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September 08, 2018, 05:14 PM
Novice 1363 in Aerial before the game. Gained 20|19 points
Chile Pn ded BrS
Absolute Beginner 881 in Aerial before the game. Lost 19|19 points

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7 - 4
10 - 5
7 - 4
10 - 5
Information Game scheme: Aerial
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[Godmax] God luck and have fun! Tobi is in a very god condition today. Too god if you ask me..therefor we can't f@#!ing lose. We never lose you f@#!ing animals! So let the shit begin :)
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] ain't go dat money
[Godmax] I can smell victory, it smels very good and specific. Victory smels like: borscht
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] If I had, I would have gone to poland, and facked Artec Faxy in his fursuit
[Godmax] WHAT
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] :D
[Godmax] dirty sexshithere
[Godmax] oh oh
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] wild
[Godmax] frti fruti
[Frutiloops] :D
[Godmax] i am missing precision atm
[Godmax] f@#! it
[Godmax] oh f@#! me
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] wild
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] fruity never plays dat good in clanners
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] :c xD
[Frutiloops] lol
[Godmax] f@#!ed
[Godmax] 60
[Godmax] 60
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] in teh ass
[Godmax] f@#! off if its dbl dmg
[Godmax] jehaaaaaaaaaaaa
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] wild
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] oh oh
[Frutiloops] hmm
[Godmax] england spain today
[Godmax] spain new coach
[Godmax] f@#!ER
[Godmax] MY CRATE
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] oh oh
[Frutiloops] xDDD
[Godmax] mh shit
[Frutiloops] hmm
[Godmax] doesnt matter
[Godmax] i want spain to win
[Godmax] f@#! england
[Godmax] i dont like southgate
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] cum in english ass
[Godmax] or that milk boy goalkeeper
[Godmax] f@#!ed
[Godmax] nope
[Godmax] f@#! it
[Godmax] almost
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] wild
[Frutiloops] xDDDDDD
[Frutiloops] aw
[Godmax] nope
[Frutiloops] this is the boring part of aerial
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] think like maxy den
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] the pro artec faxy rapist
[Godmax] there should be a rule that you have to change your position
[Godmax] like divide the map in 3 parts
[Godmax] and then a switch to one of the other2 parts after your attack
[Godmax] that would change shit big time
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] Maxy, do you want to rape Faxy?
[Godmax] no
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] why not
[Godmax] i never wanted to f@#! a man
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] hmm indeed
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] what if he moans like a girl
[Godmax] pig
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] :D
[Godmax] you eating seafood over there adnan
[Godmax] or only curry chicken
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] sea food in winter
[Godmax] ah
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] but not yet
[Godmax] ok
[Godmax] what kind
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] just a fried fish
[Godmax] i shit on squid for example
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] eww
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] f@#!ED
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] wild
[Godmax] asshole
[Godmax] ah god
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] oh oh
[Godmax] NO
[Frutiloops] ded
[Godmax] asshole
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] jeeeha
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] Low got fat penis?
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] ewww
[Godmax] no
[Godmax] NOPE
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] goooal
[Godmax] now i will f@#! your worm
[Godmax] in teh ass
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] indeed
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] (c)\
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] 65
[Godmax] f@#!ED
[Godmax] HARD
[Godmax] goodbye
[`Pn`Mega`Adnan] facked
[Frutiloops] aw
[Godmax] may god be with you all
[Godmax] f@#!ed
[Frutiloops] lol maxy
[Frutiloops] cya mmm8

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