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Free #33
November 23, 2017, 02:34 PM
United Kingdom dF dS NfBX
Distinguished 1990 in Bungee Race before the game. Gained 48|13 points
Finland TdC bf dS
Novice 1308 in Bungee Race before the game. Lost 7|13 points

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Not rated yet
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1 - 0
4 - 1
1 - 1
6 - 6
Information Game scheme: Bungee Race
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Downloaded 1400 time(s).
Game Awards
This game hasn't been nominated for any awards.
Game Map(s)

BUNGEERACE_1 by Bloopy
1920 x 696, BIT, 13.6 KB, Downloaded 1203 time(s)

BUNGEERACE by Bloopy, Rat
1920 x 696, BIT, 15.88 KB, Downloaded 1908 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[xSniperx] hf hf
[HuskyTdC] hfhhfhfh meightnineninenine
[xSniperx] bad startt
[xSniperx] not that bad thow
[xSniperx] xD
[HuskyTdC] naicuuu
[xSniperx] ew
[HuskyTdC] aww
[xSniperx] turn loss hax
[HuskyTdC] eyy
[HuskyTdC] yeah what was that lol
[HuskyTdC] i guess it's the .dll i download last night :D
[xSniperx] fffs
[xSniperx] nooooob
[xSniperx] hi
[HuskyTdC] ello
[xSniperx] WTF
[xSniperx] xD
[xSniperx] o man this is bad
[HuskyTdC] u can do it m8
[HuskyTdC] naicuuu
[xSniperx] ty
[xSniperx] lmao wot

[HuskyTdC] hf m8
[HuskyTdC] i got blinded by the distance
[xSniperx] well f@#!
[xSniperx] lol loose two turns hoing for no turn loss
[xSniperx] gg
[HuskyTdC] ahhh nice m8
[HuskyTdC] havn't seen that before
[xSniperx] tooo latte
[HuskyTdC] nice
[xSniperx] ty
[HuskyTdC] havn't see nthat one either
[xSniperx] now u seen both aeee
[xSniperx] can replicate in future
[xSniperx] derrpo
[xSniperx] wanted both
[HuskyTdC] yeah those both long bungees were new to me, awesome xD
[xSniperx] how did i manage draw lol , youm let me off big time
[HuskyTdC] ahhh
[HuskyTdC] vnt
[xSniperx] xD
[HuskyTdC] gg
[xSniperx] gg
[HuskyTdC] rat?
[xSniperx] sure

[HuskyTdC] hfhfhfhf mnineninenine8
[xSniperx] was a good jump xD
[xSniperx] hf
[xSniperx] FCK
[xSniperx] denied
[HuskyTdC] i think NC did 4 turn this mapa
[xSniperx] i've done 4 on this
[HuskyTdC] f@#! me
[xSniperx] later xD
[HuskyTdC] hmm
[HuskyTdC] what am i doing
[HuskyTdC] later? fucccccc i forgot
[HuskyTdC] grrrrrrr
[HuskyTdC] NC had footage of his 4 turner in his showcase 2 or showcase 3 i think
[HuskyTdC] f@#! i will go 2nd swing
[xSniperx] i musta played this map 1000 times
[HuskyTdC] ok i havn't 1000 times but alot
[HuskyTdC] fucc
[xSniperx] bl
[HuskyTdC] nice
[xSniperx] ty
[xSniperx] aww denied
[HuskyTdC] i like fat cock in my mouth
[HuskyTdC] like? i mean love
[HuskyTdC] i love to choke on a fat dildo
[xSniperx] woops
[xSniperx] lol
[HuskyTdC] xD
[HuskyTdC] naicuuu
[HuskyTdC] xD
[xSniperx] now u not trying xD
[xSniperx] woopos
[HuskyTdC] yeah i think i am tilted lol xD
[xSniperx] can do a 3rd bungay if u waanna
[HuskyTdC] no thanks m8 i think i need a break from snakes armageddon xD
[HuskyTdC] nice
[xSniperx] ty
[HuskyTdC] bgfähbnlkgfphkp
[HuskyTdC] höj
[HuskyTdC] xD gg
[xSniperx] gg
[HuskyTdC] loool
[xSniperx] xD
[HuskyTdC] power leet finish xD
[xSniperx] l33t
[xSniperx] gG
[xSniperx] some ~RL then ?
[HuskyTdC] gg
[HuskyTdC] yeah

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