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TSM - Tournament signups manager

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Name: TSM - Tournament signups manager
Type: Program
Author: Ukraine Xrayez

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Time: August 25, 2016, 05:00 PM
Tournament signups manager

TSM is a Windows program written specifically for managing signups and messaging during Worm Olympics tournaments.
  • More convenient way to gather and store information about participants;
  • Automatically generates a list of players and their number (and copies the list of players into clipboard);
  • Some common messages that are used to inform participants about signups stuff;
  • It is not a pairing tool, use RandomBot for that.

Before using the program, you must enter your MOD nickname, name of a tournament, link to a webpage and channel in order for messages to be displayed correctly. Here's an example of all messages:

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* Xrayez ==== Welcome to Worm Olympics Rumble and Ramble tournament! To sign up, send a message to MOD`Xrayez your nickname, clan (or no clan), country and whether you can host. For more information about the tourney, visit

* Xrayez ==== Worm Olympics Rumble and Ramble tournament starts now in #RopersHeaven, join!

* Xrayez ==== List of players: Xrayez (1)

* Xrayez ==== Don't forget to upload your replays at, even if you lost. Not uploading replays is penalized.

* Xrayez ==== Don't forget to report wins to MOD`Xrayez

* Xrayez ==== Signups are open!

* Xrayez ==== Signups are closed!

How to use:
  • After starting TSM, enter all required information about your tournament, then click Start button;
  • Start entering information about participants one-by-one, you can skip some of the fields. Then press <Enter> or Add button. Whenever you enter a participant, the list of players in your clipboard is updated; if your tournament is 2v2 or 3v3, enter info as follows: Xrayez/Dude, che/dd, Ukraine/Dudeland, *;
  • If you entered wrong information, delete the wrong item from the list by mouse left clicking on it;
  • During signups time you might want to post various type of messages to participants, including the list of players. Use the list of commands for that (such as <Ctrl>+<F1> to post a welcome message);
  • After signups, you might want to export the list of players into a text file. Use Export button for that.


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File #1014, TSM - Tournament signups manager
« on: August 27, 2016, 01:38 PM »
Version 1.1:
  • Added tournament brackets link field
  • Added signups time field for handling automatic actions at signups time such as:
    • Notify by showing a message box
    • Open tournament link
    • Open tournament brackets link
    • Run external program (such as WA.exe)