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Off Topic / Re: A brand new creaction: War'n'Guns
« on: August 20, 2019, 07:14 PM »
Since Gameshow from Worms 4 Mayhem was the most requested speech, there's the W’N’G version of the speech: JesterMad.

Name: JesterMad
Gender: Male
First Appear: War’n’Guns: Travel In Time (Worms 4 Mayhem)
Voice: Gameshow (Worms 4 Mayhem)
Fanfare: Games show (Worms W.M.D.)
Flag: Dices

JesterMad is the 4th Wall breaker of the series (like Deadpool from Marvel) and he’s the host of a weird (…and cursed) quiz show called “Big Super Happy Fun-Fun Game show”. In battle: JesterMad is the crate’s “luck coin”, cause he’s gets a lot of Super-Weapon (HQ Bomb, Mike’s Carpet Bomb, Super Banana Bomb,…).

The gameshow speech contains some people clapping or laughing, so I decided to make him a Jester.

P.S.: I used some renders and effects of for the dress and the hat.

What about Arabian Thief, Gangster, Wise Man, Secret Agent, Cowboy, Whoopsie (W4M) and Wizard?
Secret Agent is available

You delivered really quickly! Thanks. :)

You're welcome  ;)

Files Comments / Re: File #1836, (Worms Forts Russian) Egypt
« on: August 09, 2019, 07:33 PM »
I'm surprised that this speechbank is like russian! I thought it is english... :o

If is from a RUSSIAN version of Worms Forts, of course it talks in russian.

What about these soundbanks?

Gangster (which sounds similar to Two Smoking Barrels from Worms 3D)


Secret Agent



Blues Man

Arabian Thief

Whoopsie (W4M)

Gameshow is available:

I'm making "Scottish" as a request for "Triad", then I'll make the rest.

Thanks, can you also bring WUM Scottish to WA?
No problem! ;D

Could you possibly rip the "Gameshow" soundbank?
Sure! ;)

Off Topic / Re: A brand new creaction: War'n'Guns
« on: July 02, 2019, 06:09 PM »
Last character from that list: Ermus Irnus

Name: Ermus Irnus
Gender: Male
First Appear: War’n’Guns 3D (Worms 3D)
Voice: Irish
Fanfare: Heaven (Worms Forts)
Flag: Ireland

Ermus Irnus is a Weapon-Professional from Ireland, Ermus is the Mortar first choice: he can hit from far targets and fire it at the sky like a Air Strike. In free-time, Ermus lives in a small farm in Ireland and he loves write poems (but his poems are not the best).

His voice reminds me a poem writer and the clothes was inspired from some old comic books ambiented in Ireland.

Files / Changelog for Worms3D Russian speechs -IMPORTANT-
« on: June 22, 2019, 05:07 PM »
In the forums BrotherMaxPayne uploads the speechs for Worms Reloaded and he made an example on YouTube:

If you have the W3D Rus speech for WA: I invite you to change the name of the speechs:

Speechs that doesn't change the name:

-Drill Sergeant
-Footy Fan
-French Lover
-Southern Belle
-Spanish Inquisition
-War General

Those speechs put then in another way.

Speechs to change the name:

- Welsh ------> Alcoholic
- Conscience ------> Autistic (oh dear...)
- Viking ------> Bogatyr
- Whoopsie ------> Chuckchi
- Gangsta ------> Cool Boy
- Two Smoking Barrels ------> Cowboy
- Super Hero ------> Dark Side
- Super Villain ------> Demon
- Innuendo ------> Doctor
- London Cabbie ------> Driver Taxi
- Grandpa ------> Farmer
- US Sports ------> Football Commentator
- Geordie ------> Georgia
- Irish ------> Indian
- NYRabbi ------> Jew
- Russki ------> Little Girl
- American Wrestler ------> Macho Man
- Madchester ------> Madman
- Capone ------> Mafia
- Patronising ------> Scientist (with an Italian/Spanish accent)
- Surfer ------> Student
- Teenage Angst ------> Teenager
- Scotsman ------> Ukranian
- Horror ------> Vampire
- Happy Days ------> Weed (...why...)


1) In the YouTube video there's some speech that appears in a RUSSIAN version of Worms Forts, luckly I found it and soon the speechs will be available in TUS.

2) If possible I will update the speechs from W3DRus by adding the WA and W3D version of collect and changing the names.

If you have questions say it on this topic.

Thank you!

Edoardo Moretti

Files Comments / File #1804, My Worms: Reloaded .xom Speechbanks
« on: June 19, 2019, 11:59 AM »
Thewolensheep already did a work on this: he exported the speechs in from .xom to .wav files.
If those contains other or new speechs maybe he could help you.

Geez...Worms Battle Islands was really bad when it came to speech banks...there are a lot of repetitive sayings from these ones...
Is because each speech has only 25 sounds exist in the game.

Announcements / Re: Map database is back
« on: June 13, 2019, 02:15 PM »
I have the map of my Worms vs DK board game.

Off Topic / Re: A brand new creaction: War'n'Guns
« on: June 13, 2019, 01:21 PM »
My 100th Post: let's say something special:

1-About War'n'Guns: I hope you enjoyed this collection of character that I made so far, but there's more:First I'll going to make the Irish from Worms3D, then Rookie an Twinglass Brightness (the two characters that I mentioned in the Boggy B's bios). If you have a fanart or a simple animation of War'n'Guns, send me email (Don't worry I will write the autor).

2-Other Projects: I'm working on a Mugen-based crossover game called Edo Blue Moon, that's why I'm absent.

3-Extra:Only a few speech from Worms Revolution and the I will start with Worms Clan Wars,
I finally have a Imgur account.

Thank you. ;)

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