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One Final Comet Dodging Cup Cuz why not
Knockout, Round 1
September 14, 2018, 02:15 PM
Poland PoC QSP
Gained 5 points
Croatia HCP alCo ded
Lost 5 points

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Information Cup name: : #1065: One Final Comet Dodging Cup
Cup scheme(s):
Comet dodging race wee

Game Result: 4:2
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Game Chat(s)
[TheMadCharles] gl hf
[Sensei`hcp] poland can't stop him in this luck quest
[Sensei`hcp] be aware
[VicEnz0`hcp] give me free win
[VicEnz0`hcp] i need money
[TheMadCharles] :thinking:
[VicEnz0`hcp] POGGERS
[Sensei`hcp] BO7?
[VicEnz0`hcp] 5
[TheMadCharles] doubt my luck is good, I got rekt in school today
[TheMadCharles] bo7 in KOs
[Sensei`hcp] 3-0 ez clap
[TheMadCharles] group was bo5
[VicEnz0`hcp] how rekt
[TheMadCharles] 11/10 rekt
[Sensei`hcp] do you know what's clap charles? is that from twitch?
[VicEnz0`hcp] lol
[TheMadCharles] BetterTTV emote
[Sensei`hcp] classic.. knew it
[VicEnz0`hcp] wtf is this
[VicEnz0`hcp] wtf is thissssssssssssssssss
[Sensei`hcp] bastardo
[Sensei`hcp] jump 2 times
[Sensei`hcp] no jump, 0-1
[Sensei`hcp] fucked
[VicEnz0`hcp] wow
[Sensei`hcp] "lucky one" is really lucky one
[Sensei`hcp] 10 meteors went 1 pixel from that worm haha
[VicEnz0`hcp] well
[TheMadCharles] fun fact: it's #7 in the rotation
[TheMadCharles] 1v1
[TheMadCharles] RIP xd
[VicEnz0`hcp] ez win clap
[Sensei`hcp] adios lucky number 7

[VicEnz0`hcp] glglglglgllglglglg
[TheMadCharles] bl?
[VicEnz0`hcp] o.o
[TheMadCharles] tackle*
[VicEnz0`hcp] ok i got this
[Sensei`hcp] ez like sunday morning
[VicEnz0`hcp] wow
[VicEnz0`hcp] fakoffffffffffff booker
[VicEnz0`hcp] fakoffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
[Sensei`hcp] FUCKED
[Sensei`hcp] FUCKED
[Sensei`hcp] 1-1

[VicEnz0`hcp] ic cemo u 4ipo 5 do njega
[VicEnz0`hcp] ako os
[Sensei`hcp] bukara okruzila jedno puta 15
[VicEnz0`hcp] staaa
[VicEnz0`hcp] aha
[Sensei`hcp] ubilo nas ka da nan je 16
[Sensei`hcp] wait, this is still league phase?
[Sensei`hcp] group phase*
[VicEnz0`hcp] wutttttttttttttttttttttt
[TheMadCharles] 1-2 EKS DEE
[TheMadCharles] this is KOs

[Sensei`hcp] ISN'T KO'S BO7??
[VicEnz0`hcp] wow
[VicEnz0`hcp] i hope not
[TheMadCharles] it is, i set the trophy to 3
[VicEnz0`hcp] 3 is bo5
[TheMadCharles] oh derp
[VicEnz0`hcp] its ok just play
[TheMadCharles] 1,2,3,5,7,9 are options
[TheMadCharles] so idk what's bo7
[Sensei`hcp] bo7
[VicEnz0`hcp] 2-1is now
[Sensei`hcp] FIRST TO 4
[TheMadCharles] there's no 4 as option xd
[TheMadCharles] me 2-1, yes
[TheMadCharles] yay
[Sensei`hcp] you're joking, right charles?
[VicEnz0`hcp] whatttttttttttt im ded

[TheMadCharles] you think so...?
[Sensei`hcp] os stvarno kupit gta ako osvojis
[Sensei`hcp] hahahah
[VicEnz0`hcp] da
[TheMadCharles] o kurwa oni gadaja po chowackiemu :eyes:
[VicEnz0`hcp] tesko cu se izvuc iz 3-1 al umazat cu ga 4-3 na kraju vidi ces
[Sensei`hcp] bo7 means best of 7 rounds.
[VicEnz0`hcp] wWHAT
[VicEnz0`hcp] ops
[Sensei`hcp] to determine best of 7, you need one guy to get on 4.
[TheMadCharles] wat
[Sensei`hcp] da lidija
[TheMadCharles] urgh
[Sensei`hcp] cvejo ultimate warrior
[Sensei`hcp] wine master

[VicEnz0`hcp] lghlghlglglglglglglglgl
[Sensei`hcp] igra san bf1
[Sensei`hcp] do maloprije
[VicEnz0`hcp] kako ti je bilo
[TheMadCharles] nice surf lol
[Sensei`hcp] ka na piru
[VicEnz0`hcp] divota
[VicEnz0`hcp] wuttttt
[VicEnz0`hcp] fakkkkkkkkkkk
[TheMadCharles] welp
[TheMadCharles] time to shave, Sensei :P

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go shave now, Sensei :P