November 29, 2022, 12:10 PM

Game #234839, reported by vesuvio, Viewed 63 Time(s)

Default #22, Allround #21
November 22, 2022, 08:40 PM
Inexperienced 1178 in Team17 before the game. Gained 40|32 points more
Absolute Beginner 1007 in Team17 before the game. Lost 30|32 points more

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Players history
2 - 3
5 - 7
3 - 6
7 - 19
Information Game scheme: Team17
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[dP-blitz0r`zar] hf
[vesuvio`] bros im completly drunk
[vesuvio`] hf
[vesuvio`] i wont win shiut
[vesuvio`] i drank a hole bottle of skyy wodka
[dP-blitz0r`zar] somethings never change?
[dP-blitz0r`zar] ;o
[Zalo-the-moler] -1 :S
[vesuvio`] im comepletly drunk
[vesuvio`] but i ll do this
[vesuvio`] now
[Zalo-the-moler] noooo
[Zalo-the-moler] it will jump over
[vesuvio`] yay
[Zalo-the-moler] wow
[Zalo-the-moler] worked xd
[vesuvio`] sure it did im durnk
[vesuvio`] drunk
[vesuvio`] im super sayajin vesuvioo
[vesuvio`] i got a monkey tale now
[Zalo-the-moler] I took anti-anxiety pills
[Zalo-the-moler] and I am gonna be slow
[Zalo-the-moler] but it's okay
[Zalo-the-moler] I did the same thing bro
[vesuvio`] ooh
[vesuvio`] wowa
[vesuvio`] rly
[vesuvio`] the rope ?
[Zalo-the-moler] sorryyyy
[vesuvio`] nt
[Zalo-the-moler] I lost time
[Zalo-the-moler] and I play on Kirill challenge resolution
[Zalo-the-moler] 1600x900
[vesuvio`] woa
[Zalo-the-moler] gj
[vesuvio`] no
[vesuvio`] there is no gj since ast turn
[vesuvio`] n1
[vesuvio`] ohh
[vesuvio`] man
[vesuvio`] if he killd metallica with dyna maybe kill nighwish too
[vesuvio`] i dont know
[vesuvio`] wtf#
[vesuvio`] wt
[vesuvio`] wtf
[vesuvio`] aw shoit
[vesuvio`] damn
[vesuvio`] man
[vesuvio`] i fucked it up
[vesuvio`] maybe
[vesuvio`] n1
[vesuvio`] vesuviop
[vesuvio`] nice one
[vesuvio`] oki this was ahrd
[vesuvio`] iut was hard
[vesuvio`] but we not done yyet
[vesuvio`] zalo the moler
[vesuvio`] we not done yet
[Zalo-the-moler] n1
[vesuvio`] aw
[vesuvio`] n1
[vesuvio`] no
[vesuvio`] :S
[vesuvio`] <yes
[vesuvio`] GG
[dP-blitz0r`zar] gg
[Zalo-the-moler] cool
[vesuvio`] im the king
[Zalo-the-moler] gj man
[vesuvio`] ty
[KinslayeR`dP] ok

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Game #234839, reported by vesuvio
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nice round
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aiaiai it wentwrong again yesterday im sorry
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