June 25, 2019, 08:38 AM

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One Final Comet Dodging Cup Cuz why not
Knockout, Round 4
October 08, 2018, 08:36 PM
Italy FUB bui
Gained 5 points
Germany UC dS Kf
Lost 5 points

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Information Cup name: : #1065: One Final Comet Dodging Cup
Cup scheme(s):
Comet dodging race wee

Game Result: 4:1
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cdrw07 by Unknown
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Game Chat(s)
[Hurz] gl
[NBRthewalrus] on the contrary
[FUB`Sbaffo] gl
[Hurz] but sure we can go on with tfl after this crap :)
[NBRthewalrus] comet dodging is the only thing worth spectating
[Hurz] lies
[FUB`Sbaffo] is it?
[Hurz] im not even spectating myself usually :D
[FUB`Sbaffo] i guess wa is boring nowadays :d
[NBRthewalrus] the only thing better is get frank
[Hurz] i think that multileague idea could be nice
[FUB`Sbaffo] what multileague?
[Hurz] there was the idea of let ppl host their own leagues same as cups or tourneys
[Hurz] like small leagues
[FUB`Sbaffo] rofl
[Hurz] didnt read whole thread on tus yet
[Hurz] liked the basic idea tho
[NBRthewalrus] its silly
[FUB`Sbaffo] i moved out home, i'm living in a student house now
[Hurz] gg
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg wp
[Hurz] ^^

[Hurz] weedcheers btw
[FUB`Sbaffo] cheer :DD
[Hurz] plopediplop
[NBRthewalrus] just rambo
[Hurz] gg
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg wp
[Hurz] thanks a lot did my best this time
[FUB`Sbaffo] xd
[NBRthewalrus] noob

[Hurz] gl
[FUB`Sbaffo] gl
[Hurz] ur pick in tfl next wally? :)
[Hurz] or dont wanna go on with it after this?
[NBRthewalrus] no
[Hurz] oh
[NBRthewalrus] there will be no tfl
[Hurz] pitty
[NBRthewalrus] i just got up and and am drinking coffe and smoke weed
[NBRthewalrus] i just needed something to look at
[NBRthewalrus] as i did it
[Hurz] im drinkin pastis
[FUB`Sbaffo] man what do you do all day
[FUB`Sbaffo] i've been living alone since 1 week and i'm getting crazy
[Hurz] me?
[FUB`Sbaffo] wall
[FUB`Sbaffo] :D
[Hurz] :D
[FUB`Sbaffo] *wally
[NBRthewalrus] hmm
[NBRthewalrus] today im going to sun tan
[NBRthewalrus] and do pool
[Hurz] in sun or in box :D
[FUB`Sbaffo] fucking rambo
[Hurz] hehe
[Hurz] thrilling
[NBRthewalrus] in sun ofc
[Hurz] imma lg so hit might knock :D
[Hurz] or not lol
[Hurz] gg
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg wp
[Hurz] uh
[FUB`Sbaffo] doesn't count anyway
[Hurz] 2 comets later :D
[Hurz] sure
[Hurz] no draws
[FUB`Sbaffo] last team who survives wins
[FUB`Sbaffo] ye i had to repeat that like a hundred time to a russian guy
[FUB`Sbaffo] sorry
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg

[Hurz] hey
[Hurz] just me? :D
[Hurz] aha
[NBRthewalrus] triple
[NBRthewalrus] woot
[Hurz] wild
[Hurz] push
[FUB`Sbaffo] pls die i want to go to bed xd
[Hurz] need 1 more win after ;p
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg
[Hurz] gg
[Hurz] no wp? :'/
[FUB`Sbaffo] nope
[FUB`Sbaffo] u're bad
[Hurz] k
[NBRthewalrus] you play like shit that round hurz

[FUB`Sbaffo] gl
[FUB`Sbaffo] sorry new pc is kinda bugs the shit out when it's running WA
[FUB`Sbaffo] *pc kinda bugs
[Hurz] brb toilet
[FUB`Sbaffo] rofl xd
[NBRthewalrus] ahahah
[Hurz] weeee
[Hurz] ggs
[FUB`Sbaffo] ggs
[FUB`Sbaffo] see ya guys
[Hurz] cya

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