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Classic #13
June 07, 2010, 09:18 PM
Absolute Beginner 1071 in Shopper before the game. Gained 37|37 points
Absolute Beginner 1015 in Shopper before the game. Lost 37|37 points

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Information Game scheme: Shopper
Scheme pick: Loser's pick
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Shopping 0000 by dOgMa
1920 x 696, PNG, 75.39 KB, Downloaded 177 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] fhfhhf
[prostars`Uber] hf
[``skunk3``PS] I have a feeling that I am going to hate this.
[prostars`Uber] these f@#!ing maps
<<prostars`Uber>> just be safe :)
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] ops
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] male
[Jc`Pa7omico] perchè non sei rimasto sopra?
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] perchè son caduto
[prostars`Uber] got damn lol
[``skunk3``PS] lol nice knocking ;x
[prostars`Uber] almost messed that up
[Jc`Pa7omico] maremma puttana
<<prostars`Uber>> pray for a bat xD
[``skunk3``PS] f@#! that.
[Jc`Pa7omico] vai cazzo
[``skunk3``PS] lots of shotguns in this scheme
[``skunk3``PS] :S
[Jc`Pa7omico] this is tus schemes
[Jc`Pa7omico] guarda che volo che faccio
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] no dai
[prostars`Uber] wtf
[prostars`Uber] zook
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] lol
[Jc`Pa7omico] hmmm goood
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] no zook
[prostars`Uber] didnt check
[prostars`Uber] lazy me
[``skunk3``PS] lol
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] gog
<<prostars`Uber>> petrol 171
[Jc`Pa7omico] ploppalo
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] gj
<<prostars`Uber>> will avoid them from plopping me
<<prostars`Uber>> 160
<<prostars`Uber>> petrol
<<prostars`Uber>> works lol
<<prostars`Uber>> 2 bad he didnt plop
[Jc`Pa7omico] ploppalo
[Jc`Pa7omico] mettiti su clinton
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] lo ploppi tu dopo
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] cazzo vero
[Jc`Pa7omico] do cazzo vai
[Jc`Pa7omico] -.-
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] sbagliato
[prostars`Uber] arf
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] phewwwwwwwww
<<prostars`Uber>> lets save the last petrol
<<prostars`Uber>> im dead soon
[Jc`Pa7omico] ma dio scannato
[prostars`Uber] :D
[``skunk3``PS] xD
[prostars`Uber] trap!
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] cazzo patomic
<<prostars`Uber>> haha
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] cazzo
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] cazoo
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] cazoo
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] cazzo
[Jc`Pa7omico] ma fanculooo
[Jc`Pa7omico] non l'ho vista la fiamma
<<prostars`Uber>> gj
[``skunk3``PS] pffff
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] dio
<<prostars`Uber>> nice :)
[Jc`Pa7omico] ma do cazzo vai
[Jc`Pa7omico] resta li
<<prostars`Uber>> t
<<prostars`Uber>> another bat also xD
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] buona
[Jc`Pa7omico] ty
<<prostars`Uber>> kill 129
<<prostars`Uber>> gj
[Jc`Pa7omico] sulla mina ora
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] dio cane
[Jc`Pa7omico] -.-
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] porco dio
[Jc`Pa7omico] gg
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] U_U
[Jc`Pa7omico] perchè non hai usato la granata?
[prostars`Uber] lol
[Jc`Pa7omico] sponda sul muro
[``skunk3``PS] ;)
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] faslli plopare
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] bene
<<prostars`Uber>> kill the left worm
<<prostars`Uber>> or no
<<prostars`Uber>> kill the one piled with me
[Jc`Pa7omico] da li era difficile
<<prostars`Uber>> then hide low
[``skunk3``PS] f@#!
<<prostars`Uber>> hmm ;(
[Jc`Pa7omico] gg
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] perfetto
[Jc`Pa7omico] dai cazzoooo
<<prostars`Uber>> u can knock 32 first
<<prostars`Uber>> then attack this f@#!er
<<prostars`Uber>> then pile 32
[Jc`Pa7omico] non liiii
<<prostars`Uber>> no need 2 pile
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] e dovee
<<prostars`Uber>> flame 59
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] porca madonna
[Jc`Pa7omico] sull'altro
[Jc`Pa7omico] gg
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] caxxo
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] pollaplo quello
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] prova
<<prostars`Uber>> n
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] prova
<<prostars`Uber>> lets hope he doesnt plop ur 1 and kill the other
[prostars`Uber] panic :D
[``skunk3``PS] gg
<<prostars`Uber>> no time ;)
[Jc`Pa7omico] uff
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] ee
[prostars`Uber] nt
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] =)
[Jc`Pa7omico] impossibile ucciderlo con la grnata
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] almost
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] se prendevi na pecora
[prostars`Uber] gg
[Jc`Pa7omico] eee magari
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] gg
[``skunk3``PS] gg
[prostars`Uber] cu boys!
[prostars`Uber] :)
[Jc`Pa7omico] facevo l'impresa
[Jc`Pa7omico] gg
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] cya PSSS
[Jc`Pa7omico] cya
[prostars`Uber] or wanna 3rd?
[Jc`aNgUs`sW`] nah
[Jc`Pa7omico] nah

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