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May 03, 2017, 04:45 AM
United States TdC S17 a2a
Below Average 1400 in BnG before the game. Gained 22|22 points more
Chile ea sR
Absolute Beginner 1000 in BnG before the game. Lost 22|22 points more

Information Game scheme: BnG
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[NBRthewalrus] oh ok
[Devilage] hf
[NBRthewalrus] like CNC machines
[NBRthewalrus] or drills and such?
[Devilage] dunno what cnc its
[Devilage] tbh
[Devilage] yeah we sell drills tho
[Devilage] id have to google it xd
[NBRthewalrus] f@#! i just spilled beer on myself
[NBRthewalrus] cnc is the machine that cuts steel and aluminum
[Devilage] is* D;
[NBRthewalrus] based on computer cad models
[Devilage] yeah
[NBRthewalrus] drafting
[Devilage] ok
[NBRthewalrus] you get my english
[NBRthewalrus] ok good
[NBRthewalrus] huahaha
[Devilage] i suck xD
[NBRthewalrus] so is business good?
[NBRthewalrus] and are you in santiago or valparasio
[Devilage] yeah we have a techincal service we are just starting to sell this tuff
[NBRthewalrus] i cant remember
[Devilage] stuff
[NBRthewalrus] ns
[Devilage] technical xd
[Devilage] u2
[NBRthewalrus] i understand
[NBRthewalrus] hoping to go to chile finally next year
[Devilage] good
[Devilage] i know everything
[Devilage] if u wanna contact me
[Devilage] :)
[NBRthewalrus] well chile and argentina
[NBRthewalrus] oh that hit
[NBRthewalrus] good
[Devilage] i was born in argentina
[NBRthewalrus] i want to climb aconcagua
[NBRthewalrus] also do a week in patagonia
[Devilage] ive never done that tho
[Devilage] but u can
[Devilage] fosho
[NBRthewalrus] yeah i like backpacking
[NBRthewalrus] and outdoors shit
[NBRthewalrus] chile is so pretty man
[Devilage] yeah its expensive here for us
[NBRthewalrus] its the best place in south america
[Devilage] tho
[Devilage] its cheaper to go outside
[Devilage] like brazil
[Devilage] or w/e
[NBRthewalrus] fuk i pushed you to an impossible to hit hide
[NBRthewalrus] l3x died when u left
[NBRthewalrus] it couldnbt lose its best player
[NBRthewalrus] without you there was no l3x
[Devilage] trick shit xd
[Devilage] tricky*
[Devilage] im driking wine
[Devilage] just had some cocaine with a mate
[Devilage] now trying to get some sleep
[Devilage] hehe
[NBRthewalrus] nice
[NBRthewalrus] gl with sleep
[NBRthewalrus] i cant sleep for 5 hours after cocaine
[Devilage] yeah some weed
[NBRthewalrus] 5-6
[Devilage] to get it started
[Devilage] this is good
[Devilage] just had a bit
[Devilage] but f@#!
[Devilage] heh
[Devilage] 1 gram maybe
[NBRthewalrus] lol a bit
[NBRthewalrus] then says 1 gram
[NBRthewalrus] maybe back when i did coke alot 1 gram wasnt alot
[Devilage] bit xD
[Devilage] maybe less
[Devilage] dunno
[NBRthewalrus] but now 1 gram is a shitload lol
[Devilage] they give me rocks
[NBRthewalrus] wow
[NBRthewalrus] worked somehow
[Devilage] ow muck a dollar
[Devilage] i mean
[Devilage] wait
[NBRthewalrus] rocks?
[Devilage] 000000a grma its 5000 pesos
[Devilage] grma
[Devilage] gram
[NBRthewalrus] you mean they made crack out of it already
[NBRthewalrus] when you get it?
[Devilage] no
[Devilage] no crack
[Devilage] just cocaine
[NBRthewalrus] you said theyt give you rocks
[Devilage] yes
[NBRthewalrus] here when you say rocks
[NBRthewalrus] its crack rocks
[Devilage] imagine that rock
[Devilage] buts just cocaine
[NBRthewalrus] haha
[NBRthewalrus] ur down there m98
[NBRthewalrus] okok i get you
[Devilage] xD
[Devilage] ok
[Devilage] i can send u a pict
[NBRthewalrus] aaaaa
[Devilage] hehe
[NBRthewalrus] a pic of your cocaine
[NBRthewalrus] ?
[NBRthewalrus] ok
[Devilage] so u see hows cocaine on latinoamerica
[Devilage] good one
[NBRthewalrus] id like to see this
[Devilage] sure
[Devilage] +56975377858
[Devilage] add that to whatsapp
[Devilage] and ull get me
[NBRthewalrus] i dont have that
[NBRthewalrus] i wish we all had the same cell numbers and shit
[NBRthewalrus] its so hard to talk to people from other countries
[Devilage] o
[NBRthewalrus] i could just text photos
[Devilage] facebook
[NBRthewalrus] that would be better
[Devilage] maybe
[NBRthewalrus] was talking to my friend from spain about this
[Devilage] i can email or dunno
[NBRthewalrus] id give you my cell number
[NBRthewalrus] but it wont work right
[NBRthewalrus] because country codes
[NBRthewalrus] and whatever
[Devilage] ok
[Devilage] no worries
[NBRthewalrus] ns
[Devilage] i can upload it to some shit
[Devilage] and give u link
[Devilage] :D
[NBRthewalrus] haha
[NBRthewalrus] dat throw
[Devilage] xddd
[NBRthewalrus] ive got a huge salami im eating
[NBRthewalrus] and no its not a gay thing
[NBRthewalrus] hfdgjhdfjghjdfghf
[NBRthewalrus] wheee
[Devilage] im drinking some wyne so i cant pass the baking soda
[Devilage] bl
[NBRthewalrus] lets cut up some cocaine
[NBRthewalrus] sell that bitch
[NBRthewalrus] pass the baking soda
[NBRthewalrus] really nice
[Devilage] thx
[Devilage] can* tho xD
[Devilage] how old r u
[NBRthewalrus] 32
[Devilage] 29
[NBRthewalrus] shotgun aim
[NBRthewalrus] pro
[NBRthewalrus] i try
[Devilage] xD
[Devilage] no
[Devilage] just trying to hit f2
[Devilage] and got that
[Devilage] :D
[NBRthewalrus] what
[NBRthewalrus] huh
[Devilage] xD
[NBRthewalrus] i didnt see
[NBRthewalrus] what the bounces on
[Devilage] pixel
[Devilage] go black
[Devilage] xD
[Devilage] nice
[NBRthewalrus] dis n@#!!! aliver]
[NBRthewalrus] ]alive
[NBRthewalrus] damn
[Devilage] close
[NBRthewalrus] si
[NBRthewalrus] si
[NBRthewalrus] no wind for u senor
[NBRthewalrus] damn
[NBRthewalrus] i cant hit this wornm
[Devilage] wind}
[NBRthewalrus] lets do a zook wat
[NBRthewalrus] war
[NBRthewalrus] zoooka
[NBRthewalrus] zooka
[NBRthewalrus] zooooooka
[NBRthewalrus] fuk wind
[Devilage] ifxD}
[NBRthewalrus] haha blu for u
[NBRthewalrus] u got cockblocked too
[NBRthewalrus] hey m87
[NBRthewalrus] fukoff
[NBRthewalrus] gg
[Devilage] gg
[Devilage] lets try
[Devilage] team 17

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