May 28, 2022, 11:15 PM

Game #230437, reported by Lupastic, Viewed 195 Time(s)

Jet Pack Shopper
Group 2
January 09, 2022, 05:31 PM
Hungary FS
Gained 5 points
Saudi Arabia ob ae ZaR
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
0 / 5
Total Members Voted: 1
Players history
5 - 1
Information Cup name: : #1148: Jet Pack Shopper
Cup scheme(s):
Game Result: 2:0
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Downloaded 73 time(s).
Game Map(s)

Sponge Bob Shoppa by fr4nk, THeDoGG
1920 x 696, PNG, 163.89 KB, Downloaded 46 time(s)

Orange Shopper by VickeX
1920 x 696, PNG, 10.94 KB, Downloaded 30 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] Funs
[Echiko-] glhf
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] Patrick!
[Stoner] go go Adnan go go
[Echiko-] :D
[schillingerpeti] Hajrá, Patrik!
[Stoner] XDXD
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :D
[Echiko-] both good players, this will be an interesting match : >
[Lupastic] oh nice, I'm on this map! c:
[Echiko-] jól szerelmem :3 xD
[Stoner] i hope so!
[Echiko-] ahahha
[Echiko-] yeah that's you
[Stoner] ok whatever
[Echiko-] adni is spongebob
[Lupastic] :3
[Lupastic] porco dio
[Lupastic] it says on the top of the map
[Echiko-] ehiiii
[Echiko-] no no
[Echiko-] :O
[Echiko-] waaaaah
[Echiko-] ah frank did
[Echiko-] this map
[Echiko-] it's you adni maybe
[Stoner] yeah thats me
[Stoner] im going out
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] lags
[Stoner] my connection sux today
[Echiko-] lag for me too
[Stoner] see ya later weebos!
[Stoner] hfgl
[Lupastic] gracias :3
[Echiko-] hasta luego
[schillingerpeti] Echi........ Ha szeretnéd bezárni a szobát, hùzd fel a játékoslistát az utolsó játékosig. (If you would like to close the room, pull the playerlist till the last joined player up.)
[Lupastic] too hard :c
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] uwu
[Echiko-] ah no no
[Echiko-] it's fine
[Lupastic] wanted gentle push
[Echiko-] I want to see
Echiko-..Lupastic: what does that mean? how can someone do that
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] oh boy
[schillingerpeti] Happy news year, Adnan. :)
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] mushtass!
[Lupastic] c:
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] you too peti :)
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] woah
[Lupastic] oh fakk me
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] owie
[Lupastic] I was hoping the worm's head would bump
[Lupastic] so I could stick it in
[schillingerpeti] I would an ask, but it's your game, so I don't want to say on which map should you play........ But I wanted to save the map which Echi setted first.
[Echiko-] peti
[Echiko-] ask me in private the map and I will send it to you :)
[Echiko-] np ^^
[Echiko-] give me on discord a description of that map
[Echiko-] (I chose different ones)
[Echiko-] and then I will send that to you
[schillingerpeti] I'll check the lobby after the game
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ehh
[schillingerpeti] Ja, Patrik.........
[schillingerpeti] Híradósokkal nagyon vigyázz! :P
[schillingerpeti] Nem tudhatod, melyikük vedlik át muzulmánná. :P
[Lupastic] ah nice
[Lupastic] nooo
[Lupastic] not nice
[Lupastic] xD
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] owie
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[Lupastic] why didnt u fall downwards :c
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] dunno
Lupastic..Echiko-: worm rotation can be abused pretty hard in this scheme
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ops
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[schillingerpeti] Echi...... Didn't you forget something? :P
Echiko-..Lupastic: that's what I did
Lupastic..Echiko-: yeah its smart :P smart play
Lupastic..Echiko-: to do that
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :O
[Lupastic] she escaped
[Lupastic] xd
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] gg
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] uwu
[Lupastic] gg ^^
[Echiko-] gg

[Echiko-] ok brb
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] Funs
[Echiko-] I'm here! glhf
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ow my xd
[Lupastic] x3
[Lupastic] moustache
[Lupastic] xd
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ops
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] enter
[Lupastic] had to do this for lulapastic
[Lupastic] I saw u wanted to pile it very hard onto the oildrums :P
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :D
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xDDD
[Lupastic] ah :P nt
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] tae
[Lupastic] T_T
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ow
[Lupastic] this was an impossibru crate but
[Lupastic] I shouldnt have died for it xD
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[Lupastic] nice ^^
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] tae
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] uwu
[Lupastic] this fall damage will hurt :v
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :v
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ns : }
[Lupastic] x3 ty
[Lupastic] omg
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] oh self block
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :v
[Lupastic] well nevermind really
[Lupastic] xD
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] oh
[Lupastic] the crate was in Japan anyway
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] kewl
[Lupastic] ah ><
[Lupastic] well played x$
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[Lupastic] you turned this aorund nicely
[Lupastic] smart playz
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] btw
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] if you self block, attack is allowed? xd
[Lupastic] ofc
[Lupastic] blocks are not preventing anything, no skipping
[Lupastic] you can just free yourself from the block, and no one skips
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] woot
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xDDD
[Lupastic] LOL
[Lupastic] xDD
[Echiko-] oooohg
[Lupastic] my glitch!!!
[Lupastic] my zook slipping glitch!!
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] did you see that? :D
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] yeah!!
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] but with jp
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :o
[Lupastic] yeah xd nice
[Lupastic] this could be timestamped later on : >
[Lupastic] or slow-mo it and put it on discord x3 nice fail
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xddd
[Lupastic] far cfrate now pls
[Lupastic] :3
[Lupastic] left side of the map!
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :3
[Lupastic] yessss
[Lupastic] omg x3
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] ah
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :c
[schillingerpeti] You both are on the same level.
[Lupastic] I can make a comeback!
[schillingerpeti] Skill level, I mean.
[Lupastic] ah no way
[Lupastic] too far :c
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] near crate pls
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] uwu
[Lupastic] x3
[Lupastic] roper vibes xD
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] CMON
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
[Lupastic] xD
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] here you go
[Lupastic] yess uwu
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] :D
[Lupastic] gg x3
[Echiko-] gg
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] gg
[Lupastic] sorry :P
[Lupastic] löl
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] np
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] xd
schillingerpeti..Lupastic: Mi ez az uwu?
[`ob-Mega`Adnan] l:ol

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Game #230437, reported by Lupastic
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2nd round - 17:56

a bazooka slipping glitch déjá vu, which happened in the past here:

:D :D