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Classic #47
November 21, 2015, 09:40 PM
Absolute Beginner 1005 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 36|36 points
Absolute Beginner 938 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 39|36 points

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Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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[cfc`Komito`dS] Hf
[spleen17`bfw] hf
[NBRsaltyk9] i like bng komo
[giJo`ZaR] Gl and Hf guys
<<spleen17`bfw>> wally will just bng, he can't tele lol
[NBRsaltyk9] but i've played hysteria once, not exactly the scheme i wanna play for a clanner given that
<<spleen17`bfw>> dunno about salty in hyst
[NBRwalrus] lol
[cfc`Komito`dS] Oh, so you don't dislike it, just not used to it
[NBRwalrus] hes never played this shit
[NBRwalrus] lol
[spleen17`bfw] hi
[spleen17`bfw] thanks for dropping in
[NBRsaltyk9] i just mean i dont wanna play a goddamn clanner of a scheme ive played once lol
[cfc`Komito`dS] I wish people did more TFL clanners
[spleen17`bfw] yeah ^
[spleen17`bfw] darts clanner!
[cfc`Komito`dS] I'd love to get into Darts clanners, and Big RR, Bungee Race, etc
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] xD
[NBRwalrus] ahaha
[giJo`ZaR] nice work
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] Tae
[NBRwalrus] this is kinda ridiculous
[NBRwalrus] too bad i didnt have 2 more minutes
[NBRsaltyk9] shitty placement for my other worm
[NBRsaltyk9] dunno how this scheme is random placement
[spleen17`bfw] darts clanners would be the best thing ever
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] aw
[NBRwalrus] pixel there
[NBRwalrus] i was trying to get a clanner with che
[NBRwalrus] instead of bfw
[NBRwalrus] because they wouldnt make you play hysteria
[NBRwalrus] we had too little time tho
[NBRwalrus] :D
[cfc`Komito`dS] Darts is perfect for Clanners
[spleen17`bfw] does anyone else in cfc play it ?
[spleen17`bfw] otherwise UC might do it xD
[NBRwalrus] wtf zook
[cfc`Komito`dS] Easy to learn, hard to master, no cheating, fast, extremely competitive
[cfc`Komito`dS] It's more suited for Clanners than most schemes tbh
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] shot!
[spleen17`bfw] vn
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] tae
[cfc`Komito`dS] Ns
[NBRwalrus] alright all you salty
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] lol
[spleen17`bfw] nice up arrow
[cfc`Komito`dS] I'm just casually playing BF4, I need to make my K/D ratio a lot worse
[cfc`Komito`dS] My games are usually 2.0-4.0 in k/d But this server kicks you if you go above 1.05 average K/D
[cfc`Komito`dS] So after a few good games I gotta run about dying lol
[spleen17`bfw] what is k/d
[cfc`Komito`dS] It's fun though :D
[NBRwalrus] kill death ratio
[spleen17`bfw] oh right
[NBRwalrus] n
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] owww
[cfc`Komito`dS] it's even worse if I snipe lol
[cfc`Komito`dS] I usually go like 20+ kills and only 1-5 deaths
[NBRwalrus] insufficient escape
[NBRwalrus] lol
[cfc`Komito`dS] I never enjoyed infantry stuff until my mate was here last week and we were using both my computers, sqauded up got each others back, was f@#!ing amazing
[cfc`Komito`dS] Our squad dominated every game
[NBRsaltyk9] why wouldnt he turn
[NBRwalrus] wow
[spleen17`bfw] 5 pls
[NBRwalrus] might live
[spleen17`bfw] f@#!
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] what ya like to pick NBR?
[NBRwalrus] wow
[NBRwalrus] wtf
[NBRsaltyk9] nh
[cfc`Komito`dS] Roper xD
[spleen17`bfw] lol
[NBRwalrus] f3 fail
[NBRwalrus] we''ll just pick some scheme one of you have never played before
[NBRwalrus] so its even
[NBRwalrus] next game will be walrusball
[NBRwalrus] in the thunderdome
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] TTRR is my sucky scheme :P
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] good golf
[NBRwalrus] first team to 10 arctic credits wins
[cfc`Komito`dS] walrusball sucks, I prefer walruscock it's like shuttleball without the scrotum
<<spleen17`bfw>> ill just pile wally then
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] 1!
[spleen17`bfw] ooooh
[spleen17`bfw] 13
[NBRwalrus] gj
[NBRsaltyk9] time for tea old man
[NBRwalrus] umm
[NBRwalrus] f8 wouldnt work
[NBRwalrus] gj
[cfc`Komito`dS] Gj
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] Gs
[NBRwalrus] bad tele
[cfc`Komito`dS] Not the best choice of hide there
[NBRwalrus] yeah man
[NBRwalrus] touchpad
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] 10
[spleen17`bfw] pushhh
[NBRwalrus] playing me and salty
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] lol
[cfc`Komito`dS] Push
[NBRwalrus] is like playing a couple of retarded kids
[NBRwalrus] i cant tele
[NBRwalrus] and hes never played before
[NBRwalrus] it least salty can bng
[NBRsaltyk9] come on
[NBRwalrus] fuse clinty
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] owww
[spleen17`bfw] you are picking bng?
[cfc`Komito`dS] Nt
[NBRwalrus] is there some key on keyboard that locks the fkeys
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] tae
[NBRwalrus] mine suddenly dont work
[cfc`Komito`dS] Ns
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] Gj
[NBRwalrus] n
[NBRwalrus] overkill
[NBRsaltyk9] double tap
[cfc`Komito`dS] Anyone wanna clanner cfc after this? Tomi is online
[NBRwalrus] bah
[NBRwalrus] ill ask again
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] ew
[spleen17`bfw] almost
[NBRwalrus] is there some key on the keyboard that locks the fkeys
[NBRwalrus] ?
[NBRwalrus] mine suddenly dont work
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] Dunno
[spleen17`bfw] function?
[NBRsaltyk9] yeah
[NBRsaltyk9] fn esc on my laptop
[NBRsaltyk9] ns
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] Ns
[giJo`ZaR] n
[NBRwalrus] ty
[NBRwalrus] salty
[NBRwalrus] start throwing petrols
[NBRwalrus] id whisper this
[NBRwalrus] but i cant fkey
[cfc`Komito`dS] Nt
[NBRwalrus] aww
[NBRwalrus] nt
[cfc`Komito`dS] 4s nade there woulda been perfect
[NBRsaltyk9] yeah
[NBRsaltyk9] why'd u make me change =p
[cfc`Komito`dS] Oh wind!
[cfc`Komito`dS] Go go go !
[NBRsaltyk9] haha
[NBRsaltyk9] worked sorta
[cfc`Komito`dS] That works
[cfc`Komito`dS] 5s nade xD
[cfc`Komito`dS] HOming missile xD
[NBRsaltyk9] f@#!
[cfc`Komito`dS] Nt
[NBRwalrus] aww
[NBRwalrus] good go
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] Nt
[giJo`ZaR] wind
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] lol
[cfc`Komito`dS] Oh !
[cfc`Komito`dS] Vvvvbl
[cfc`Komito`dS] Smart move
[NBRwalrus] i cant tele a long way
[NBRwalrus] so small teles
[NBRsaltyk9] phew
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] oO
[spleen17`bfw] oh cmon
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] oh man
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] phew
[NBRwalrus] wow
[NBRwalrus] that was a courageous fall
[NBRsaltyk9] ty
[NBRsaltyk9] pixel away from ploppoping
[NBRsaltyk9] p0pping
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] lol
[NBRwalrus] nade that shit salty
[NBRwalrus] take him out
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] ow
[NBRwalrus] very close
[NBRsaltyk9] bank shot
[NBRwalrus] gg
[NBRsaltyk9] nade
[NBRsaltyk9] homie
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] lol Gg
[NBRwalrus] im going to have to take a minute after game
[NBRwalrus] to figure out why my fkeys dont work
[spleen17`bfw] k
[NBRwalrus] petrols salty
[NBRwalrus] or zook
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] Gj
[NBRwalrus] with that wind
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] Gg.
[NBRsaltyk9] seinfeld vs. seinfeld
[giJo`ZaR] I believe in you spleen
[spleen17`bfw] indeed
[giJo`ZaR] :D
[NBRwalrus] now petrol that castle if red wind
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] what if NBR wins
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] xD
[NBRwalrus] in saltys 2nd hysteria ever
[NBRwalrus] lol
[NBRsaltyk9] gg
[NBRwalrus] gg
[giJo`ZaR] gg
[Mega`Adnan`BFW] Gg
[spleen17`bfw] gg
[giJo`ZaR] n
[NBRwalrus] ill host ag
[NBRwalrus] may take a min
[NBRwalrus] need to test kb

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