August 10, 2020, 06:19 PM

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Summer BigRR 200 usd price pool
Group 1
July 30, 2020, 03:10 AM
Gained 5 points
Canada FAW
Lost 5 points

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1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1098: Summer BigRR
Cup scheme(s):
Big Rope Race / Tower Race
Big Zar Rope Race

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Map(s)

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Game Chat(s)
[HostingBuddy] Have lots of fun, and the best of luck!
[DassFass] oh
[DassFass] no RS
[DassFass] oops
[w2-Atila] gl hf
[DassFass] you are pro noob
[DassFass] fuck me
[DassFass] the physics are different now lol
[DassFass] i still suck though
[w2-ovo] argh
[w2-ovo] but now is it better?
[w2-ovo] for me whatever hehe
[DassFass] doesnt it feel different to you?
[DassFass] less bouncey?
[DassFass] pro moves
[DassFass] you win lol
[DassFass] i surrender
[DassFass] XD
[w2-ovo] sincerly? i always thought hustingbuddy worst
[DassFass] dont talk about my girlfriend like that
[w2-ovo] no man
[w2-ovo] play till finish, please
[w2-ovo] u r good
[DassFass] this is my first time play worms in 2 weeks, i was living in my truck in the mountains for 2 weeks XD
[w2-ovo] me too
[w2-ovo] i dont play big rr a long time
[DassFass] you win
[w2-ovo] no
[DassFass] i suck
[w2-ovo] me too
[DassFass] i just want to get it over, so cup can finish
[w2-ovo] argh
[w2-ovo] im newbie :\ sorry
[DassFass] lol stfu
[DassFass] you are good
[DassFass] i am newb
[w2-ovo] aaaaaaarg
[w2-ovo] me fala pra onde eu vou, Atila
[DassFass] what is w2
[w2-Atila] worms2
[w2-Atila] we played roper there
[w2-ovo] argh
[DassFass] oh
[w2-ovo] have u ever played roper, dass?
[DassFass] yea, i prefer shopper
[DassFass] i am slow
[DassFass] need time to think my moves
[DassFass] roper gives me anxiety
[w2-Atila] try roper w2 with us
[w2-Atila] its funny
[w2-ovo] yeah :D
[w2-ovo] this rope is so heavy haha
[DassFass] right?
[DassFass] it feels different than your game
[DassFass] i dont know why
[w2-ovo] me too
[w2-ovo] so im sorry
[w2-ovo] probably i hosted with wrong scheme :) but now its ok
[DassFass] you still beat me though
[w2-ovo] vou pra onde?
[DassFass] we could play with no rope, and you win xD
[w2-ovo] im in the right way?
[w2-Atila] sou o mais alzaimer
[w2-ovo] m i*
[DassFass] maybe we should do best 4 of 7
[DassFass] maybe best 51 of 100
[w2-ovo] HAHAHA
[w2-ovo] ill be good but no :P
[w2-ovo] it will be
[DassFass] lets play until i win
[DassFass] and then we count that game
[w2-ovo] i have no ideia if im the right way
[w2-ovo] sorry
[DassFass] im just getting warmed up
[DassFass] if you reach Start before Finish, you fucked up
[w2-ovo] gg
[DassFass] GG
[w2-ovo] u report?
[w2-ovo] or me?
[DassFass] i am full of shame
[DassFass] you report
[w2-ovo] where?
[w2-Atila] dass
[w2-ovo] tus?
[w2-Atila] lets play with us a roper game?
[DassFass] ok
[w2-ovo] ill host
[w2-ovo] come here

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