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Classic #51
Clanners, Playoffs
October 02, 2016, 10:18 PM
dæth тouch
Absolute Beginner 957 in Shopper before the game. Gained 0|0 points
Tanto atao Güeon
Absolute Beginner 1038 in Shopper before the game. Lost 0|0 points

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2 - 2
106 - 99
1 - 1
Information Game scheme: Shopper
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[dt-Chelsea] hf
dt-Chelsea has turned on the crate finder feature of wkRubberWorm (http://worms2d.info/RubberWorm) <Version for>.
dt-Chelsea..tit4`onl: i played over 60 games at thaty map xD
tit4`onl..dt-Chelsea: )
[dt-Chelsea] knock barry allen to mine XD
[NiCo-TaG] lukz ideas xd
dt-Mablak..dt-Chelsea: try to block zehta?
[dt-Chelsea] xD
[Lukz``Tag`] manso fd xD
[Lukz``Tag`] omg
[NiCo-TaG] qlo bruto
[Lukz``Tag`] los queria juntar wn xd
[NiCo-TaG] xDD
[Lukz``Tag`] pa la mierda de arma que salio en todo caso xD
[NiCo-TaG] xD
[tit4`onl] block
[tit4`onl] >>>
[tit4`onl] under tree
[dt-Chelsea] :/
[tit4`onl] :/
[tit4`onl] try block
[tit4`onl] when possible
[tit4`onl] lol
[NiCo-TaG] rofl
[NiCo-TaG] que haces una exibicion de armas ?
[tit4`onl] fire push ne1?
[tit4`onl] fire push = gg
[tit4`onl] xd
[tit4`onl] UFFF
[tit4`onl] thx tag
[Lukz``Tag`] ye xd
[Lukz``Tag`] i see a fp
[Lukz``Tag`] xD
[Lukz``Tag`] but nope
[Lukz``Tag`] xd
[tit4`onl] xD
dt-Mablak..dt-Chelsea: hm sorry should've got inside the worm
[Lukz``Tag`] nah xD
[Lukz``Tag`] gg
[tit4`onl] gg
[tit4`onl] cya
[Lukz``Tag`] see ya
[tit4`onl] cu
[Lukz``Tag`] pf xD
[tit4`onl] oi
[tit4`onl] I remember when TAG was a nice roper game, now they pick shopper , hysteria
[tit4`onl] Nice roper clan*
[tit4`onl] Is this the TAG evolution?
[Lukz``Tag`] u say thx that we are here xd
[tit4`onl] ye )
[NiCo-TaG] era xd
[Lukz``Tag`] medias armas xD
[tit4`onl] U just didn't picck ttrr becuz mablak is here
[tit4`onl] i know
[Lukz``Tag`] y nosotros puras sg
[dt-Chelsea] chill dudes ;P
[dt-Chelsea] we don't need flames here
[tit4`onl] it's not flame
dt-Mablak..dt-Chelsea: clusters on 200 would be good
[Lukz``Tag`] u just had chance coz he is here xD
[tit4`onl] rlx puta kurwa
[tit4`onl] xD
dt-Mablak..dt-Chelsea: like knock him a little to the right
[dt-Mablak] stuck? hehe
[dt-Chelsea] yes
[dt-Chelsea] i set that mine to go there xD
[dt-Mablak] ye thought so
[dt-Chelsea] pls NOT ploop
[dt-Chelsea] ufff
[dt-Mablak] nt
[tit4`onl] :(__)
[NiCo-TaG] :(
[NiCo-TaG] se atacasca
[Lukz``Tag`] no
[NiCo-TaG] no
[dt-Chelsea] gj
[tit4`onl] no
[NiCo-TaG] que paja seguir jugando xd
[tit4`onl] jajaja
[tit4`onl] que paja mesmo
[tit4`onl] :D
[Lukz``Tag`] nade nomas xD
[Lukz``Tag`] weno xD
[tit4`onl] 60
[tit4`onl] ahh
[dt-Chelsea] ;)
[tit4`onl] tag de grande clan de shopper )
tit4`onl..dt-Chelsea: I love troll tag :D
[Lukz``Tag`] and wxw remember
[Lukz``Tag`] thx u xD
[tit4`onl] :)
[tit4`onl] I told u, I'm playng this w4w as w3w
[tit4`onl] quando yo fui trocar la resolution, yo treinei em tu mapo w3w jajajajaa
[dt-Chelsea] afr is not needed :D
[tit4`onl] esto foi por q tu aguardaste uno poquito
[dt-Chelsea] i'm gonna use sheep luncher :DDD
[Lukz``Tag`] XD
[Lukz``Tag`] really?
[tit4`onl] gg
[tit4`onl] 58
[dt-Chelsea] ofc yes
[NiCo-TaG] gg
[Lukz``Tag`] that is allowed?
[Lukz``Tag`] xd
[dt-Chelsea] how long do you play tus? xD
[dt-Chelsea] shoppa no afr is over 1-2 years xD
[dt-Mablak] DarkOne popularized the no afr thing a long time ago
[tit4`onl] they pick shopper and don't know the rules
[dt-Chelsea] haha
[Lukz``Tag`] xD
[Lukz``Tag`] but i think that bad rules change
[Lukz``Tag`] not aparently
[Lukz``Tag`] xD
[tit4`onl] gg tag, see you next time in wxw ttrr roper without mablak xD
[dt-Mablak] gg
[dt-Chelsea] gg :D
[Lukz``Tag`] see ya
[dt-Chelsea] cyaz :)
[dt-Mablak] aight peace guys
[Lukz``Tag`] gl vs a active clan
[Lukz``Tag`] xd
[dt-Mablak] AG