May 21, 2019, 03:54 PM

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Hysteria Fruits Cup
Knockout, Round 2
December 07, 2018, 01:13 AM
United States NBR S17
Gained 5 points
Serbia HCP tr FAW
Lost 5 points

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Information Cup name: : #1074: Hysteria Fruits Cup
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Game Result: 2:1
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Game Chat(s)
[NBRwallyrus] np glhf
[dS`Komito] Hf
[pavlepavle] hf
[pavlepavle] meh
[dS`Komito] I would really love to be in a clan again, and actively play BnG/Hysteria/Roper/WxW again... But really the thought of sitting idly in AG spamming "Clanner anyone?" for the better part of a whole day, just makes me depressed
[pavlepavle] gj
[NBRwallyrus] you can join nbr again if you want
[NBRwallyrus] i want to play some clanners and salty only plays rope + hyst
[NBRwallyrus] honestly im going to try and patch it up with oldsock
[dS`Komito] Truth is though, Gab doesn't like me either
[dS`Komito] I find it hard being in a clan if even 1 person doesn't like me
[NBRwallyrus] gab quit nbr and likely worms
[NBRwallyrus] havent heard from him in a month
[NBRwallyrus] ns
[pavlepavle] ty
[dS`Komito] When did he quit nbr? Last time I checked which was not that long ago, he still had NBR tag
[NBRwallyrus] eww
[NBRwallyrus] that power
[NBRwallyrus] hes been gone from worms for a few months
[NBRwallyrus] been talking about quitting entirely
[NBRwallyrus] then he did
[NBRwallyrus] we might not see him again
[dS`Komito] Well, i'd be happy to join if the others are ok with it
[NBRwallyrus] there isnt any others
[NBRwallyrus] its just me and clint lol
[dS`Komito] Lol
[dS`Komito] Oo nt
[NBRwallyrus] nt pavb
[dS`Komito] Brb
[pavlepavle] t
[pavlepavle] oh inf petrol
[NBRwallyrus] wow angle
[NBRwallyrus] didnt think ud get it
[NBRwallyrus] nt
[pavlepavle] t
[dS`Komito] Vn
[NBRwallyrus] gj
[pavlepavle] t
[dS`Komito] I came back just in time to see that
[pavlepavle] :D
[pavlepavle] good timing
[dS`Komito] Good push
[dS`Komito] pavle, you still wanna Tour?
[NBRwallyrus] i need some tunes
[NBRwallyrus] to shoot for
[pavlepavle] yes
[dS`Komito] I wanna just host tonight and watch, and let you guys play, whoever else wants to play one
[dS`Komito] I've played 6 already and others only 1/2
[pavlepavle] wally u want?
[NBRwallyrus] weak
[dS`Komito] Also, I finished 2 new Darts maps yesterday with 3 targets each :)
[pavlepavle] put them in the picker
[dS`Komito] Super Mario World A and Super Mario World B
[NBRwallyrus] motherfucekr
[dS`Komito] I can't yet until TUS maps are fixed
[dS`Komito] Plus I want to make C / D and possibly E as well
[pavlepavle] ah k
[dS`Komito] MI said TUS maps hoping to be fixed and up and running again in 2-4 weeks
[NBRwallyrus] damn
[NBRwallyrus] why did i jump lol
[NBRwallyrus] didnt mean to
[NBRwallyrus] nicve
[dS`Komito] brb
[pavlepavle] huh
[NBRwallyrus] fak
[NBRwallyrus] its a nice ramp to plop u with tho
[NBRwallyrus] nt
[pavlepavle] t
[pavlepavle] yea
[pavlepavle] i didnt even see that
[pavlepavle] xd
[pavlepavle] ez plop
[NBRwallyrus] wow
[NBRwallyrus] never in my wildest dreams
[NBRwallyrus] did i think that would be long
[NBRwallyrus] man
[NBRwallyrus] i need to get that AHK script everyone has
[pavlepavle] yea
[pavlepavle] wow
[pavlepavle] ouch
[NBRwallyrus] frustrating
[NBRwallyrus] not going to lie
[pavlepavle] thats good
[pavlepavle] for me
[pavlepavle] gj
[NBRwallyrus] ty
[pavlepavle] damn mine
[pavlepavle] wanted nade down
[NBRwallyrus] that worm was gonna kill me
[pavlepavle] puch
[NBRwallyrus] still mopre tickles
[pavlepavle] wot
[NBRwallyrus] wow
[NBRwallyrus] yoikes
[pavlepavle] lol
[NBRwallyrus] bl lol
[NBRwallyrus] ahgaha
[NBRwallyrus] vbl pavvy
[pavlepavle] xd
[pavlepavle] ns
[NBRwallyrus] ty
[dS`Komito] If you had nailed that one
[pavlepavle] oh that mine there
[dS`Komito] It woulda been on
[NBRwallyrus] shit
[pavlepavle] cmon tickle
[pavlepavle] xd
[NBRwallyrus] wow
[NBRwallyrus] wtf
[NBRwallyrus] i suck
[pavlepavle] burrn
[NBRwallyrus] i got this next one tho
[pavlepavle] gg
[NBRwallyrus] oh my cmon
[dS`Komito] Man
[pavlepavle] fuckof
[NBRwallyrus] bad lg
[dS`Komito] On spriters resource, why don't they have a "Download All" button ffs
[NBRwallyrus] better move tho
[NBRwallyrus] i got this next shot
[dS`Komito] Literally have to download every one individually :(
[dS`Komito] Gj
[NBRwallyrus] u didnt move
[pavlepavle] lol
[pavlepavle] i forgot
[pavlepavle] 14
[pavlepavle] 8
[pavlepavle] ok
[NBRwallyrus] full blue
[NBRwallyrus] and i can wrap this
[pavlepavle] do it nig
[NBRwallyrus] that wind
[NBRwallyrus] wow
[NBRwallyrus] keepin u alive m8
[NBRwallyrus] how do i get red wind from far right
[NBRwallyrus] artrrgr
[dS`Komito] Finally got them all
[NBRwallyrus] full blue
[NBRwallyrus] lets end this
[pavlepavle] no
[NBRwallyrus] thats it
[pavlepavle] nono
[pavlepavle] alive
[NBRwallyrus] damn lol
[NBRwallyrus] this fucker is impossible to kill
[NBRwallyrus] ima need a smoke after this game
[pavlepavle] gs
[NBRwallyrus] dude was streessin me out
[pavlepavle] gg
[NBRwallyrus] gg
[NBRwallyrus] brb
[pavlepavle] xd
[dS`Komito] lol

[dS`Komito] A christian map lol
[NBRwallyrus] hahaha
[NBRwallyrus] wild edit
[pavlepavle] amen
[pavlepavle] lel
[NBRwallyrus] gj
[NBRwallyrus] tickles
[dS`Komito] I still don't understand why people even believe in god, simply because they were taught to believe in god as they were growing up, surely people have to ask themselves, why, why should they believe without proof?
[NBRwallyrus] youve got to realize most people dont question these things
[dS`Komito] That's the point
[dS`Komito] They should
[NBRwallyrus] they should but
[NBRwallyrus] that isnt the reality
[NBRwallyrus] oooo
[pavlepavle] xd
[NBRwallyrus] uck
[dS`Komito] Is this the hysteria fruits cup, no piling allowed?
[pavlepavle] ops
[NBRwallyrus] no telecow
[pavlepavle] nt
[dS`Komito] That word fills me with anger lol
[NBRwallyrus] no telecide either
[dS`Komito] I really want to slap whoever thought of it
[NBRwallyrus] i would have hid differently last game if pavle could have sui on my head
[pavlepavle] ofc
[NBRwallyrus] honestly if telecow was allowed pavle would have won last game
[pavlepavle] didnt even see u down there
[NBRwallyrus] im sneaky
[NBRwallyrus] i was in bad shape but i was able to hide far
[NBRwallyrus] omg lol
[pavlepavle] oh boy
[dS`Komito] Logically, it's an extremely dumb name "telecow" considering the original scheme has no rules... So how the fuck can there be a "cow" in the 1st place lol
[pavlepavle] i needed this
[pavlepavle] xD
[NBRwallyrus] well the people that felt like they had been cheated
[dS`Komito] telecide, makes sense though
[NBRwallyrus] omg
[pavlepavle] dude
[NBRwallyrus] just shooting self now
[dS`Komito] That French guy, I forget his name
[dS`Komito] Ah vbl man
[NBRwallyrus] lol
[dS`Komito] He went absolutely nuts as me becuase I was piling in his game
[NBRwallyrus] man 90 dmg to self last 2 turns
[dS`Komito] He was calling me a cheater and a noob etc lol
[dS`Komito] I asked him, wtf are you talking about, there are no rules in hysteria
[dS`Komito] So then I played without piling, and destroyed him more...
[pavlepavle] vn
[NBRwallyrus] ty
[dS`Komito] Evil
[pavlepavle] lol
[pavlepavle] how is this not telecow then
[dS`Komito] ?
[pavlepavle] he knows
[dS`Komito] I didn't see any telecow
[pavlepavle] he shoot cow from there
[pavlepavle] on my worm
[dS`Komito] What?
[NBRwallyrus] ns
[NBRwallyrus] ow
[dS`Komito] Doesn't telecow mean piling, taking advantage of turn rotation?
[dS`Komito] Yah ns
[dS`Komito] Ns too
[NBRwallyrus] mines?
[pavlepavle] aw
[dS`Komito] ooooo!
[NBRwallyrus] awwww
[pavlepavle] ns
[dS`Komito] Gj
[dS`Komito] Nice
[NBRwallyrus] gj
[pavlepavle] t
[pavlepavle] gj
[dS`Komito] Good enough
[dS`Komito] Brave hide now though
[NBRwallyrus] wind helps
[dS`Komito] Vns
[NBRwallyrus] vn
[pavlepavle] ty
[NBRwallyrus] love it
[pavlepavle] gg
[NBRwallyrus] nice grave rows

[NBRwallyrus] glhf
[pavlepavle] ew positions
[dS`Komito] grouping of worms lol
[pavlepavle] hf
[NBRwallyrus] greed
[NBRwallyrus] and poorly done greed at that
[pavlepavle] oh
[pavlepavle] double
[pavlepavle] mine
[pavlepavle] nop
[pavlepavle] gj
[NBRwallyrus] damn
[NBRwallyrus] was going for mine if were being honest
[dS`Komito] Zippo will play dS Tour after this pavle
[pavlepavle] nice
[dS`Komito] I asked rokkud0 as well
[pavlepavle] ask wally
[NBRwallyrus] yeah ask wally
[pavlepavle] ggrr
[dS`Komito] Wanna play dS Tour Wally?
[pavlepavle] phew
[NBRwallyrus] fak
[NBRwallyrus] i could tour
[pavlepavle] nice
[pavlepavle] we get to name the tour
[NBRwallyrus] wait
[NBRwallyrus] how many games is that
[pavlepavle] 6 i think
[pavlepavle] waa
[dS`Komito] Depends how many players
[dS`Komito] zippo says he has a friend
[dS`Komito] So will be 4 of you, so 4 maps
[NBRwallyrus] consistent
[pavlepavle] llo
[NBRwallyrus] oooooooo
[NBRwallyrus] damn
[pavlepavle] thought i coulndt miss
[NBRwallyrus] me too
[pavlepavle] if i throw in the midde
[pavlepavle] xd
[NBRwallyrus] so consistent
[NBRwallyrus] hit that spot with 3 different worms
[NBRwallyrus] aimbot confirmed
[NBRwallyrus] oimg
[pavlepavle] gj
[NBRwallyrus] 4 maps how many worms
[pavlepavle] hahah
[NBRwallyrus] lol
[NBRwallyrus] pavle doing wally things
[NBRwallyrus] i need a ripping blue wind
[NBRwallyrus] perfect
[pavlepavle] lol
[NBRwallyrus] damn
[pavlepavle] nt
[NBRwallyrus] wasted
[pavlepavle] oi
[NBRwallyrus] moooo
[NBRwallyrus] firebomb coming
[NBRwallyrus] shitttt
[NBRwallyrus] whoa
[pavlepavle] aw
[pavlepavle] xd
[NBRwallyrus] almost self pwn
[NBRwallyrus] aaaaa
[pavlepavle] yea
[NBRwallyrus] damn
[pavlepavle] vn
[dS`Komito] Ns
[NBRwallyrus] ty
[NBRwallyrus] fuck
[pavlepavle] am i dead
[pavlepavle] lol
[dS`Komito] No
[dS`Komito] You will get 1 more turn I think
[pavlepavle] hope not
[NBRwallyrus] im just waiting you out
[pavlepavle] ther u go
[dS`Komito] Ns
[pavlepavle] perfect
[NBRwallyrus] gg
[dS`Komito] gg
[pavlepavle] gg
[NBRwallyrus] whew
[NBRwallyrus] needed it
[dS`Komito] Ok i'll change res and host
[NBRwallyrus] ggs
[pavlepavle] sry for this tactic

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