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Game #226451, reported by Rafka, Viewed 396 Time(s)

Default #10, Allround #9
November 12, 2020, 10:23 PM
Poland NNN
Major 2214 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Gained 8|4 points more
Absolute Beginner 1000 in Normal/Intermediate before the game. Lost 4|4 points more

Information Game scheme: Normal/Intermediate
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[NNN`Rafka] glhf
[ZapalioSibicom] u2
[NNN`Rafka] pro roper D
[ZapalioSibicom] not really- more like semi-pro
[ZapalioSibicom] lol
[ZapalioSibicom] SEMI SEMI
[NNN`Rafka] ok p
[ZapalioSibicom] Oh Noes Noe goes noe
[ZapalioSibicom] shit
[NNN`Rafka] its the end of season so I need like about 12 games to win this season (without a los), wanna ride this highway with me? =)
[ZapalioSibicom] oK
[ZapalioSibicom] so i need to resign?
[NNN`Rafka] no
[NNN`Rafka] play your best, Im a fair player
[ZapalioSibicom] ok misunderstood
[ZapalioSibicom] sry
[NNN`Rafka] if U win at least 1 game, I will pass
[NNN`Rafka] so lets play unless U win p
[NNN`Rafka] ok?
[ZapalioSibicom] oK
[NNN`Rafka] great
[NNN`Rafka] after that round I will go to toilet and come back soon
[NNN`Rafka] btw, how long U play worms online?
[ZapalioSibicom] about 12 - 14 years
[ZapalioSibicom] but i haven't been playing in long periods of time
[ZapalioSibicom] in 2000 i first played demo as a child - cars hehe
[NNN`Rafka] wow
[NNN`Rafka] I see
[NNN`Rafka] when U comeback playing again ?
[ZapalioSibicom] at around 2008
[ZapalioSibicom] 2009
[ZapalioSibicom] when i got my first better PC
[NNN`Rafka] so U played from 11 years now on till today::=
[ZapalioSibicom] yes sort of
[NNN`Rafka] hmm strange we didnt play before, I guess
[ZapalioSibicom] yes i changed nicknames a lot and only shopper
[NNN`Rafka] really
[NNN`Rafka] what nicknames did U have?
[ZapalioSibicom] i dunno svorcs, and i don't remember other because i was a drunk fuk
[ZapalioSibicom] gg
[NNN`Rafka] gg
[NNN`Rafka] iok

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Game #226451, reported by Rafka
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