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SIR Darklanders Xmas Map


Author(s): SIR Darklanders
1664 x 30000, PNG, 2.24 MB

Map type: Tower Race
Scheme file: Big RR / Tower

Submitted by: Serbia Ramone
Date uploaded: December 26, 2010, 02:41 PM

Merry Christmas!

Map Tags: Xmas, Christmas, Santa, Tower

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Author Topic: Map #2045 by SIR Darklanders  (Read 1334 times)

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Offline Ramone

Map #2045 by SIR Darklanders
« on: December 26, 2010, 11:15 PM »
Anyone knows who's the SIR Darklanders anyway? I've just found this map in my Towers folder, it's Xmas map so I thought to share it in appropriate moment.. ;x
It's nice tower map and I've always liked that cartoon:

hf hf

Offline WickedWormGiT

Re: Map #2045 by SIR Darklanders
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2023, 09:20 PM »
Hi, He's from the SiR clan from back in the day ran by sfNOrds from Germany. I used to be in that clan around 2002 or something. They were really active for a long time. I would like to know if they are still around!

Offline MonkeyIsland

Re: Map #2045 by SIR Darklanders
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2023, 06:14 AM »

I remember SIR but very vaguely. I think the clan got inactive at the end of 2007.  TUS started on 2008 and they never registered their clan here.
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