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Allround #26, Default #27
October 13, 2023, 02:12 AM
United Kingdom dF ZaR rrX
Beginner 1145 in Team17 before the game. Gained 25|18 points more
Norway dF FoS ZaR
Absolute Beginner 614 in Team17 before the game. Lost 26|18 points more

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6 - 0
15 - 2
12 - 0
34 - 2
Information Game scheme: Team17
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Game Map(s)

22 by Sensei
1920 x 696, PNG, 104.67 KB, Downloaded 386 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[stf`blitzed`zar] gl hf
[Mo0k] Same map i notice
[stf`blitzed`zar] is it?
[stf`blitzed`zar] idk
[stf`blitzed`zar] can change
[Mo0k] its np
[Mo0k] i just remember i was at the same place hehe
[Mo0k] nt
[stf`blitzed`zar] t
[Mo0k] I took abite of all the fruits now
[Mo0k] middle
[Mo0k] Why is SG in bng scheme? To open up?
[stf`blitzed`zar] ya
[Mo0k] ok
[Mo0k] Sick neither of us got 1 hp yet
[Mo0k] jesus
[Mo0k] I take bit of all your fruits now
[Mo0k] haha
[Mo0k] cant hit you
[stf`blitzed`zar] finallu
[Mo0k] first kill
[stf`blitzed`zar] sry
[Mo0k] np
[Mo0k] Worth a try
[Mo0k] vn :)
[stf`blitzed`zar] t
[Mo0k] it was worth it
[Mo0k] b4 tele
[Mo0k] awww
[Mo0k] i hate misusing those winfsa
[Mo0k] winfs*
[Mo0k] winds*
[Mo0k] n
[stf`blitzed`zar] t
[Mo0k] ok tele time
[Mo0k] or 1 more try aha
[Mo0k] aww
[stf`blitzed`zar] tight hide there
[Mo0k] Only thing about that place i cant put arrow forward
[Mo0k] but better that then you crushing me
[Mo0k] always so close
[Mo0k] Wind
[stf`blitzed`zar] sry
[stf`blitzed`zar] pee
[Mo0k] aww where were you dibz
[Mo0k] you had wind
[Mo0k] vn
[stf`blitzed`zar] ah worked
[stf`blitzed`zar] ty
[Mo0k] always close
[Mo0k] If i was to close man i would win all games haha
[stf`blitzed`zar] ya
[Mo0k] to close again
[Mo0k] hahaha
[Mo0k] again
[Mo0k] unreal
[Mo0k] i cant hit strait
[Mo0k] vn
[stf`blitzed`zar] t
[Mo0k] 2-3 times perfect wind i f@#! up
[Mo0k] n1
[stf`blitzed`zar] tx
[Mo0k] nt
[stf`blitzed`zar] 2 more bro?
[Mo0k] ok
[stf`blitzed`zar] but i ne3ed to fiond replays lol
[Mo0k] find ut
[Mo0k] it
[stf`blitzed`zar] bad typing
[Mo0k] ok that dident work
[Mo0k] oh did i cross the line?
[stf`blitzed`zar] idk
[stf`blitzed`zar] carry on
[Mo0k] lets play
[Mo0k] ok dident work
[stf`blitzed`zar] gg
[Mo0k] gg :D

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