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I❤WA slogan logo

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Name: I❤WA slogan logo
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Author: I❤NY by MiltonGlaser, an unknown font author, palette Team17, spriting by
Submitted by: Niue TripleQuestionMark

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Time: January 27, 2021, 10:32 AM
Decades ago, back in 1976, the "I❤NY" slogan was made
in order to promote the city & state of New York.
Products with similar slogans promoting different
locations are since being made across the world.
The lettering was sprited to be as close as possible
to the lettering used by the original I❤NY logo,
aka "American Typewriter Medium". the typeface
can be downloaded free of charge from,,,,, and possibly more,
it may however require a licence for commercial usage
(in a hurry, can't investigate)

You may fly this "I❤WA" pastiche/parody to show
your affection towards the piece of ludic art. Cheers!

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File #2255, I❤WA slogan logo
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