September 30, 2023, 04:21 PM

Game #238316, Viewed 35 Time(s)

Speed Cup #2 BnG
Group 2
September 18, 2023, 07:40 PM
United States CKC S17 a2a
Gained 5 points
Ukraine ICB a2a
Lost 5 points

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Not rated yet
Players history
5 - 1
Information Cup name: : #1215: Speed Cup #2 BnG
Cup scheme(s):
Bazooka and Grenade

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Map(s)

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Game Chat(s)
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Hf
[icb`Rocket-a2a] hfn
[icb`Rocket-a2a] not a stream?
[thewalrus] glhf
[thewalrus] sorry was rushingto get shit done
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Yeah its streaming
[thewalrus] gj
[icb`Rocket-a2a] cool
[thewalrus] excited for sock - mab
[thewalrus] ow
[thewalrus] ns
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Nice
[icb`Rocket-a2a] t
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Yeah the oldsock mab one will be nice
[icb`Rocket-a2a] what time?
[CKC`Komito`a2a] minutes
[icb`Rocket-a2a] n
[CKC`Komito`a2a] 40 minutes
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Vns
[thewalrus] n
[icb`Rocket-a2a] t
[icb`Rocket-a2a] cool
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Vn roller
[thewalrus] not going to lie that was complete luck
[thewalrus] i was trying to bounce and knock from the tree behind
[thewalrus] oops 4
[thewalrus] nt
[thewalrus] wtf
[thewalrus] change fuse
[thewalrus] cost me dmg
[thewalrus] lost like 20 dmg
[thewalrus] lets try this again
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Nice push
[thewalrus] did it right that tme
[thewalrus] tough angle there
[thewalrus] not sure i can do the shot i want
[thewalrus] nt
[icb`Rocket-a2a] oh
[icb`Rocket-a2a] wrong hole
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Nice lol
[thewalrus] gj
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Gj
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Rocket needs to hide better
[thewalrus] well
[thewalrus] that was a bad idea for me
[thewalrus] ns
[icb`Rocket-a2a] that's the wind :D
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Wtf was that
[CKC`Komito`a2a] four second lg wut lol
[icb`Rocket-a2a] ah
[thewalrus] nt
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Oof so close
[thewalrus] im going direct now
[thewalrus] heh
[thewalrus] oi
[icb`Rocket-a2a] hollo
[thewalrus] ns
[thewalrus] oof
[icb`Rocket-a2a] bad
[thewalrus] oh
[thewalrus] nice open
[thewalrus] yuck
[thewalrus] oh
[thewalrus] whew
[thewalrus] was thinking of that shot
[icb`Rocket-a2a] helpful opening
[thewalrus] gg
[icb`Rocket-a2a] gg
[icb`Rocket-a2a] ty for the game
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Vns GG!
[thewalrus] see you in knockout
[CKC`Komito`a2a] Ill call you in a few minutes wally
[thewalrus] we will meet again!
[icb`Rocket-a2a] should've hide better rly

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