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STRGRN's wonderful collection of Flags & Graves

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Name: STRGRN's wonderful collection of Flags & Graves
Type: Flag
Author: Sweden STRGRN

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Time: July 25, 2017, 01:11 PM
let me present to you STRGRN's wonderful collection of Flags & Graves

this is the #1 collection of worms armageddon flags and graves on the internet. it's full of high quality content that i guarantee will make your games much more interesting!

the possibilities for creating good, unique teams are endless when you have access to the same flags and graves as all of the top wormers out there

it's time to stick out, download this pack now!

included in the pack:
6x flags, including the magnificent "ass" and "yt block" flags
6x graves, including the award-winning "tree" and "dick" graves

what do the pros say?

"this is the best collection of worms flags and graves out there, huge props to STRGRN" - TheSadCharles

"i have found STRGRN's flags and graves to be useful even for making music. now i can't even imagine creating a song without using content from this pack. 11/10" - Komoto

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