May 22, 2022, 11:25 PM

Game #163233, Viewed 370 Time(s)

Group 1
February 08, 2014, 01:39 PM
Ukraine che pH a2b
Gained 5 points
France UC AbC dS
Lost 5 points

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Not rated yet
Players history
0 - 1
2 - 1
Information Cup name: : #633: KAOS KUP
Cup scheme(s):
KAOS  with donkey

Game Result: 3:0
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Game Map(s)

Woods by Team17
1920 x 696, PNG, 138.08 KB, Downloaded 1076 time(s)

Cars by Team17
1920 x 696, PNG, 135.27 KB, Downloaded 640 time(s)

Chemist by Team17
1920 x 696, PNG, 103.34 KB, Downloaded 562 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Hf. :)
[che`Xrayez] funz
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Healthealthealth.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] *Dodged.*
[che`Xrayez] ooof
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Ack, lucky weapons!
[che`Xrayez] :D
[UC`LeTK`AbC] .
[che`Xrayez] bl
[UC`LeTK`AbC] No wonder why I got the unluckiest wormer award, lol.
[che`Xrayez] ehehe
[UC`LeTK`AbC] !die Buddy
[che`Xrayez] HostingBuddy? :D
[UC`LeTK`AbC] .
[che`Xrayez] ;O
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Him too!
[UC`LeTK`AbC] What an Abnormal move I've performed.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Ooof Dmg x2.
[che`Xrayez] omg :D
[UC`LeTK`AbC] So rude.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] And so lucky. xD
[UC`LeTK`AbC] ...
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Lol.
[che`Xrayez] xD
[che`Xrayez] uh oh
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Lulz.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] :<
[UC`LeTK`AbC] !
[che`Xrayez] oioi
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Lol.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] !summon Jet Pack
[UC`LeTK`AbC] !survive
[che`Xrayez] gg ;oo
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Too late. :P
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Gg. ;)

[UC`LeTK`AbC] Hf. :)
[che`Xrayez] fun
[UC`LeTK`AbC] =o
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Oh you thief.
[che`Xrayez] D::
[UC`LeTK`AbC] !
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Ninja Rope!
[che`Xrayez] hoho
[UC`LeTK`AbC] .
[che`Xrayez] darn ;o
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Oh you stole my Jet Pack.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Silly fire prevending me from roping all the way there.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] *preventing
[che`Xrayez] yaya cratespy :}
[UC`LeTK`AbC] How nice, another wasted turn.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Exactly what I didn't need.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Oh he stole my HHG too!
[UC`LeTK`AbC] xD
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Gj.
[che`Xrayez] w/e xD
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Nyoo, another Donkey.
[che`Xrayez] nono
[che`Xrayez] shoulda walk
[UC`LeTK`AbC] <*)))<
[che`Xrayez] gg
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Gg.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Thanks for the games. :)
[che`Xrayez] bbo5

[UC`LeTK`AbC] Lol right, bo5.
[che`Xrayez] fun :D
[UC`LeTK`AbC] (Sorry, replay continuity. :P)
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Hf. :)
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Rude.
[che`Xrayez] :PD
[che`Xrayez] trolling crates
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Why did my mind mistake a JP for a teleport for a second.
[che`Xrayez] ow oO
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Not exacly what I wanted to do. ^^
[che`Xrayez] yummy :}
[che`Xrayez] bl with clusters
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Right, F2 != F9.
[UC`LeTK`AbC] But I'll have to do it without Dmg x2 it seems. :P
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Wee. xD
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Bl with the 1st torch.
[che`Xrayez] asd ;o
[che`Xrayez] next turn gonna be gg :O
[che`Xrayez] or this turn :D
[che`Xrayez] aw
[UC`LeTK`AbC] Lol.
[che`Xrayez] gg mate :}

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