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Classic #17
December 08, 2010, 06:38 PM
Novice 1357 in Hysteria before the game. Gained 21|21 points
Absolute Beginner 923 in Hysteria before the game. Lost 21|21 points

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4 - 1
Information Game scheme: Hysteria
Scheme pick: Winner's pick
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Game Chat(s)
[dC`thoUSon] hf
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] gl hf
dC`S Fu_un$ GL
[dC`Chelsea] what scheme pick NNN ?
[dC`S] Elite
[NNNxAntares] hf
[NNNxAntares] i told you, elite...
[NNNxAntares] same as last
[dC`thoUSon] lol
[NNNxAntares] :/
[dC`thoUSon] o0
[dC`S] era 3 sec né
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] gs
[dC`Chelsea] vn
[NNNxAntares] gj
[dC`S] my man
[dC`thoUSon] ty
[dC`S] nuss
[dC`Chelsea] lol
[dC`thoUSon] o0
[dC`S] fiquei apertando pra cima
[dC`S] e nao ia
[dC`S] lança
[dC`S] chamas
[dC`S] ae
[dC`Chelsea] n1
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] yay
[dC`thoUSon] vn
[dC`S] tx
[NNNxAntares] vn
[dC`Chelsea] maybe 3rd game bng ?
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] lol
[dC`thoUSon] aff
[dC`S] l0ol
[dC`S] nt entao
[dC`S] man
[dC`Chelsea] Elite thouson and sniper too ?
[dC`S] maybe tito will come
[NNNxAntares] gj
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] t
[dC`S] ihu
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] dude, fancy a wxw instead of leet?!
[NNNxAntares] nah, cant play rope based games
[dC`Chelsea] no titahemp at mns ;/
[dC`S] gs
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] :)
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] k
[dC`thoUSon] ty
[dC`S] hmm
[dC`S] XD
[dC`thoUSon] omg
[dC`Chelsea] but titio is :D
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] gg
[dC`thoUSon] ns
[NNNxAntares] gs
[dC`Chelsea] gg
[dC`S] tx
[NNNxAntares] gg
[dC`S] gg
[dC`thoUSon] eles sao bom em leit sim, sao nao sao tao quanto em normal
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] ;)
[dC`S] gg
[NNNxAntares] gg
[dC`Chelsea] gg
[dC`thoUSon] lolololo
[dC`Chelsea] cow
[dC`Chelsea] use cow
[dC`Chelsea] :D
[ATLlGopxNNNxicK] gg
[dC`Chelsea] ;(
[dC`S] ihuu
[dC`thoUSon] hehe
[dC`S] GG
[dC`Chelsea] i report

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