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August 27, 2018, 08:56 PM
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Gained 41|41 points more
Absolute Beginner 1036 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Lost 41|41 points more

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Information Game scheme: Normal/Intermediate
Scheme pick: Both pick (Like a 3rd game)
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Game Chat(s)
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] Funks
[Shtaket] hf
[Pixy`hcp] BUTT
[Pixy`hcp] shit
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] horrible placement
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] but okay :)
[Pixy`hcp] no u
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] yes i
[pavlepavle] damn
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] woah
[Sensei`hcp] pavle, will you report?
[pavlepavle] u report
[Sensei`hcp] in case i need to go quickly
[pavlepavle] others
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] nade
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] oh oh
[Pixy`hcp] lrl
[Sensei`hcp] can't atm, still streaming.
[Pixy`hcp] ayy
[Pixy`hcp] oopd
[pavlepavle] ok i can
[Pixy`hcp] ULTRABUTT
[Pixy`hcp] rude
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] veddy rude
[Pixy`hcp] grass strikes again
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: skunk :(
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: ok nvm
[Pixy`hcp] what do
[pavlepavle] do lg bat
[Pixy`hcp] ok
[pavlepavle] if possible
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] possible
[Pixy`hcp] o fug
[pavlepavle] lel
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] oooof
[Pixy`hcp] that last adjust tho
[pavlepavle] yea
[pavlepavle] dunno why
[pavlepavle] :D
[Pixy`hcp] wow my dog just said
[Pixy`hcp] woof
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] lol
[pavlepavle] wow
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] veddy wow
[pavlepavle] just asking, this a bo1?
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] 3
[pavlepavle] oky
[Sensei`hcp] you gave them green :o
[Sensei`hcp] i would kill half of our worms if in this game haha
[Pixy`hcp] shit
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] nope
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: play safe, we got this
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] ayyy
[Pixy`hcp] what
[pavlepavle] fuken enter is broken
[pavlepavle] wanted x2 enter
[Sensei`hcp] remap it
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] lol
[pavlepavle] will do
[Pixy`hcp] OOPD
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] f4
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] or wait, bow
[Sensei`hcp] or do backspace+enter (same as double enter but if you fail, worm will not go forward :)
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] hmmm
[pavlepavle] :D
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] petrol
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] molotov
[Sensei`hcp] didn't we talk about these jumps 2-3 days ago
[Shtaket] lol
[Sensei`hcp] or i dreamt it haha
[Pixy`hcp] what do
[pavlepavle] we did :D
[pavlepavle] kill
[pavlepavle] sure
[Pixy`hcp] ded
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] indeed
[pavlepavle] lol
[pavlepavle] how the f@#!
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] holy
[Pixy`hcp] my lindt is almost over
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: they have one more rope
[pavlepavle] gg
[Pixy`hcp] what do
[pavlepavle] kill genius?
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] :O
[pavlepavle] lol
[Pixy`hcp] fug
[pavlepavle] fire fgot him
[Sensei`hcp] that's why i remove soil!
[Pixy`hcp] no
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] fuk
[Pixy`hcp] lel
[Sensei`hcp] ahahahahahaha
[pavlepavle] hm bl
[Pixy`hcp] everyone sucks at shotty
[pavlepavle] kill
[Pixy`hcp] o shit
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: now they have to waste smth
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: no more ropes
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] bow
[Pixy`hcp] lel
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] wtf
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] :X
[Pixy`hcp] we all thought that was a plop hole
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] ya
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: dont waste rope
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] gl
[pavlepavle] noice
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] gj
[Pixy`hcp] d
[Sensei`hcp] zook monster pix
[pavlepavle] xD
[Shtaket] wtf
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] lmao finally
[Pixy`hcp] i use haxx
[Pixy`hcp] ful off wind
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: girder
[pavlepavle] or throw nade
[pavlepavle] but gird safe :D
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] phew
[Pixy`hcp] fug
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: faster zook
[Sensei`hcp] why not zook?
[Sensei`hcp] better :)
[Pixy`hcp] BUTT
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: just wait for sd
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] meh
[pavlepavle] sd pls
[pavlepavle] damn
[Pixy`hcp] what do
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] no u
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] (c)
[pavlepavle] do cows
[pavlepavle] go left more
[Pixy`hcp] damn
[Pixy`hcp] woah
[Pixy`hcp] he ded
[pavlepavle] i mean right
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] gG
[Sensei`hcp] phew.
[pavlepavle] :D
[pavlepavle] gg
[pavlepavle] nice

[Pixy`hcp] took you long enough to BUTT
[Pixy`hcp] bat?
[pavlepavle] do whatever
[Pixy`hcp] [hew
[pavlepavle] yay
[Pixy`hcp] phew
[Pixy`hcp] i tried to knock you but i am not bungee god
[`eule] thx for the game, cya
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] lol
[Pixy`hcp] or that
[Pixy`hcp] better idea
[Pixy`hcp] who tf was that guy
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] dunno'
[pavlepavle] ive seen him around
[Pixy`hcp] how many viewers do streams get
[Pixy`hcp] what
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] 1 ded
[Pixy`hcp] shit
[pavlepavle] nk
[Pixy`hcp] phew lol
[Pixy`hcp] ty
[Sensei`hcp] depends. when i did those interviews with wa legends, was almost 20 ppl watching
[Pixy`hcp] damn why is wa so ded
[Sensei`hcp] usually it's just a few..
[Sensei`hcp] nd
[Pixy`hcp] nice
[pavlepavle] t
[Pixy`hcp] i woulda dropped it down there le
[Pixy`hcp] l
[pavlepavle] xD
[Pixy`hcp] oh shit
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] well
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] not my day to win today
[pavlepavle] kill
[pavlepavle] or
[pavlepavle] rope+sheepo
[Sensei`hcp] cows 2kill?
[Pixy`hcp] OOPD
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] oppa
[Sensei`hcp] or that haha
[Sensei`hcp] nt
[Pixy`hcp] nah it was pretty dumb
[Pixy`hcp] wouldnt gluster work there
[Sensei`hcp] ik, just trying to cheer you up lol
[Pixy`hcp] lel
[Pixy`hcp] sorry OOPD
[pavlepavle] ahahah
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] meh
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] failed to open
[pavlepavle] was nice idea
[Pixy`hcp] shet
[Sensei`hcp] inter is weird.. probably only scheme i can spectate, but also one of the only ones i can't get interested to play throughout bo3.
[Sensei`hcp] maybe it's not inter that's weird :o
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: ws
[Pixy`hcp] what do
[Pixy`hcp] what
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: select worm
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] o rly
[pavlepavle] kill
[pavlepavle] man
[pavlepavle] :D
[Pixy`hcp] what
[pavlepavle] sg was better option, cuz u can hide better
[Pixy`hcp] but i really like uzi tho
[Pixy`hcp] no uzi in hyst or aerial
[Pixy`hcp] fukin sensei
[Sensei`hcp] there is.. if you wanna play outdated aerial
[Pixy`hcp] rude
[Pixy`hcp] ded
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: two turns over 50 and hes ded
[pavlepavle] i wanna see double kill
[Pixy`hcp] thats impossible i thin
[Sensei`hcp] n plop.
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] thx
[Pixy`hcp] o shit
[pavlepavle] tele
[Pixy`hcp] where tho
[pavlepavle] right
[Sensei`hcp] i thought pixy is inter pro
[pavlepavle] where he was
[Pixy`hcp] i almost never play int wtf
[Sensei`hcp] bravo boys.
[Pixy`hcp] lel
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] lolwat
[pavlepavle] oh shit
[Sensei`hcp] what???
[Sensei`hcp] f@#! off.
[Sensei`hcp] if that wasn't 100+....
[Pixy`hcp] i used to be good with ft but became shit for some reason
[Pixy`hcp] could do 120
pavlepavle..Pixy`hcp: u could do fast air strike
[pavlepavle] on gird
[pavlepavle] or kami
[pavlepavle] the f@#!er
[Pixy`hcp] i used that
[pavlepavle] oh no more kami
[Pixy`hcp] OOPD
[Pixy`hcp] punch?
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] gG
[Sensei`hcp] can you sg him from there?
[pavlepavle] yea
[Pixy`hcp] ded
[Sensei`hcp] aah ok. gg
[pavlepavle] gg
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] bgs

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