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Challenge #230, TCB 48: Roping Range

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I was thinking that too when I seen it last night lol, it would make a good Darts map xD


--- Quote from: Hurz on May 09, 2013, 08:48 PM ---lol it IS like darts :D

--- End quote ---

Actually, darts is like this challenge :P TigerTjäder made this challenge in 2007, I think.
If you hit a line and then drown, you still get points (let's be honest, you can't hit the line and then not drown ;)).

Hmm, maybe that's where SiD got the idea for Darts then?  ;D

I'm not sure if I understood how it scores, but Darts is more difficult, because you have to fly with enter, use LG, fly a longer distance and you are not allowed to plop if you want to score.

Go for 76, ssm xD


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