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Game #236903, reported by pavlepavle, Viewed 258 Time(s)

Grenade Wars #1
Knockout, Round 2
May 25, 2023, 03:50 PM
Serbia HCP FAW a2a
Gained 5 points
Poland dF PoC
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
2 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1192: Grenade Wars #1
Cup scheme(s):
Grenade Wars K

Game Result: 3:1
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Downloaded 245 time(s).
Game Map(s)

Green Hill Wars by TheKomodo
2560 x 2088, PNG, 113.77 KB, Downloaded 165 time(s)

Marble Wars by TheKomodo
2560 x 2088, PNG, 170.34 KB, Downloaded 230 time(s)

Labyrinth Wars by TheKomodo
2560 x 2088, PNG, 185.09 KB, Downloaded 229 time(s)

Special Wars by TheKomodo
2560 x 2088, PNG, 125.09 KB, Downloaded 228 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[Ledan] GL HF
[pavlepavle] hf
[Ledan] ?
[pavlepavle] little handicap
[Ledan] worm meeting here
[Ledan] !!!
[Ledan] ...
[pavlepavle] oh
[Ledan] GG
[pavlepavle] gg

[pavlepavle] hf
[Ledan] gl hf
[Ledan] aw
[pavlepavle] game lies big time
[pavlepavle] wild stuck there
[Ledan] ...
[Ledan] are you for real with that?
[Ledan] xd
[pavlepavle] ugh
[Ledan] GG
[pavlepavle] gg

[pavlepavle] hf
[Ledan] oof
[Ledan] gl
[pavlepavle] lol
[Ledan] what a mine
[Ledan] lol
[Ledan] here comes
[Ledan] hmm
[Ledan] ouch
[Ledan] *.....
[pavlepavle] ahah
[Ledan] !!!
[Ledan] nice
[pavlepavle] tnx
[Ledan] please
[pavlepavle] gg
[Ledan] gg
[Ledan] grave dive

[Ledan] i start again
[Ledan] hm
[Ledan] is taht ok
[pavlepavle] sure
[pavlepavle] cuz scheme not set to 3 wins, dunno why
[pavlepavle] wwanted to propose that on start, but so far all games where like this
[Ledan] pft
[pavlepavle] wow
[Ledan] pfftttt
[pavlepavle] 3 piles
[Ledan] ,
[pavlepavle] hm
[pavlepavle] i got first pile, then u got the next 3
[Ledan] interesting
[Ledan] ooh
[Ledan] ok i got 1 more
[Ledan] phew
[Ledan] oh noes
[pavlepavle] gg
[Ledan] argh
[Ledan] only way
[Ledan] gg
[Ledan] ggs
[pavlepavle] ggs

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