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Classic #4
March 13, 2009, 09:07 PM
Absolute Beginner 1040 in BnG before the game. Gained 36|36 points
Absolute Beginner 960 in BnG before the game. Lost 36|36 points

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Information Game scheme: BnG
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Game Chat(s)
[dPxMonkeyIsland] HF
[dPxMonkeyIsland] bad map lol
<<dPxMonkeyIsland>> chap ya rast ?
[cfc-shui] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] XD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[obscure`b2b] funz
[obscure`b2b] full of hides
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] hfd
[dPxMonkeyIsland] fast game I guess
<<dPxMonkeyIsland>> watch out
[cfc-shui] esto valdra pito
[obscure`b2b] woot
[cfc-shui] xD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[obscure`b2b] testing
[cfc-shui] lol
[cfc-shui] ke tiro tan gay flow
[cfc-shui] xD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ajaja
[obscure`b2b] gt
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ps no iva pa ese
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] wena wapo
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] :D
[cfc-shui] pushaso!
[obscure`b2b] in nazdikaro bezan lash bebare door
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] pushaso XD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] :D
[dPxMonkeyIsland] phew :D
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] crei q le dava al otro
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] jajaj
[cfc-shui] yo tb xD
<<dPxMonkeyIsland>> hatman nabayd kolli maro bezanan tama shoro be zadan konima
[cfc-shui] ponle la fuerza hasta donde este la mitad de la ira
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ala verga
[cfc-shui] mira*
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] me asuste mucho
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] le aplaste escape + shift y se mininizo!! pense q se iva cerrar jajaja :S
[cfc-shui] Dx
[cfc-shui] jhaja
[cfc-shui] tonto
[dPxMonkeyIsland] mituni deakhte samte chapeto khali koni
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] chapeto
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] = chapete?
[cfc-shui] chikito!
[cfc-shui] xDDDD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] uh!
[cfc-shui] ai no esta wey
[cfc-shui] esta mas a la izkierda
[cfc-shui] xD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] jajaj
[cfc-shui] :D
[cfc-shui] hahaha
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] graciosito
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] le da al otro
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] xD!
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] uui
[cfc-shui] casi3
[cfc-shui] sha lo tengo si no me mueven
[obscure`b2b] bayad be fekre ghavanine jadid baraye bng bashi
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] wacha nomas wei
[cfc-shui] veamos
[obscure`b2b] boo
[dPxMonkeyIsland] koshti khodeto xD
[cfc-shui] mas arriba
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] :S
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] aora no le di a donde le doi siempre :D
[cfc-shui] la fuerza hasta la mitad de la mira!!!!!
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] okei! papi chulo
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] desmadralo
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] como solo tu sabes
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] :D
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol papi chulo
[cfc-shui] Dx
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ai no sta
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] es mas ala derecha
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] jajaj
[cfc-shui] pero le pegue!
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] -.-'
[cfc-shui] D:
[cfc-shui] haghahga
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] le pege le pege
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] :D
[cfc-shui] jajajaja
[cfc-shui] okei
[cfc-shui] xDDDDDDD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] xD
[cfc-shui] xDDDDDDDD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] x
[dPxMonkeyIsland] xD
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: injoor jaha tekoon nakhor ta jaee ke mi2ni bezani
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] die pajaros
[cfc-shui] xP
[cfc-shui] casi!
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] xDDD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] jajaj mamon
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ai wei
[cfc-shui] ya mamaste
[dPxMonkeyIsland] akh yeki bezanam buoyfte tu ab
[cfc-shui] lol
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] 1
[dPxMonkeyIsland] kiss :D
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] kiss my ass
[cfc-shui] te mataran
[cfc-shui] muevete de ai
[cfc-shui] si sabes
[cfc-shui] xDDDDDDD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ta bn aii?
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] jajja
[cfc-shui] parece
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: bala begir fp nakon
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: bad nabood
[cfc-shui] entendiste el mensaje
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] de nuebo lo revota
[cfc-shui] este se bn ergas con la basuka
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ujuu
[dPxMonkeyIsland] nazdik
[cfc-shui] Dx
[cfc-shui] te hubieras puesto una virga
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: mini bng sux
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] wena papi chulo
[cfc-shui] chakchaka!
[cfc-shui] x
[cfc-shui] D
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] carcacha paso a pasito no me ballas a dejar!!
[cfc-shui] jhajha
[obscure`b2b] lol
<<dPxMonkeyIsland>> sittero bepa
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ups
[cfc-shui] otra ve
[cfc-shui] tan wey!
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ps q se teletransporte aii :S
[cfc-shui] pss si
[cfc-shui] xD
[cfc-shui] Dx
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: 4 sanie fp!
[cfc-shui] hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[dPxMonkeyIsland] xD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] xD
[cfc-shui] tirale basucas
[cfc-shui] depende el viento
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] xDD
[obscure`b2b] happy middle
[cfc-shui] increible eso jhahaha
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] :D
[cfc-shui] lol'z
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] wind vergero q le dan a ese wei
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] a no
[cfc-shui] si pero no lo usa
[cfc-shui] tienes ke pegarle a uno
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] tan iwal q yo
[dPxMonkeyIsland] daram khaste misham
[dPxMonkeyIsland] 2 ta antaro nemitunim bezanim
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ahahah
[cfc-shui] jajhaja
[cfc-shui] tan baboso
[cfc-shui] xDDDDDDDDDDD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] 1 año jugando y sigo con mis pendejeses
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: lol
[cfc-shui] ya se xDD hgagha
[cfc-shui] 4 xE
[cfc-shui] :S
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[obscure`b2b] XD
[cfc-shui] buena
[dPxMonkeyIsland] n
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] gracias :D
[cfc-shui] uh!
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] aki no ai pedo si matamos a uno primero?
[cfc-shui] no
[cfc-shui] tu pegale al ke sea
[cfc-shui] no entiendo por ke ese wey es b2b
[cfc-shui] uy casi
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] los b2b son vergeros o q?
[cfc-shui] sisi
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] alomejor es la mascota
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] como lo es feche de cfc
[cfc-shui] ack!
[dPxMonkeyIsland] hm
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ui
[cfc-shui] jhajhajha xD
[cfc-shui] si
[dPxMonkeyIsland] che ajab aghlet resit xD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] otra vez!!
[cfc-shui] xD
[cfc-shui] te lo dejare mas facil
[dPxMonkeyIsland] hmm
[obscure`b2b] ahsant
[cfc-shui] Dx
[cfc-shui] no le uedo dar a guy
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ajaj
[obscure`b2b] wtf
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] deja le desmadro el arbol
[cfc-shui] ves
[cfc-shui] es una caca para bng
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] doh!
[cfc-shui] pegale a guy
[cfc-shui] xD
[cfc-shui] con granada tonta
[cfc-shui] le ayudaste
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ese las tira como yo de rrebote jajaj
[cfc-shui] si
[dPxMonkeyIsland] tu in b2b chi behet yad dadan pas ? XD
[cfc-shui] abajo
[cfc-shui] wey no mames
[cfc-shui] cada ves la tiras mas arriba S:
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[obscure`b2b] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] xD
[dPxMonkeyIsland] good part remained :D
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] buen intento wei
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] te felizito
[cfc-shui] ai me lo jodo
[cfc-shui] jhahajha
[cfc-shui] pendejo
[obscure`b2b] goore pedaresh
[dPxMonkeyIsland] omg
[cfc-shui] no mire
<<dPxMonkeyIsland>> chera bazesh kardi ? XD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] :S
[cfc-shui] wey! a la mitad de la mira
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: chikar mikhad bokone?
[cfc-shui] cuando entenderas la puta madre
[cfc-shui] ya me desesperaste
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] calmao wei
[dPxMonkeyIsland] -.-
[cfc-shui] D:
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] callate
[cfc-shui] mitad no toda
[dPxMonkeyIsland] 0o
[dPxMonkeyIsland] bad nabud
[obscure`b2b] are
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] 1 :D
[cfc-shui] otro tiro de esos y me voy wey
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: nt
[dPxMonkeyIsland] xD
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] tan feliz q te veias al principio del jueg
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] o
[obscure`b2b] knew
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] jjajaja
[dPxMonkeyIsland] fp bud ?
[cfc-shui] xD?
[obscure`b2b] are
[obscure`b2b] oon 1ki
[obscure`b2b] free
[dPxMonkeyIsland] thanks :D
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] wena wei
[cfc-shui] vale
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] XD
[obscure`b2b] meh
[dPxMonkeyIsland] gg
[obscure`b2b] an straight zook will be nice
[obscure`b2b] gg
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: akhe ostad alan shod 1ki
[obscure`b2b] lol
[dPxMonkeyIsland] ns
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] me la van a pelar putos!!
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] apurale!!
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] :S
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] tanto la piensas y ni me atinaras :S
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] xD
[cfc-shui] puto cheap
[cfc-shui] se cren Pro en bng y son unos tramposos culeros xD
[cfc-shui] tirale al otro
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ok
[cfc-shui] depende el viento ke tengas
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ai va de puto culo
[cfc-shui] bounce bounce bounce gay
[cfc-shui] tirale cuatro
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol to me it is , stay in the hole stay stay gay
[cfc-shui] ya noob
[cfc-shui] cuatro
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] no mames q pendejo stoi
[cfc-shui] si jhajha
[obscure`b2b] adamaye bikhodi benazar miresan
[cfc-shui] chinga tu madrte
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] xDD
[cfc-shui] oscuro
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] en donde me scondere
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] o ai stoi bien?
[cfc-shui] no te me apendejes
[cfc-shui] si
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] si?
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] le doi
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] con todo
[cfc-shui] si le das xD
[cfc-shui] pero no se tu
[cfc-shui] jhahghga
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] doh!
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ola me dicen dedo verde
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] o wei
[obscure`b2b] oopsi
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ai un video q subio un wei al foro pr
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ta bn askeroso
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] jajajaj
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: q tikke az derakhte moonde ha beine mano to
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: 1
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: bezan ba zook pixelesh kon boro roosh
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ja
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol n sitter
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] =)
obscure`b2b..dPxMonkeyIsland: khale atina oomadan beram salam konam
[obscure`b2b] sitter on urself
<<dPxMonkeyIsland>> ok
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ?
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] you are noob
[dPxMonkeyIsland] lol it is not shopper to skip fpr a cow :D
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] ,,i,,
[`pR-`DjFlo0w`] :D
[dPxMonkeyIsland] gg
[dPxMonkeyIsland] that was our way of showing finger
[obscure`b2b] gg

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