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Allround #26, Default #27
November 03, 2023, 10:54 PM
United Kingdom dF ZaR rrX
Novice 1310 in Team17 before the game. Gained 30|25 points more
Finland ICB
Absolute Beginner 972 in Team17 before the game. Lost 26|25 points more

Information Game scheme: Team17
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Random generated map by the game.
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Game Chat(s)
[ICB`beerbelly] hf
[stf`blitzed`zar] hf
[stf`blitzed`zar] i remember playing some tony hawks games
[stf`blitzed`zar] i could do millions combos no?
[stf`blitzed`zar] u could?
[stf`blitzed`zar] with revert grind manual etc
[stf`blitzed`zar] air
[stf`blitzed`zar] freesttyle
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah I can too
[ICB`beerbelly] have been playing lot of thps 1+2 lately
[stf`blitzed`zar] woops
[stf`blitzed`zar] hum
[ICB`beerbelly] trying to play it 100% career with every skater
[stf`blitzed`zar] i have it on PS4 1 and 2 remaster
[ICB`beerbelly] and challenges for the skaters
[stf`blitzed`zar] bro i also have game called SKATER its ok
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah controlls are weird on skater
[ICB`beerbelly] but is alright yeah
[stf`blitzed`zar] its noit so great it's hard lol and buggy imo
[stf`blitzed`zar] I preffered skate 3
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah
[ICB`beerbelly] skate 2 had better map than skate 3
[ICB`beerbelly] but skate 3 also was good
[stf`blitzed`zar] dunno
[ICB`beerbelly] sadly no skate 3 for pc :/
[stf`blitzed`zar] XBOX 360
[stf`blitzed`zar] skater, once, i weirdly went into premo off a trick was f@#!ed up
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah I had it on xbox 360 but now I'm only playing on pc
[ICB`beerbelly] but there is new skate coming luckily
[stf`blitzed`zar] thps 1 and 2 is on pc too?
[stf`blitzed`zar] is it remastered?
[ICB`beerbelly] yeah the remastered is on pc
[ICB`beerbelly] its on epic games store
[stf`blitzed`zar] ic
[ICB`beerbelly] oh yeah and just recently came to steam too I think
[stf`blitzed`zar] what control u use?
[ICB`beerbelly] xbox controller
[ICB`beerbelly] I can't play with keyboard that game
[stf`blitzed`zar] ya
[ICB`beerbelly] oh I thought scale would heal that worm
[ICB`beerbelly] oh there is sudden death in this scheme right
[ICB`beerbelly] did not remember
[ICB`beerbelly] and infinite rope shots
[ICB`beerbelly] xD
[ICB`beerbelly] did not rember that either
[stf`blitzed`zar] gg
[ICB`beerbelly] well this sucks
[ICB`beerbelly] "gg"

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