October 21, 2018, 06:45 AM

Game #222807, Viewed 111 Time(s)

Trick Race #10
Knockout, Round 1
January 10, 2018, 07:51 PM
Ukraine Pn tr
Gained 5 points
Hungary tr sW
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
3 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1032: Trick Race #10
Cup scheme(s):
Trick Race 40 sec

Game Result: 1:0
Watch The Game Replay(s):
Downloaded 57 time(s).
Game Map(s)

Vibrato TrickRace by Riviva, BoNuS
9000 x 4000, PNG, 1.04 MB, Downloaded 6746 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[niex`tr] hf, gl :D
[sW`Natalia`tr] hff
[Shtaket] hf
[Shtaket] 17+17=finishD
[Axel`tr] inlaw finish
[sW`Natalia`tr] awwww
[Shtaket] noob
[Shtaket] <--
[Axel`tr] hum...
[sW`Natalia`tr] y...
[Shtaket] wee
[sW`Natalia`tr] :D
[niex`tr] nice
[Shtaket] D
[sW`Natalia`tr] n0ob , but done :P
[sW`Natalia`tr] ae
[Shtaket] ae
[sW`Natalia`tr] hmm...
[sW`Natalia`tr] f spaces
[sW`Natalia`tr] :D
[Shtaket] gj shtaket
[Axel`tr] hum......
[Shtaket] aw
[niex`tr] aw
[sW`Natalia`tr] 0o
[sW`Natalia`tr] :)
[Shtaket] ahah
[Axel`tr] lol
[sW`Natalia`tr] f
[sW`Natalia`tr] gj
[Shtaket] t
[Axel`tr] uff
[Shtaket] yee
[sW`Natalia`tr] :(
[sW`Natalia`tr] gj
[Axel`tr] lol good
[Shtaket] t
[Shtaket] i trening
[Axel`tr] go next
[Axel`tr] ohh
[Shtaket] ))
[sW`Natalia`tr] :(
[sW`Natalia`tr] :'(
[Axel`tr] :c
[sW`Natalia`tr] ops
[sW`Natalia`tr] gg
[Axel`tr] tr next?
[Axel`tr] :)
[Shtaket] ok
[niex`tr] ok
[sW`Natalia`tr] ...
[sW`Natalia`tr] pump
[Axel`tr] c'mon Nata xD
[sW`Natalia`tr] ...
[niex`tr] :(
[sW`Natalia`tr] n0ob
[Axel`tr] :'v
[sW`Natalia`tr] 3x
[Axel`tr] that grap wrong Nata :D
[Axel`tr] that yes
[Axel`tr] :D
[Shtaket] D
[sW`Natalia`tr] gg
[niex`tr] gg :D
[Axel`tr] gg
[Shtaket] 99
[Axel`tr] wee
[sW`Natalia`tr] :D
[Shtaket] you host axel?
[sW`Natalia`tr] go tr?
[Axel`tr] AG
[niex`tr] ye
[Axel`tr] k
[Shtaket] 99
[HostingBuddy] niex`tr has disconnected: Socket error: recv() error: Connection reset by peer

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