June 03, 2020, 02:09 PM

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Trick Race For Cup Tus One
Group 2
August 08, 2019, 04:37 AM
China ZaR
Gained 5 points
Lost 5 points

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Information Cup name: : #1085: Trick Race For Cup Tus One
Cup scheme(s):
Trick Race 40 sec

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Map(s)

Trick Race - For Cup Tus One by ExZo
7376 x 2608, PNG, 605.28 KB, Downloaded 2 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[GuoZi`zaR`] gl hf
[GuoZi`zaR`] first cup game for me
[GuoZi`zaR`] XD
[DassFass] same
[DassFass] i never even used TUS
[GuoZi`zaR`] same
[GuoZi`zaR`] we can do some funner after this
[GuoZi`zaR`] n
[DassFass] funner? O_o
[GuoZi`zaR`] yes just some fun games
[DassFass] time shoulod be 40
[GuoZi`zaR`] isnt there a cup scheme?
[GuoZi`zaR`] or this is the cup scheme?
[GuoZi`zaR`] n
[DassFass] yes maybe i dont know
[GuoZi`zaR`] there is a cup scheme
[GuoZi`zaR`] but i am ok with this one
[GuoZi`zaR`] if u are ok then we keep playing since u are ahead
[DassFass] lol
[DassFass] i tihnk is same as rope race
[DassFass] just 40 seconds
[GuoZi`zaR`] almsot
[DassFass] clean
[GuoZi`zaR`] ty
[DassFass] this one is pure luck for me
[GuoZi`zaR`] same
[GuoZi`zaR`] nice
[DassFass] thnx
[DassFass] i spent like 30 mins failing at this one today
[DassFass] stupid warlock lol
[GuoZi`zaR`] u are doing pretty good this time then
[GuoZi`zaR`] XD
[DassFass] doing pretty "lucky"
[DassFass] lol
[DassFass] sometimes im high
[DassFass] sometimes im drunk
[DassFass] sometimes both
[DassFass] sometimes sover
[DassFass] sober
[GuoZi`zaR`] how about now
[DassFass] sober
[GuoZi`zaR`] damn
[DassFass] maybe sober is best
[DassFass] lol
[GuoZi`zaR`] this is gonna take a while
[DassFass] yes
[DassFass] wish that block wasnt there to instant fail you
[DassFass] its not nessecary lol
[DassFass] exzo just so pro she dont realize these things
[GuoZi`zaR`] yeah
[GuoZi`zaR`] maybe ldet should be on
[GuoZi`zaR`] hmm
[GuoZi`zaR`] damn
[GuoZi`zaR`] alomost
[DassFass] oskfdpaskf
[DassFass] now i get high
[DassFass] aww
[DassFass] i hate this scrolls lol
[DassFass] its so awkward
[DassFass] hard bounce, soft bounce, hard bounce, fly
[GuoZi`zaR`] i hate this waarlock
[GuoZi`zaR`] XD
[DassFass] i should tell exzo to open up the warlock
[DassFass] nice
[GuoZi`zaR`] XD
[GuoZi`zaR`] ty
[GuoZi`zaR`] finaaly
[DassFass] what
[GuoZi`zaR`] XD
[GuoZi`zaR`] damn
[GuoZi`zaR`] almost
[GuoZi`zaR`] aw
[DassFass] \ahhh
[GuoZi`zaR`] XD
[GuoZi`zaR`] good
[DassFass] damn, get stuck on last one pls
[DassFass] lol fuyck u
[GuoZi`zaR`] not too bad
[GuoZi`zaR`] XD
[GuoZi`zaR`] i need to practice that warlock
[DassFass] its not fun to practice
[DassFass] trust me
[DassFass] lol
[GuoZi`zaR`] gg
[DassFass] gg
[DassFass] you win cup
[GuoZi`zaR`] i always practice with ldet
[GuoZi`zaR`] just one ,there are 3 more, u can still get points
[GuoZi`zaR`] do u have rubber?
[DassFass] ye
[GuoZi`zaR`] i can host a trick race
[DassFass] what scheme
[GuoZi`zaR`] join me
[DassFass] k

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