mi idolo wei
[xPRxDjflow] jaja
[sebi-tag] xd
[cfc-shui] vali pelos
[xPRxDjflow] ese platanito :(
[xPRxDjflow] ok mato a guaton
[cfc-shui] matame el ano
[xPRxDjflow] mejor el pito a sentones :D
[xPRxDjflow] cambio y f uera
[cfc-shui] 10- 4 pareja
[cfc-shui] solo dale kon la f3 en la a y 1-10
[xPRxDjflow] te copio
[xPRxDjflow] nesesito ir a 1313 wei :/
[cfc-shui] aplikate kon la 3-45
[cfc-shui] matalo nomas
[cfc-shui] y subes
[cfc-shui] sale su 0 y ponga fuga
[cfc-shui] fuga
[cfc-shui] figa pareja!!!
[cfc-shui] fuga*
[xPRxDjflow] si la tengo dija xD
[xPRxDjflow] fija lol
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] una granada a la bana
[xPRxDjflow] pf
[cfc-shui] jaja
[cfc-shui] bua
[cfc-shui] strikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[cfc-shui] xDDDDD
[cfc-shui] eso
[cfc-shui] no
[cfc-shui] el de fuego wey
[cfc-shui] mas >>
[sebi-tag] phew
[xPRxDjflow] :(
[cfc-shui] ta bn
[xPRxDjflow] valgo pito
[cfc-shui] ya ahorita lo matas
[xPRxDjflow] ai biene de chismoso
[cfc-shui] no kreo xd
[cfc-shui] as lo ke kieras
[cfc-shui] jaja
[cfc-shui] kagamos xD
[xPRxDjflow] se la pela
[xPRxDjflow] mira
[xPRxDjflow] o f@#!
[xPRxDjflow] jajaj
[xPRxDjflow] hombre caido
[xPRxDjflow] xD
[cfc-shui] buu
[xPRxDjflow] jajaj
[cfc-shui] jhahja
[xPRxDjflow] como en los rr andas amadre con la cuerda wei
[cfc-shui] jajhaa
[xPRxDjflow] wena
[cfc-shui] wena
[sebi-tag] ty
[xPRxDjflow] si wei
[cfc-shui] jhahjajha
[cfc-shui] mis mamadas
[cfc-shui] jhajhajhahja
[sebi-tag] xD
[cfc-shui] mira
[cfc-shui] aaaaaaaaa
[xPRxDjflow] ai sube
[xPRxDjflow] jajajaj
[cfc-shui] eskexasi era
[cfc-shui] kasi
[cfc-shui] jkajhajha
[cfc-shui] mira ahora korre
[cfc-shui] jhajha
[cfc-shui] uuu e chafa
[cfc-shui] jhajhajha
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] bl
[sebi-tag] xd
[xPRxDjflow] wena
[cfc-shui] asi o mas kagado el juego
[cfc-shui] wey estuvo enkontra este juego
[cfc-shui] :(
[xPRxDjflow] es solo ventaja pa no dejarlo en ridiculo xD
[sebi-tag] noooooooooo
[xPRxDjflow] wena
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] wn eso te pasa por hacer weas
[sebi-tag] ctmre
[xPRxDjflow] we
[xPRxDjflow] xD
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] simpelemtnte con la ceurda wn y la sss
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] y la oveja y na ma
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] weno cagó =
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] dale
[cfc-shui] ya
[cfc-shui] si tiene cuerda
[cfc-shui] uuu
[xPRxDjflow] valimos pito
[cfc-shui] :(
[xPRxDjflow] se cae
[xPRxDjflow] xD
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] seba wn por ga
[sebi-tag] xDDDDDDDDDD
[xPRxDjflow] we
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] fa
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] ...
[sebi-tag] valgo callamap pa esta wea xD
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] es ke intentai hacer weas ke no salen wn
[cfc-shui] xDDDDDDDDDDD
[cfc-shui] jhahjajhajha
[xPRxDjflow] LOOL
[xPRxDjflow] jajaajjajajaj
[xPRxDjflow] ns
[sebi-tag] weee
[sebi-tag] xd
[cfc-shui] jhajhajhajha
[xPRxDjflow] jajajajjaja pinche ciego culero
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] este juego lo gamaos por pura raja
[cfc-shui] jhajhahjajhajha
[TaG`GuacHon-nlF] gana*
[cfc-shui] ke kura wey
[xPRxDjflow] no mames culero como cuando juegas conmigo no las fallas asi
[cfc-shui] jhahjahja
[sebi-tag] :D-s-

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